Friday, December 28, 2018

Thai Aroi BBQ, Puchong Jaya

Another generous colleague treated me for dinner a week after my birthday. Initially we have decided to go to the Japanese BBQ stall but since it was closed on Monday, we headed to Thai BBQ next to that stall.
We ordered a set meal for 2-3 pax which consists of marinated pork, hams (for BBQ), and assorted fishcakes, crabstick, veggies for the steamboats.
There are only 2 types of soup base - Tom Yam or Pork Bone broth.
We chose the latter.
The set meal is priced at RM38.80 (with unlimited refills on veggies and glass noodles), but we add on with enoki mushrooms and squids, and also ordered a bottle of Singha beer...hence the total came up to RM50 ++.
Overall, not bad but kinda heaty to have BBQ over charcoal fire.


mun said...

You mean it is hot to sit there and eat BBQ? Wah, you must be so happy to have your birthday in December because with Christmas and New Year, your birthday is double, triple joyous with makan makan all month long! :D

PH said...

It looks like a BBQ cum steamboat, two in one!

Libby said...

I have tried Korean BBQ (Seoul Garden) but not Thai BBQ yet

Rose world said...

Thai BBQ, had it few months ago.

Nux V said...

Mun: I would rather celebrate my birthday in other month coz too many makan-makan in a month is 'overwhelming'. Yes, it is a charcoal fire, unlike those gas stove where u can control the fire (can turn ON and OFF and adjust the heat), so this is hot whole time.

Phong Hong: ya, 2 in 1!

Libby: u should try ;-)

Rose World: nice?

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