Sunday, February 27, 2022

Urban Fresh, Sri Petaling

Urban Fresh is a newly opened supermarket in the neighborhood.
Located at the LG floor of the Pinnacle building, this supermarket is quite hidden though the building is located in the middle of the busy commercial area.
Went there some time last month, days before CNY...
i would say that this place is somewhat an 'atas' supermarket coz it sells imported fruits at extravagant price...
Guess how much is this Japanese apple?
RM39.90 sebijik!
and this Japanese pear is RM69.90 each😨
it also sells red banana....this is the first time i m seeing it!
there is a section for alcoholic drinks and non-halal stuffs
Jim Bean whisky
my favorite spam - Tulip brand, but my elderlies find them we no longer buying this.
there are also imported brands from Korea, which i never try before
and our fav brand from Singapore...
we only buy this brand nowadays
(below) is an interesting yet unhealthy snack...nope i did not buy (though i wish too)....This is an imported stuff and the price is not cheap...
hams and sausages in the non-halal section
if u fancy some ice-cream, this place shall not disappoint has a few huge freezers fully loaded with a wide selection of ice-creams.
i want all of them!
Hopefully this place can sustain long so that i can try out each tub!

Friday, February 25, 2022

Throwback - Team Dinner @ Bungalow 37, Bangsar

This is a throwback post to last year series of 'makan-makan' after the lockdown 'lifted' end of last year.
Not long after our farewell 'makan makan' with our HOD, the company has organised another 'farewell' for her cum year-end dinner in the office.
As usual, we would have to register ourselves, in order to participate.
Got yours truly surely go!
this happened on a Friday evening sometime mid December....
can't remember much of the dishes but it has aglio olio spaghetti, fried rice (as u can see below) and mostly western mix/fusion typical Malaysian dishes such as black pepper beef, curry chicken, prawns, veggies etc
and of course Satays! 
seems like the organising committee never fail to order satays... 
As it was a year end, some staffs were on leave, hence not many people joining this makan-makan, and they only order a handful satays just enuff for everyone (unlike 1000 sticks during the sau gong dinner in Jan)
This weird combination of satay, potato wedges and kuih lapis platter is my very last plate of foods (after many rounds earlier). I was having a good chat with my teammates and this plate of food was just to 'layan' my itchy mouth while chilling at the pantry.
Meanwhile some 2 weeks later, my team has excess fund after our lunch at Le Meridien back in Nov, so we booked a table at Bungalow 37 for a fine dining meal.
our allocated budget was RM150++ per pax
hence it is sufficient for a 4 course meal.
I ordered a mocktail...can't remember what is this but it tastes refreshing!
the cocktail/mocktail bar with the bartender 'in action'
we went there on a Wednesday evening on the final week of December (29 Dec), and the place was 'full house' coz everyone was having a jolly year end dining too (although it wasn't new year 'eve' yet).
The starter....octopus salads
pumpkin soup
now, is the main....
originally it was a lamb shank with couscous, but due to out-of-stock, it was replaced with lamb rack and without couscous😒
and yea....just 2 miserable racks...
without carbs i dun feel full
lastly the dessert....pomelo with a miserable piece of longan, mint and raspberry sherbet
that's all!
The ambience is OK-la...
just an old bungalow converted into restaurant and with some fancy decoration like an English house
well, food 'can be better', lousy music and so-so ambience....
i think i can have better meal with the same price elsewhere (but of course not under the 'fine dining' category)
fine dining is definitely not for me...i felt hungrier after the meal...LOL!
here's one least their garden is nice!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Throwback - Farewell 'Makan-Makan'

This was my 'ex-HOD' farewell/retirement party that we organised for her sometime in Nov last year.
Many were still WFH during then, but we arranged a day to be in the office for this 'feast'.
A colleague took all the effort to organise this and we all had a great time eating and chatting/catching up with each other before the team 'split' and went separate way (i mean reporting to different HODs)
But of course we are still working under the same roof, just that no longer under the same dept due to different job functions.
Anyway, here's the spread....
my favourite is this 'sayur lodeh' cooked by my colleague's MIL. Her MIL opens an eatery stall in, this came all the way from another state.
Chicken rendang contributed by another colleague.
nasi impit, plenty of them, to be eaten with kuah kacang or rendang
and guess what's this?
nope....this isn't a cake
it's 'roti jala'...but it is in colorful folded rose and arranged in heart shape
it comes with the curry gravy in a separate bowl. This was pre-ordered from the caterer.
We also ordered spring rolls...2 full boxes for only 13 of us! (but some were absent, so it is down to 11 of us). We definitely cannot finish these...
part of the 'feast package' by the caterer is this dessert - 'pandan gula melaka cake'
Sweet and aromatic!
and blueberry cheese tart
all are so yummeh!!!
We have excess fund from our RM50/pax allocated budget, so we ordered drinks from a shop in IOI City mall. The drinks were delivered to us by an arranged rider.
i had mango jasmine green tea....kinda refreshing drink after a heavy meal!
btw, the feast package also includes these lunch boxes...which are actually the main meal....
but since i was too full with the nasi impit, rendang chicken, roti jala and sayur lodeh....i kept mine for dinner.
There goes my dinner on that day...
3 grilled chicken skewers with lotsa greens. I stuffed in a quiche and blueberry cheese tart into that box as 'dessert'.
Great meal and we were full to the brim!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Dine-in @ Dimsum House, Sri Petaling

Sometime last month, i went to dine-in at the Dimsum House after taken my booster jab nearby.
From the menu placed at the entrance, i saw that they have set meals (not dimsum), so i went in to have my lunch.
The interior is quite spacious as it occupies 2 shops. For maintenance-wise, they closed up a section.
There wasn't many people during the weekday. Only 1-2 tables were occupied, and that was during the office lunch hours. I guess many people don't fancy dim sum as weekday lunch and unaware that this place has set meals which offers noodles/rice too.
i add-on a bowl of meat dumpling (sui gao) which comes in 7-8 pieces (can't remember)
and this is my main - a plate of fried kuey teow with beef.
The beef is so tender soft and well marinated. Taste much better than beef steak!
And there were plenty of it hidden beneath the noodles.
drinks is included with the can choose either barley, lo hong ko, sugarcane with chestnut or chrysanthemum. I had sugarcane with chestnut drink. 
The noodles and meat dumpling are tasty and up to Cantonese restaurant standard. I would order this again next time.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Bean Jr & Australian Cake House

Passed by Bean Jr on my way to the optical shop to collect my specs. Went in and sign up for their free membership.
The perks of joining as 'member' is that you will get a RM10 voucher (deduct from your purchase) which is valid within a year from the date of joining. I did not buy anything yet, so my voucher is still unused.
The shop interior looks cool with white furniture, walls, ceiling and floor.
The only thing that is not white is the bunch of 'lalang' in the center of the dining table.
not sure if that is a real plant or not
the concept is of this shop is similar to Tealive (or some Bubble tea shop) where you order the drinks from the front counter and head to the back for 'dine-in'. Self-collect on the drinks/dessert from the counter.
This shop is sharing the same premise with Australian Cake House.
But why it is named as 'Australian' when most of the items sold there are durian cakes and puffs?
they have D24 durian cakes and Musang King durian cakes of various sizes
The prices are as follows:

D24 Durian Cake (small) - RM14 

Musang King Cake (small) - RM20

D24 Durian Cake 
5 inch - RM115
9 inch - RM140

Musang King Durian Cake
5 inch - RM160
9 inch - RM195

D24 Durian Puff (3 pcs) - RM10.50

They also have some other cakes such as Chocolate cakes with Oreo or macaroons and all sorts of Swiss rolls, such as Chocolate, Pandan, Strawberry, Macadamia, Wholemeal and Coffee.
The Swiss roll price ranges from RM10 to RM15 each.
Somewhere nearby, i spotted a 'guard' sleeping on the job
Meanwhile, I have now been 'on-and-off' to the office depending on the current situation in the office (as some colleagues got infected).
But when i m in the office, i would usually eat out...
This BK Double King (beef) set meal which comes with fries and drinks is only RM9.90.
The price hasn't gone up since before the pandemic lockdown. It is still maintain at RM9.90 during weekday 12-3pm.
But the price of noodles and many eateries have gone up.
For this case, my fav chili pan mee is already RM11 (can't remember the exact price but it's somewhere there). Previously this was usually below RM10.
seems like fast food is more affordable than noodles these days....

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...