Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delicious, Mid Valley

Last week, boss decided to give us a lunch treat due to our well-behaved during his absence to compensate our hardship since working with him, haha!
 someone suggested Delicious, coz of it's delicious pasta
I ordered Spicy Crabmeat Linguini, and it came out perfect!
 i was fully satisfied with the main course...and now, let's see what we had for our dessert...
 they hav plenty of selection to choose from, mainly cakes, puddings, scones, brownies...
 we ordered a few pieces of cakes and pies, and shared among us
look at those sinful creams...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is my 500th post in UTOPIA!

Can't believe that i have been bloggin' so much and this would marked my 500th post published in UTOPIA!
To commemorate this, let me post up some yummielicious photos taken during some feasting with colleague a few weeks ago...
While our boss wasn't around, we sneaked out for long lunch at this hidden gem place, Kong Sai Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Puchong.
Well, this place isn't that hidden, it's more of like undiscovered, not until someone recommended us this place...
It was usually crowded on weekdays, coz of their signature steamed 'kampung' chicken.
Apart from that, i'd say that every dishes served here taste good and looks appetizing. Let these pictures be your verdict!
Stuffed 'tau-pok'
 curry chicken
 and their signature steamed 'kampung' chicken,
the meat is so tender and soft...'steamed' to perfection
 our complete meal, minus the veggie, which only came in later while we were halfway eating
wish to go there again, so far this is my most yummielicious chicken rice meal ever!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I can't describe more about my feelings rite now, i gotta put these in points. I'm feeling kinda victory, b'coz:
  1. In the sense that I gained back reputation and accolades, despite many attempts by her to tarnish my image. Glad that people around knows my qualities and trust my honesty.
  2. I'm a stronger person now who is not easily hurted, being fooled and misused.
  3. People start keeping a distance and be careful when dealing with tis snob.
  4. Counting down to 5 days before she is officially resign. I'm gonna save more on time and money by then, coz i dun hav to spent much of them in dealing with her antics anymore.
  5. Despite being scaled out from doing Proj. Mgmt, i have made my second comeback in another project which involves much in implementation. So, i m not totally out, but i m being "outsourced" to gain experience. Well, not only that, most importantly i got the best of both world, doing different tasks at the same time. Her plan in ditching me outta bid and seeing me failed in project doesn't work;-) I have shown to everyone that i can handle both sides.
  6. Won the tender worth at least 10x value of her winning bid. Felt on the top of the world despite me having no commision on that, but contented coz my effort is not wasted, and i have contributed some earnings to the company.
  7. Manage to rebuild connection with some vendors which i have long lost touch, and somehow they were kind enuff to even courier some very useful info all the way across the globe. I begin to have some confidence in my communication skill.
  8. Some hope of getting increement.
Thank God for the blessings!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Last week, I had some sort of farewell celebration for 2 of my dear colleagues.
Our group was huge with 26 persons and since not much restaurant caters for huge group dining, we ended up @ Chilis!
 it was early when we arrived, the place was so empty, but as soon as we finished our meals it was darn crowded and full house!
 as starters, here is our bottomless drinks...
each of us ordered a different, apple, orange and..........i can't remember what is the green thing
 tortilla chips to dip with chili and cheesy sauce!
 here's my main meal
grilled salmon with veggie and rice
and here's what my other colleague has ordered...
chicken in hotplate 
 to be wrapped with pita together with the below condiments
and another colleague ordered beef in hotplate...
which is so yummylicious! 
 btw, they melt vehicles too...
jst in case u wanna try out!
Bon Appetit!


I found out someting new @ home
in the kitchen cabinet
packed in a box
and it is
mix this with soy milk and...
it tastes
damn GOOD!

Some decorative magnet @ my office cubicle

Just to share with you some of those D.E.C.o.R.a.T.i.V.e items at my work cubicle.
Here's one fridge magnet that was given by a colleague who used to be stationed in Tanzania...
 and the below is a souvenir from boss from his London trip
there are a few more keychains hanging over at my place, which i m gonna display out here whenever i remember ;-P

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mon Boulangerie...again

This place has never dissappoint me...
And it gave me surprise on my last visit
wonder why?
i have been ordering the same chicken maryland each time i patronised this place
but there was someting very different this time
coz it serves
luv it to the MAX!!!
 not only that, i see that they have also changed the salads with purple cabbage and cherry tomatoes which blends well with mustard!
very colorful presentation indeed.
and the place is as cosy as ever 
 with soft jazzy tunes
and dim light
ok, i guess u all had enuff with me talking about this place over and over again.
till then, bon appetit!

Wedding Invitation

Dun get me wrong, this isn't my wedding invitation ;-)
It's the peak time for weddings again, especially on this dragon year which is auspicious for 'big' occasions...
Hence, i m expecting a few more weddings to be held this year, probably the year-end, but anyhow, i have been booked with one "invitation" even before mid year arrives...
Here's what i had during the lunch banquet
this wasn't shark fin soup, though it look very likely
and throughout the luncheon, we were being served plenty of alcoholic drinks...
and i was like "oh my, the host wanting to get us drunk during the mid-day?!? It's not even evening yet!" 
And well well, i had an enjoyable meal with blasting loud speakers with some third-class singers tuning into some karaoke songs
yea, it was indeed a merry banquet, we entertained ourselves more than the host entertaining us!

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...