Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bulgogi BBQ House, Sri Petaling

Decided to try out something new around the neighbourhood, hence me & sis went to 'Bulgogi BBQ House' for their refillable BBQ (aka BBQ buffet)
 Minimum order is 2 pax and they have Super Refill @ RM29/pax and Happy Refill @ RM25/pax.
Since both of us were not that hungry, we go for the Happy Refill which is without the kimchi hotpot, ttukbokki and meat slices.
As for the Happy Refill, the diners are entitled for refillable grilled pork, grilled chicken and minced pork ball
 other items that are refillable are steamed egg (Gyeran-jjim), pancake (pajeon), kimchi jjigae, rice, lettuce and all sorts of banchans.
We were so full after the second refills.
There are also ice-cream for desserts. Four flavours available: Yam, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry.
This meal came with free-flow barley tea.
Total bill came to RM52.50 after 5% service tax.
Overall an average meal, but is cheaper compared to the established Korean BBQ chain restaurants...The refillable dishes are enuff to fill up your hungry stomach (for big eaters), meanwhile those who are slow eater would not benefit much as the dining time is capped at 1.5 hours. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fully Loaded Prawn Spaghetti

This was my 'stay-at-home' lunch on last weekend....
Spaghetti, fully loaded with tiger prawns
nope, I did not cook this nor order it from delivery
how does this came about?
Besides the 'luxurious' looking pasta, I also had beer and ABC while working on my office assignments
 and a wonderful gift!
 yea, these are metal straws! woo-hoo!
 well.....the office had a 'Talent Night' event (which yours truly did not participate)...except for the food.....
and more food....
and more food....
so much tht I could tapau this to eat on Saturday and Sunday....

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Meals @ Genting Club

Genting Club is popular for its...ahemmm… dancers & lively performance....
But they only appear during the weekend night….well, past midnite to be specific!
During the daytime, this place is so quiet and 'dead'.....the stage and the bar are empty
But they have a hidden restaurant in this club...
The ambiance is so classy...
suitable for those who prefer a quiet dining environment...
  real roses on every table
so, what else to do in a restaurant??
makan lor….
they have 4 items in their fixed menu for Platinum members and the menu is updated/renewed on every 3 days...
I managed to try out different foods as they've changed the menu on my second day
 Steamed Black Bean Pork Rib Rice
 Creamy Butter Chicken Rice
Sambal Pork Fried Rice

Char Siew Noodles
 Grilled Pork Belly
 Unfortunately the pork belly was tough...though I managed to finish it...
Overall the food was OK. Complimentary soup and Chinese tea are provided for each meal.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Back @ the BrewHouse, Sri Petaling

My sis was lazy to cook one fine Saturday and she called me out for lunch....
We went to the BrewHouse as they have a 12-3pm promotion on daily basis.
The set meal are very worth-the-money as it comes with soup, drink and ice-cream....
I had grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce...(as usual!)
look at that thick slab of chicken thigh meat....
I was so full after having this!
Service was quick and ample seats during that noon.
This set meal was only RM13.80++ (RM15 after service charge)
We will be there again as long as the promotion is on!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Legend of the Blue Sea - Disgusting Shit!

Well, I just can't get enuff of Lee Min-ho handsome!
Another scene of him pretending to be a spoilt wealthy heir in fooling the hospital deputy director.
In this scene, he is complaining on the deputy directory's bad breath and ask him not to speak at all~~

He's rocking on a gothic fashion outfit which is so stylish!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Legend Of The Blue Sea - Being Glam

I have been recently following this k-drama over in iflix and was kinda amused with this comedy+romance+fairytale+mystery drama. It features the good-looking Lee Min-ho and Gianna Jun as the main actor and actress...
Both were really good in acting yet humourous and at some point, looking glam!
This story features Lee Min-ho as a con artist who met a mermaid while on holiday in Spain.
The blunt mermaid 'followed' him back to Seoul and managed to reunite with him but ended up being misused as his con-partner.
Here's a snippet of them in their glamourous outfit while pretending as rich investor to 'bait' a woman as part of their conspiracy to cheat her wealth.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Go Street Noodle - Rice Set

After having numerous visits to Go Street Noodle, I decided to try out their rice/noodle 'set meal' this time.
 The menu for rice/noodle set is divided into 3 sections, where u can choose either rice or noodle in Section A, a meat dish in Section B and a veggie/tofu dish in Section C. This combination is priced at RM12.90++
I had rice with braised egg + minced pork in basil + okra
if u r a vegetarian, u can opt for the combination of Section A + (2 x Section C) which mean u get to choose 2 veggie/tofu dishes (and omit the meat dish)...for RM10.90++
Overall, the dishes are fine, the minced pork basil is very flavorful and goes well with rice.
The bill came to RM13.65 after service charge.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Cendol and Durians

McD is selling cendol softserve in green cone, but I did not try. Instead I go for my usual RM1 vanilla flavor and it was served on a green cone too...The green cone is flavorless just like the usual ones, hence the green coloring is just for aesthetic purpose.
 On another note, my colleague's MIL has been selling lemang wrapped in periuk kera (Nepenthes mirabilis) leaves which is kinda rare due to the extinct of this 'periuk kera' species. They have this plant in their 'kampung' compound hence decided to use it for their 'seasonal lemang'. I bought a box of 5 with rendang chicken at RM15. It tastes just like some ordinary lemang…
Presentation wise, i think the leaves wrapping the glutinous rice looks cute...
 During the last 'long weekend' my sis went to visit a durian orchard in Raub and bought some durians home.
The orchard belongs to a church friend and the durians were sold to them at a promotional price.
The top is D24 meanwhile the bottom is Musang King
This would be the best durians thus far after a few rounds of crappy durians we bought at roadside and night market.
Anyway, I think we had enough durians for this year...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mala Mala @ IOI City Mall

Continuation of the previous post....
My colleague who 'belanja' me drinks had earlier requested me to 'belanja' him coz I recently got promoted...
Since he was so eager for a free meal...I have to grant his request by stuffing him with super spicy food....*evil laugh
 there are 4 level of spiciness....but since this is my first time, I choose the mild spicy (level 2) and non-spicy (level 1).
The concept of Mala Mala is that you gotta pick the ingredients from the veggie section and/or meat section.
Then, pass the basket/tray over to the counter to weigh the ingredients, and u will be charged accordingly (different rates for veggie and meat)
RM5.99 per 100gram of meat
RM3.00 per 100gram of veggies
The staff will asked if u would like to cook the ingredients with rice/noodles...*with additional charges
We dun intend to have rice/noodles, but we requested to have it divided the meat and veggie into half where one is cooked as 'mild spicy' and the other as 'non-spicy'.
A bowl of soup will be given to each diner.
Here's our dishes...
seems like they have added peanuts into the dishes...
Overall the food is feels like eating at Marche where u picked the ingredients and get the chef to cook them fresh (minus the greasy smell as the cooking is done in a closed door kitchen)…Anyway, the service is much better than Marche as u dun have to stand at the counter waiting for ur dish as they will give u a beeper.
The bill came to RM66 for these...
Complimentary soy bean ice-cream is given to each diner....which I forgot to try :-(

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Matcha Latte & Brown Sugar Milk Tea

A kind and generous colleague treated me some drinks (on different days).
But well, there's a catch....Anyway, that would be another story...
So I had a hot matcha latte with pearls...from SukiCha...this small cup isn't cheap...but well, since it is FOC, no harm trying!
 a few days later....I had brown sugar milk tea with pearls (again..)
I think I have over-consumed pearls within the week as it is not easy to digest these pearls...
and yea, this small cup costs almost RM10! crazy....
Now that I have tried, I dun tink I would fancy any brown sugar milk tea with pearls...coz they are so overrated!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dolly Dim Sum @ IOI City Mall

The team had the 3rd quarter 'team lunch' at Dolly Dim Sum
This time the budget per person is RM50.
I teamed with another colleague so that both of us could share the dim sum (and to try out more variety...) with our combined RM100 budget
 It was a crowded weekday lunch at Dolly but we have booked our tables...
The interior are quite impressive with blue & white porcelain plates/saucers decorating the wall
 and some antiques in some racks
Me and my 'partner-in-crime' colleague shared the below:
Royal Golden Fried Rice (RM24.30) 
 Salted Egg & Chicken Congee (RM9.90)
 Szechuan Dumpling - 4 pcs (RM11.20)
 Panfried Radish Cake (RM8.90)
Left: Crispy Shrimp Cheung Fun (RM12.50)
Right: Salad Prawn Dumpling (RM9.70) - 3 pcs in total but 1 was eaten
 Har Gao (RM10.20)
Siew Mai (RM9.50)
Puer tea (RM3.70 per pax)
Nice dim sum lunch, what more when it is FOC...
We managed to utilize our RM100 up until RM99.90 (lol!)…
When our boss handed over the bill to pay, we were so delighted that there is a 15% discount given for diner with birthday month falls on that month (July). And yes, we do have a July birthday baby and that is my partner-in-crime!
Our bill was reduced drastically by RM89 (from overall total of around RM589)...hence we could get to channel this fund for our next makan-makan ;-)

Friday, August 9, 2019

Medan Selera @ SkyAvenue

Medan Selera is located at Level G of SkyAvenue mall, below the newly-opened Bona Cinema. Operating hours are from 10am to 10pm on weekend (9pm on weekday), with seating capacity for 270. It was launched on early last year, but not many people noticed this place as it is located at a secluded underground area where people would seldom go.
adapting a modern food court design but this place is less popular than the 'Malaysian Street Food' at Level 3.
The seating area is spacious and bright...
 It has a variety of stalls selling halal food such as mee rojak, char kuey teow, curry noodles, nasi kerabu, nasi briyani, western and middle Asian cuisines...etc.
The price range around RM19-RM21 for a normal decent meal...
I went here for supper and utilised a RM20 coupon to order this plate of char kuey teow (RM19)…
It came with a few pieces of keropok ;-)
tastewise OK...can't expect much since there is no lard.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Icon Kitchen, Bukit Jalil

 Decided to try out a Chinese restaurant in Bukit Jalil for our weekend dinner
We had stir fried sweet potato leaves with fu yu (fermented bean curd) (RM12)
pork ribs (RM20)
deep fried squid with salted egg (RM25)
 tofu with minced pork (RM15)
 and steamed tilapia in assam sauce (RM45)
 the dishes were flavorful but we were thirsty after the meal....too much msg!
The total price with rice and tea for 5 pax is RM141.95 inclusive of 5% service charge and 6% service tax.
It was a nice evening on that's a sunset view

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...