Friday, February 27, 2009

Miss Flight

This video is hilarious NOT. I kinda symphatize with this lady who missed her flight to San Francisco. This somewhat most viewed video (on YouTube) was captured more than a week ago, exactly the week when my sis missed her flight from Bangkok.

Well, i tink all her tantrum pays well coz she gets onboard a few hours later, otherwise she will be yelling "stoopid!, craziee!, why does it happens to me???" till the next day..

Meanwhile, here are some funny pictures to lighten up your weekends...some funny faces of US President when holding kids!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idiotic Dogs

i m not against dogs, but i really do hate those idiotic dogs that shit in front of the house gate. It absolutely test my skill when reversing the car without having any of its wheel ran into that...

Human Memory

A blogger friend posted a quote by Cicero. It was short yet deep and meaningful, despite me not fully understand what it means. But what interests me was more on the scientific part of human memory. Ever wondered how much information does one human brain can store?
Experiments in the mid 1980s showed that humans can store only 1-2 bits/second in their long term memory. Scientifically, cumulative amount of data stored in the brain over a 70 year lifetime is therefore only in the order of 15GB.
Meanwhile, it is common that there are very few people that can remember events before age 3 or 4.

No wonder I couldn’t remember any at all!

I could hardly remember that I got a huge cake for my second b’day until I saw an old photo. All thanks to the technology invention – camera.
So, what’s the conclusion here? Well, if you want to celebrate great events with your kids, make sure you do it when they reaches three, otherwise all your effort will go down the drain and flushed away in their memories I’m doubting this statement as this might not apply in the 21st century anymore as kids nowadays grow with formula milk and all sort of superb foods that helps enriched their brain. As for myself, I believed that my LTM only started to develop tremendously during five coz I could recall clearly on numerous events, like how I was often being late for kindergarden!

No Pork!

Just another controversial video, u may find it amusing yet annoying for certain people...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Delayed Post...

Lunar new year ardi over, but i m still posting up some photos taken during that festive days...
here's one taken from MCA office main entrance...sorry for the blur picture, lazy to edit ;P
and our non-vegetarian meal...this is to celebrate sis b'day, and definately not related to reunion lunch
the creamy and thick mushroom soup, looks plain though
and the overall meal...was too full till i couldn't take dinner after this meal.

well, i'd say that Nando served great chips...despite their peri sauce abit sour for my taste bud!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ever since...

Ever since CNY holidays over, i hav been working non stop for 12+ hours daily without a single day rest...
Life was hectic, but still not worse if compared to the pre-U life, at least i dun hallucinate during the day & stil get enuff sleep @ nite. But, my body aching, and my mind non-stop thinking of work till i dreamt of it in my sleep. Nitemares!!!

Ever since then, this blog has been dormant for abt half month...exactly till the final day of lunar new year. Before it start collecting dust i forgot how to string a sentence in blog, lemme update a lil' post here.

Birthday cake...yesssss!!! it's birthday again, but not mine, though i managed to celebrate mine with my bunch of colleagues @ office some few weeks ago.

This time, it is sis's round. But i dun get this cake for her...great! i dun hav to fork a single cent!

Ahem, u wish! being a........ahem...a generous person, i treat her lunch...but too bad the photos are not ready yet...will post it as soon as i received them.

Meanwhile i still owe her a cake, but that's for next time. Can't bake now, perhaps after getting a new oven??? It has been over a decade since i last bake...well, i mean standing @ the corner helping mum.

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