Monday, April 29, 2019

Feasting my eyes with ganache and cakes

Was refraining from eating sugary food, hence I can only feast my eyes with these ganache displayed in Moonlight Cake House
they have plenty of flavors... 
and a variety of cakes colorful!
Meanwhile, on another day, went to Dave's Deli again with colleague after a long time...The chicken chop is now RM20++, but with a 30% discount (12-3pm weekday only), the price is RM15.20.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Night Escapade out of Club Med

The daytime was too hot to venture around by foot, hence I would only go out at night....
Decided to go to the nearest shopping mall which is about 2km away (25 minutes by walking).
I passed by the stretches of hotels before getting to the main road. Reached the roundabout with these interesting statues 'worshipping' the water fountain (?)
at another roundabout with a temple-like 'tomb' was a pretty sight and the place is well-maintained
 Finally reached 'Bali Collection'...a one storey shopping mall that houses local and international brand shops and a supermarket
 The items sold in this mall are mostly catered to tourist, and kinda overpriced.
I did not buy much...and as usual I only bought snacks...
 On another day, I explored the neighboring hotel...
I did not know that the beach walkway is interconnected with adjacent there were no fencing...
I continued walking and reached the quieter part of the Nusa Dua beach
 somewhere further after the Sofitel Hotel
 and saw this 'romantic' table setting by the beach...
how 'shiok' to dine like this!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mami Porridge @ Sri Petaling

Undecided of what to eat, randomly choose and ended up eating porridge...
The menu is extensive, with a variety of  porridges (fish, frog, eel, pork, oyster, peanuts...etc)
 there are also claypot meat/seafood dishes
 up to 67 dishes to choose from
 other than the 'claypot series', you can also choose from the simple side dishes such as tofu, deep fried pork intestines, deep fried prawn, some blanched veggies etc
 up to 89 side dishes to choose from...
I ordered - fish porridge (RM10.50) and a plate of lettuce (RM8)
Tastewise ok...nothing to shout about...
There were a few fish slices in the porridge. The porridge was garnished with ginger and spring onions when served. 
It was a hot evening, hence I walked across the street to get this RM1 frozen coke to cool down after the meal.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Club Med Bali - All about FOOD!

In case if u r wondering why I was so hardworking in going to the gym (while holidaying), well, I got no choice coz having all these good food high calories food added a few more kilos to my weight and a few inches to my waist, thigh and hip....
here's the picture of the foodies that I had throughout my 3-days stay in the resort.
Some of the food counters even have a real-life display of the dish with garnishing (so that diners would know what the chef is preparing)
 This was the dish with the suggested garnishing
 and this was my self-assembled version...where the 'east meets west' (dim sum + fries + salad + pork rib)
More and more 'east meet west' below:
Spaghetti + Pizza + Omelette + Begedil (Indonesian fried potatoes patty)
I tend to pair the same food items on various dining occasions coz I think the taste matches so well
I also had daikon soup...yummmm...a taste of 'home-cooked soup'
 and my favourite Japanese cold noodles
having the same noodles repetitively on another occasion, with more seaweeds!
 Japanese 'hambagu' steak with fries + Indonesian keropok (in the bowl)
 Japanese temaki + Korean mini pajeon + spicy squid + minced meat
 This plate consists of half Indian food (curry, dhal, roti, Indian veggies dish) + half western (fries, sausage, nuggets)
 these are shrimps on top of mashed potatoes
 below are from the Chinese section (except the crinkled fries)
some raw tuna from the Japanese section
 the desserts - waffle, cheese cake, chocolate cake
I was so well fed in Club Med...that I dun get the chance to explore other local food (outside the resort)…

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Once Upon A Time Trailer (2017)

I recently watched this Chinese movie over the weekend & was fascinated by its storyline...
The story seems confusing at first with a person having dual/triple roles. It is a romantic yet dramatic story despite being so fictitious....
What I like about this movie:
Pretty actresses and handsome lead actor
Good acting skills
Nice costume
CGI effects that made the atmosphere so real (I like the peach blossom garden!)
Here's the trailer in case u r wondering what i'm talking about:

Note: The downloadable full movie is available at YouTube.

Monday, April 22, 2019

All around Club Med Bali....

On my free and 'lazy' day, i would explore around and joined whatever indoor activities available.
They have various water activities as well as circus-like-trampoline (but too challenging for yours truly). Hence while figuring out what to do, i walked aimlessly and captured whatever nice scenery and the 'lazy atmosphere'...
(Below) A typical block of rooms
the ground floor rooms have a verandah with lazy beach bench
meanwhile, the first floor rooms have balcony
the top floor rooms (which I believe is the cheapest) only have the sliding window
Along the walkway, you can see the makeshift tray - these are for the tenants to put/return their cocktail glass after finished drinking. The bar offers free-flow drinks (selected cocktails only) and the tenants can bring the glass out (of the bar) to enjoy.
green grass where u can roll-over....ala Bollywood-style
i went to the Zen pool, for some peace and quiet time
Tenants can order juice (foc), have a dip and read a book while lazying here...
but they are not allowed to talk too loud as this place is meant to be calm and quiet (zen)
(Below) The 'swinging bed'....nice to enjoy during the evening when the weather is not too hot!
i wish i could stay here longer...
There is also a small temple within the Club Med compound....i did not go in coz need to dress appropriately...
The archeries are available throughout the day until 6pm.
i played many rounds till my arm!
after 6....went to enjoy the sunsets by the beach
the evening view
getting darker
the air was cooler by then
i 'heart' Bali

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ordered the same thing again....

Went to get my ramen fix in Bankara Ramen during one fine afternoon.
Flipping thru the menu I thought of wanting to try out something new than what I previously had there....
without realising...I ordered the same thing again...
*I only realised it when checking thru my old blogpost....
Anyway, I did it again...(and having the same regret while eating this, *slap head)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Club Med Bali - Breakfast

Continuation of the previous post...
After a good night rest, I woke up to a sunny Sunday...
It was a free-and-easy day today, hence I leisurely took my time to stroll the garden while on my way to the cafeteria.
the walkway path from my room to the main hall/cafeteria....
The beach view was spectacular with clear blue skies and sandy white beach. Weather was hot but windy…
 I had porridge (with lotsa condiments) and miso soup
I preferred having porridge instead of the western breakfast, as my stomach felt warmth compared to having sausages, bacon and eggs.
Had the same thing on second & third day too (but with different condiments)
Other food that i tried are Indomie goreng, boiled egg, croissant, you tiau, hashbrown…
i did not try the sausages and bacons coz they are available during lunch/dinner.
Assorted condiments under the Japanese cuisine section - here you can find natto (fermented beans), pickled radish, tofu, and various Japanese pickles
Assorted condiments under the Korean cuisine section - there are various types of kimchis
and the Chinese cuisine section - where i can find the familiar condiments, such as soy sauce, youtiao, peanuts, sesame oil, salted black bean, salted egg....
Basically one can have white porridge and customise it according to Japanese/Korean/Chinese flavors.

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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