Friday, April 27, 2018

April 2018 - All sort of foods

This post is all about food that I had in the month of April...Am just picking a few for record keeping sake.
Curry Fish Rice at Tea Garden (RM15.80)
Curry was thick but not spicy, good to go with rice. Generous servings of boneless dory fish (I tink it's dory), tomatoes, brinjals & long beans.
 McD Hot & Crispy Chicken burger with Smokey Chipotle sauce instead of Tangy Jalapeno sauce....
can't remember the exact price but it's somewhere RM16-17
the outlet ran out of Jalapeno sauce and substitute with Chipotle sauce...
burger size is huge (than normal McD standard) and is quite filling
 Meanwhile, in Tou Tou Little Kitchen
I had a minced pork noodle at RM5
and Hakka Braised Pork with Black Fungus at RM13.80
it was served in a claypot
this barley soya dessert was FOC, as it came with the Hakka Braised Pork as combo
 my entire meal here with 6% GST costs RM19.95...
very meaty and sumptuous!
 and since i had too much meat that day, the following week I had something simple for my lunch...
Creamy carbonara pasta at RM2
yes, RM2 only coz I bought the frozen packet directly from the supplier and reheated the sauce and pasta in the microwave...
it has bits of chicken chunks & sliced mushroom and taste as good as the freshly cooked pasta!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spicy Pork Deopbab in Mi Na Rae

This is not to be confused with spicy seafood deopbab that I had some time ago though they look the same.
 usually when ordering deopbab in this outlet, it will be served with a bowl of seaweed soup
 and either 9-10 banchans....I did not order the drink, the glass of water (or rice tea...can't remember!) was FOC.
And on another occasion, I went to accompanied sis to sign SPA for her new house (that was a year ago)...
As usual my itchy finger will start snapping pictures of 'all things beautiful' when I hav nothing to do...
 which is not just restricted to food but also home interior
 even the toilet is not left out
 comfy bedroom...
 and elegant dining table
 after then, we went feasting in Mi Na Rae...
we ordered:
sundubu jjigae
 the refillable banchans (which came with the jjigae)
 I also ordered a kimchi pajeon (left)
 and bbq pork...Good thing is that the grilling was all done in the kitchen ;-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Village Restaurant @ Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya

Also happening in September last year, we had our 'Company Dinner' at the
It was an 8-course meal with common dishes that you'll normally see in a Chinese banquet.
Starter -
Deep Fried Four Treasure Seafood Roll,
Thai Style Marinated Abalone,
Mini Octopus with Seaweed Sesame,
Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms with White Egg Sauce
Crabmeat & Seafood Bean Curd soup
Boneless Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Steamed Grouper with Ginger Sauce
Deep Fried Tiger Prawn with Butter Oat & Herbs
Braised Mushroom with Sea Cucumber & Broccoli
Seafood Fried Rice
And lastly the desserts...
Chilled Sea Coconut with Lemon (not in picture)
Lotus Bun and Snow-skin Mooncakes
It was a passable meal, can't expect much from hotel foods when they were prepared in big scale.
Here are some pictures taken from around the hotel. We dined in an open air verandah overlooking the lake with scenic Putrajaya bridge.
 I did not adjust my phone camera to capture low-light photo, hence this is all u see..
dark & blurry pictures
this is an iconic clock tower in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya
 and somewhere in the lobby, some live-band show...

Monday, April 23, 2018

Family Mart @ Sri Petaling

Another new addition in the neighborhood is the popular Family Mart.
When I first heard about it I was so excited coz I can't wait to try out their oden!
 but each time when I passed by, I was more tempted to have the green tea ice-cream...
 and while hanging around, I noticed that they also sell imported ice-creams
 I would like to try these someday!
oden? ice cream? oden or ice-cream?
am so in dilemma!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A&W after so many years....

It had been years since I last had a proper A&W meal. When I was a student I would occasionally hang out at the famous PJ A&W...and ordered their fried chicken and curly fries.
Recently they have opened an outlet in the neighborhood and I was so eager to drop by again!
 It is a typical and simple fast food restaurant with no fancy interior, their menu stays the same (like how it was during my campus days), except for the price increase.
 I ordered an ala-carte Beef Coney (RM8.95)
 and a curly fries (RM5.55)
there goes my meal (without the root beer)...both were just so-so
till now I have yet to try out the waffle...
will do it someday...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

September 2017

What heck would I blog about something that happened more than half year ago?!
Anyway, this blogpost is just for record keeping, coz i had so much food back then...*what an excuse~~~
back in Sept last year, i went up the hill....nope i did not stop by the Chin Swee temple nor the Premium Outlets but straight up to the top...coz my purpose is to....EAT
for free!
I got a voucher which entitled to dine at Coffee Terrace without paying a single cent....wuahahaha!
  If you haven't been there before, let me do a 'tour' here....
the salad bar
 desserts counter with various cakes, puddings, ice-cream and even ais kacang/cendol
 the buns to go with mushroom soup
the western corners which usually consists of grilled fish, beef, chicken, pasta and potato wedges
 the Chinese section which have mostly vegetarian dishes that u see in Chinese chap-fan stall, but not much of variety here...
and lastly the 'Flavors of Malaysia' section (not in picture) which is the main section that serves chicken rice, curry noodles, char kuey teow and various Malaysian dishes.
What's on our table:
Assorted buns
Salads and hams from cold section
 My plate of everything ranging from fried rice to fried noodles, chicken, sotong and acar
 My plate of chicken rice
 3rd helping - Steamed egg, soft tofu, veggies and more chickens 
4th helping - wedges and some grilled meats with black pepper + mushroom sauces
and gulped down with a bowl of radish soup
 too full already and have no space for desserts....I did not taste any of these!
 coz i save some space for the ice cream...
after then, went to walk around the restaurant, it has a balcony with outdoor binoculars.
Unfortunately it was a foggy day, so can't see any view.
Well that's all for my once-in-a-lifetime feast in Genting (or perhaps twice!)
 On another occasion (still within the same month), my partner in crime 'ajak' me for lunch at our fav place...
Yes, the Dave's Deli!
This plate of chicken chop is only RM14.50 and it was huge!!!
 so worth it after 30% discount!
Out of curiosity, i also bought the salted egg eggettes (aka Golden Custard eggettes) for RM8.80
 and it was nearing Mid-Autumn Festival, my must have item is Shanghainese mooncake...
I bought one for less than RM7 coz it is a brand-less mooncake. 
 besides, the office panty also have boxes of mini mooncakes (from our vendor/suppliers)
I tink i ate a lot of mooncakes (and salted egg) back then!

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