Friday, November 26, 2010

Fraser Suite, River Valley, Singapore - Part 2

When i first heard of staying in an apartment, my impression was like
coz i was expecting a posh hotel...wuakakaka
me really 'thick-skin' one!
but this place does impressed me, not only with their set of equipments, like the one u see here in their kitchen...
 but they even hav a huge fridge, microwave & washing machine that comes with the soap powder as well
 ain't no surprise, this full set of cooking utensils are much more complete than what i hav at home!
 the overall view of the small but cosy kitchen
 and now, lets' switch to the living area
 again, i'm thinking of arranging the furniture in such way, for my future home-sweet-home
 and it must hav an LCD tv too
 coupled with some wall paintings
Lastly, to the see some shitty pictures...
 ok, there's no shit, just the decent toilet bowl, okay?
 and some soapy stuffs, towels, boxes of everything, except condom
 and here's the bathtub - exclusively in master bedroom only
u like?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MoNeY MoNeY MoNeY, it's so funny...

in the rich man's world
*me ain't rich
When i was a kid, i used to play monopoly with the neighbours' kid.
It was a fun game despite using fake notes to purchase house, lands or hotels (of course all fake lar)
fast forward 20 years later, i m now holding a stack of real notes, real USD
and i felt so thrilled...

coz it wasn't mine
'syiok sendiri' ler (self-agitated)
wht if someone trailed me and found out where i kept these?
wht if i'm being robbed?
so many "what if-"s
but luckily i managed to safekeep them before returning back to...*ahem's owner.
In another matter, the darn HR gave me one big piece of SGD1K as cash advance...
wht a joke!
but thankfully, i managed to break them into small small pieces...
Sorry for the nonsense post...
Thank you & have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fraser Suite, River Valley, Singapore - Part 1

Am currently staying @ this wonderful place rite beside SG river,
the company rent us a service apartment for our one-week biz trip.
Right after checking into our room, i glanced thru the balcony of 16th floor and was amazed by the skyline.
Looking left, u'll see this 
 Lookin' down, u saw a pool, breathtaking!
 Looking right, more buildings
 boss was so kind to offer me this master bedroom, while he only took the smaller unit...
 the 'thick-skin' me accepted with joy and started snappin' away!
 and i really luv tis LCD tv in my room, plus 6 comfy pillows on the bed!
i only got one head, but with so mch pillows?!!
 the snacks on the dining table to welcome us...stil left untouch til now.
 this gave me an impression on how i should decorate my future apartment.
and i m tinking of having a marble table in the dining hall
 perhaps some chinaware to decorate the siteway
You like?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pizza Hut "Cheesy Lava" Pizza

Couple of days ago, we celebrated Dad's birthday by ordering a huge size pizza.
I never thought of having a cheesy one, but there was a promotion then, hence decided to give it a try.
Out of curiousity i ordered pepperoni doesn't suit our tastebud, it was rather bland!
 but the potato fries came in rescue...i finished up the entire box...i mean the potato...not the pizza.
The whole set was considered cheap, but taste-wise, it is yet to be on par with other competitors.

Nudles again

I wouldn't deny tht i m a noodle enthusiast, havin' a good bowl does made my day.
Here's one i whipped up on a lonely Saturday nite!
nothing to shout about, just that i luv havin' maggie mee with fishball, fishcake, honey chicken sausages and half boiled egg...
the egg mayb 'tak jadi'...coz i hav lousy skill of breaking half-boiled egg!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deepavali Open House

Not to be left out in celebrating this joyful festival, I went to the ministers’ open house at PWTC (Putra World Trade Center). One beauty thing about Malaysia is that we have open house for all major festivals, where there will be makan-makan (savouring) of some yummylicious local food.
Reached there abt 10:30am. The place wasn’t as packed as during Hari Raya, hence no long queue.
The colourful “kolam” (floor decoration) at the entrance to the hall.

We shook hands with some of the MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) members at the entrance. I was surprised that the spacious hall wasn’t that pack as expected, meanwhile food were still aplenty.
Sis and I had a few rounds of makan-makan.
From this size, 
 Our collection grew into this
 My favorite mutton curry
mee goreng mamak (Indian-Muslim style fried noodle)
 And cream puffs
The rest were quite yummy too, among others, fried rice, fried meehoon (rice vermicelli), meehoon Siam, chicken rendang, chicken sambal, vegetarian curry, murukku, buns, carrot cakes, chocolate cakes, puttu mayam...they served Nescafe and teh tarik too! So local-ish!
But the most exciting part was...
being interviewed by the press! Well, we were seated quite front, so the press (channel RTM newscaster) approached us. Darn annoying coz we were half way eating when they came over to our table with the camera man.
Well, it doesn’t stop there.
Soon after, Datuk Samy Vellu came over and greet us (yea, u read it right! It was him!) He went over to my place asking me and sis how’s the food..blah blah blah...being so pretentious.
And of course, he wasn’t alone. He came over with all the pressmen (the press followed him wherever he go). So, imagine that there were at least 20 to 30 of them surrounding us and flashing camera right in front of us! Well, if u hav no idea on who is he...This fella is the top big shot in MIC and has been around in the politic scene for quite some time. Many people supported him yet some hated him. There is even a joke about him which I have posted sometime back (click here to read the joke).

Anyway, we had a sumptuous brunch. To digest off the food, we had a walk around PWTC, and snap a few pictures. Here is one of them, with sis standing next to the mural. It was indeed a nice painting, depicting the country history from pre-independence till now.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I had 'dim sum' for brunch on last Saturday. Nothing much to shout about as it wasn't from any notable chinese restaurant.
Reason i took the picture?
coz this was a treat from sis!
and she knows i luv 'siu mai' & egg tarts...

'dim sum' is quite a popular brunch option among Chinese worldwide.
Funnily enuff, i jst got to know this while googling up via the keyword 'brunch',
and here's another thing that i discovered...
brunch is also known as elevenses in UK, Ireland & Commonwealth realms
meanwhile it is known as 'smoko' or morning tea in Australia & New Zealand
Such a funny name!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Festival of Lights

Damn bored in the office today, coz i've finished my work and left nothing to do...
hence all the blog hopping, surfing here & there, every corners & holes.
Friday is a holiday...HORRAY!
coz is the Festival of Lights for the Hindus..
I dun celebrate it, but as a multiracial country here, i shared the joy with them.
perhaps then, i shall visit some open house, there's one organised by the Gah-ver-men
wanna come along?
anyhow, here's my wish to all Hindus

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back from France

Someone is back from France...
nope, definately NOT me, if u read my previous post, u'l knw who.
She came back with loads of pics to show us abt her biz trip, looks more like a vacation
Coz she was havin' great time
savoring foods
goin' around places 
and posing for photos...
the below is a desperate attempt of 'looking cool' underneath Eiffel Tower

 and after weeks of staying there, she brought back 'France' to us...
chocolate, cookies, canned stuffs, instant pasta, foie gras, fresh apples, grapes, and
my favorite
Lay's mustard-flavor Chips!

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