Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tun Dr. Mahathir Birthday Banquet - Part 1

My boss was in Tanzania when he sent me an invitation to attend Tun Dr. Mahathir birthday dinner at Shangri-la Hotel organized by our company.
Needless to say, i jumped onto the opportunity and accepted it coz i wanted to meet him in person!
it was held the following week (while my boss was still stuck abroad!)
Despite an ordinary Monday evening...i was full of excitement coz this is probably the first and the last time i will see this prominent leader so upclose and near!
and btw, these flowers were not for decoration...they were doorgifts! 
 some rice displayed and for sale
 rice milling machine...well, i dun understand what it does!
it seems like u put in rice...and came out the same thing! nothing looks different to me after processing...hahaha!
 and while the guests had gone into the hall...our staffs have to stand at the lobby to create a 'merry' atmosphere
some photographer to shoot the historic moment
 hall entrance
 registration...only for guests...not for us staffs
pity us the staffs...we gotta wait outside the hall until all our guests had gone in :-(

Monday, July 29, 2013

Typical Home Cooked Dishes

Sis would normally whipped out a full-fledged meal at home whenever she feel free to cook...even for a single-person...
 it has been some time since i last had a proper home cooked meal...and i yearn for a hot soup, bittergourd omelette and pork! yumz!
put aside the presentation, the food is still yummieliciouz despite simple and less appealing.

Friday, July 26, 2013

African Daisy

Got this pot of African Daisy as a doorgift from a recent dinner banquet that i attended
 unfortunately, it doesn't last long...it died 2 weeks later due to climate issue (i guess!)
at least i took a photo of it when it was in full blossom days ;-)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yong Tau Foo & Char Kuey Teow

You must be wondering what it means from the title of this post...
sounds as strange as it seems to a foreigner, Yong Tau Foo & Char Kuey Teow are actually my 2 fav foods...
i sneaked out on one fine Friday nite...and ventured into authentic street (hawker) food...at the nearby OUG garden.
This plate of Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodles) was surprisingly dirt cheap at only MYR4.5 per plate with generous servings of shrimps, fish cake and cockles (if u opt for it). Well, it might not be the best version that i had tried, but still, it is OK to give it a try.
 the Yong Tau Foo (fishpaste stuffed in beancurd, bittergourd, ocra, eggplant...whatever that can be stuffed!) is another "value for money" street food...
Not only it looks colourful & tempting, but it satisfies my hungry tummy...and it is only MYR1 per piece!
i feasted happily on my "value-meal" in less than MYR8!
nevertheless, it has been ages since i last "dine" on the roadside and i'm gonna do it again!

Star Village Restaurant

Star Village restaurant is no longer alien to many of us younger generation residing in KL area...it's an ideal place for not only dining, but photoshooting and dating coz of it's interior that is well-decorated...
We went to the OUG outlet for our dinner...I ordered myself a "Mamaland Chicken" (i guess it derived from "Maryland Chicken")...
it comes in a big portion with banana fritter, hot dog, fries, salad and a big piece battered deep fried chicken.
 the mango salad is very well presented too! It was shared among four of us.
 sis ordered beet root drink (which comes in a jar with some mini cups)...turns out good...and it paired well with our fries...
Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maiu Japanese Restaurant

Life's got really tied up and hectic...despite that, i 'stole' some time for myself, coz i need some personal space after all those "havoc in the office" and perhaps to pamper myself by indulgin' into comfort food
there is this place been opened for quite some time, but i couldn't locate it in the neighborhood. Not that my neighborhood is huge?!
It's a Japanese restaurant which is known for its buffet...but somehow, it isn't known to many
it's location is secluded from other eateries chain, and the shop is sandwiched between some printing factories at an unpopular & quiet street. I would not hav discover it if not passing by that road on my way to the clinic
it was 12noon, but the place was almost empty with only one table occupied by a group of teens...
the atmosphere is different from any typical japanese restaurant as the decor is simple and not appealing.
U'll notice bottles of Sake displayed at the counter, hence obviously this isn't a Halal eatery.
 my tempura bento set
 which comes with white rice...it has been ages since i last had fine quality rice!
 crispy tempuras
 and salad
 and for digestive, a small pot of green tea might help
nothing hoo-haa about the food or its presentation...it is pretty standard, and the price is slightly comparable to those bigger names that you'l normally get at malls.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon Set

Before you read further, please hold back your congratulatory message, as it isn't my baby full moon
 it was from a colleague who recently gave birth to a princess...and as a courtesy of our "lai see" (red packets), we were being presented this full moon set in return
 it was very well presented and colourful...it consists of ang kueh, hard boiled eggs, cheese with fruits tart, glutinous rice, and a chicken thigh
 the cheese tart looks appetizing but tasted so-so only
 my fav ang kueh...this bean paste filled delicacy is my all time favorite
and the percik flavored chicken, looks good but tasted like some roasted chicken sold in hypermarket...dry and tasteless!
Anyhow, as it is meant as a courtesy gift box, i dun expect much of a quality from those food ;-)

Friday, July 5, 2013

KFC, that's where i want to be...(Part 2)

Zinger Burger.....and cheesy wedges........
am droolin' even when thinkin' of these!
so, off i drove to the nearest outlet...where else besides the one located nearby my workplace?!
 and i ordered a set meal consists of burger, wedges and softdrink
 here's my fav cheesy mayo wedges...
oh my.....droool............

Thursday, July 4, 2013

KFC, that's where i want to be...(Part 1)

With the newly opened KFC outlet inside Technology Park, goin to KFC is just as convenient as going back home for dinner...
well...at least i gotta enjoy the "Tuesday 25% off" treat more frequent than usual...hahaha!

 here's my plate of Tuesday 25% off meal...and enjoyin' it in front of the scenic highway...
 i m indecisive...i prefer my  plate with mixed of original and spicy...well, i got to have best of both 'flavors'
it tastes...HEAVENLY (not exagerating, ok?!)...nothing can beat the satisfaction of enjoyin' my piece of succulent fried chicken...and it costs only MYR7.25! (~USD 2.5)...great deal!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"All is well"

Myspace Graphics
it's hard to let go...
especially on a job that brings u some recognition...
and to 8 countries
and some nice money figure
but u work like shit
I just wish to get 'em over and move on to a "better place"
and i need to get a home, a place truly my own, to get things started...

Stunning Chicago River

Amazing view isn't it?
vibrant, stunningly beautiful evening view
just wonder if i could hav the chance of being there...
btw, google reader is gone....
well, i will be missing it alot coz that's where i "follow" most of you bloggers' posts
and somehow feedly doesn't seem to response (due to overjam?!?)
let's wait....and see
 i hope i dun hav to wait too long, it's so suffering

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

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