Saturday, December 30, 2023

Kaw Kaw Kopitiam @ Sri Petaling

Been to Kaw Kaw kopitiam a few times. Each time i went there i would ordered their signature curry mee. And yes, as per the shop's name, their curry is indeed 'kaw'.
A small bowl of curry mee with fully loaded ingredients such as deep fried beancurd skin, long beans, taupok, taugeh, charsiew pork....
The bill came to RM24.80 for 2 bowls, so each bowl costs RM12.40. Quite reasonable for a 'fully loaded' noodles with thick curry.
I will definitely be back again.
Taufufah from a truck operating in front of TK Bakery shop. It is run by a Bangladeshi. As it is nearing the closing time, i was given a free bowl of white sugar taufufah, despite i had ordered a take-away.
Observation deck where i captured stunning KL skyline.
The gifts from colleagues in Barbados - a thermos, pen and keychain with Caribbean's sands
close up shot: There's sand inside the keychain
[Below] Christmas decoration at Pinnacle mall, picture taken in mid-November. These have been taken down to give way for the upcoming CNY decoration.
Sometime in December there was a coloring contest for kids. I used to take part in such contest too when i was a nostalgic!
The final time i took part in coloring contest was in 12 years old where i managed to win one of the top 3 prizes. Well, personally i think that such contest benefits the older kids as they have better hand-eye-coordination and stronger hand muscle to complete the coloring at the time limit, what do u think?
[Below] Christmas cakes with fancy packaging on sale at Authentic Bakery. Nope i did not buy, coz i m not into such cakes.
Till then Happy New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2023

Christmas Dinner with Family @ Flower Girl Coffee, Pavillion Bukit Jalil

It was a weekend Saturday, a day before the eve. Shoppers throng the mall for last minute gifts shopping while soak up the festive atmosphere. 
The decorations in Pavilion BJ mall are colorful as always.
Meanwhile i went there for makan😋
Annoying sis suggested this eatery which i have never tried before. It also has an outlet at Sunway Geo.
Ample seating when we arrived at 7:30pm, it is located at the 5th floor, adjacent to the Grand Harbour Chinese restaurant.
I ordered a watermelon juice (RM9.80+). Free-flow water is also available FOC for every diner.
Annoying sis ordered a chicken salad. There are chunks of mango, avocados, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad and plenty of lettuces in it.
Meanwhile the rest of us had the Hoisin grilled chicken chop and Cajun chicken chop. 
[Below] Hoisin grilled chicken chop - The sides are coleslaw, mashed potatoes, salads and grilled veggies.
Plenty of greens on this plate of Hoisin grilled chicken chop (RM25.80+)
Overall a good meal. The place is OK if you prefer to dine in a quiet ambience. As this shop is located at the top floor, there are less shoppers traffic compared to the Lower Ground floor where most eateries are located.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Bhai Briyani, Satay, Two Tigers Kopitiam, 7-Eleven Cafe

[Throwback] Documenting some foodie adventures that took place in the past few months....
Whenever I passed by the area from Jalan Puchong to Bukit Jalil, I made a note to try out Bhai Briyani but has never been there once until recently.
On my first visit, I was clueless on what to order. So i simply 'tembak' one - Grilled chicken cubes briyani (forgot the actual name). The chicken cubes are breast meat so it is quite hard & dry. The briyani is served with dhal sauce and yogurt. Taste quite bland and mild, definitely not spicy at all. Definitely good for beginners who just began to explore briyani😂.
During my second visit, I had vegetarian fried basmati rice and tandoori chicken masala.
The vegetarian fried rice is also quite bland, almost tasteless, but luckily the chicken masala has strong flavor and nice to go with the plain fried rice. The chicken masala is cooked with chicken drumettes and wings.
Tastewise ok-la.
This is the place to go if u opted for a clean and better dine-in ambience. Price range within RM15-RM30 per dish depending on what you order. They have lamb shank briyani too which is on the higher price range.
10% discount if you patronize before 4pm on weekdays.
[Below] Roadside satay opposite the building where Bhai Briyani is located. Not exactly on roadside, but it occupies one of the empty open space area next to the road nearby Bhai Briyani.
Chicken satay RM1.20 per stick. Nasi impit RM1 per piece (which they cut into 4 smaller pieces)
Not bad...some sticks have full lean meat and some sticks have lean meat & fatty chicken skins in between.
Open air seating under the neon lights. Quite a pleasant ambience, but expect long wait when there's crowd.
I walked past Two Tigers Kopitiam @ Sri Petaling and chanced upon freshly baked egg tarts. Bought 2 to try. RM5++ each. Taste and texture similar to Oriental Kopi egg tart, but this one has softer & thinner crust and breaks easily, so need to be careful when holding it.
Updates (December): The shop has closed down.
Potato wedges bought from 7 Eleven cafe, I think all the warm/hot food items would have discount after 10pm. This item originally priced at RM8.90, after discount it became RM6. This is the last box, hence it was stuffed till full. My first time trying hot food items from 7 Eleven cafe, not bad...Despite the last one, the outer crust was still crispy. The potato wedges were placed in the warmer and the staff reheated them in microwave once purchased.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Choo Choo Chicken @ Sri Petaling

It has been a few years since i last dined in at Choo Choo Chicken. During the lockdown, the shop has moved to another street that is less busier and thus not many people notices it nowadays. I would have thought that the shop has closed down, although it is still listed in Foodpanda. I went on to google it, only to find that it has shifted.
I was hungry and wanted something extravagant. So, i ordered from the 'Choo Choo Sharing' section, which is meant for sharing, but greedy me wanted to gulp all down.
I had 6pcs tenders + cham chi rice burger (tuna) + wedges. This combo costs RM29.60++
The chicken tenders are....well....boneless and it is from chicken breast part, perhaps some parts from thigh (can't recall), but overall it is tender, juicy and flavorful. Well coated with honey soy sauce (that i chose from the 6 flavors option).
[below] this one no need introduction....potato wedges is always my fav!
and lastly the 'cham chi rice burger (tuna)'.
Initially, i wanted a bulgogi beef rice burger but it was out-of-stock, so i have no choice but to choose tuna instead.
The bill came to RM34.35 after taxed and service charges. 
I was very full after eating these. It felt like a buffet meal. The rice are sticky and stuffy (similar to Japanese sushi rice) and the wedges are high carbs.
I did not order any drink, else i would not be able to finish that if i did.
This outlet is hidden from the main road, hence it was quiet & empty on a Saturday evening, such a contrast when it was firstly launched in the neighborhood several years ago. Besides, this neighbourhood has too many food options that people would just give this a pass.
[Below] Night view after the rain.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Rockley Apartments, Barbados

Let's feast your eyes with some greeneries....
I stayed at Rockley apartment throughout the half month in Bridgetown.
This 'neighborhood' caters to mostly long term/group/family stay coz usually tourists would prefer staying nearby the beach area. This area is about 20-30 minutes walk from the beach. 
The 'Rockley apartment' is located next to the Rockley golf course, hence the area has a well designed green landscape, with well kept garden.
Gateless worry, it is safe here, just make sure to close the door/window when not around coz there are monkeys and chickens lingering around.
It gets sunny by 6am. These pictures were taken around 7am plus and it is already scorching hot.
Most residents staying here are long-term expats and they rent/own cars to go around the island.
It is quite scenic to jog around in the morning. It usually rains during the noon till evening.
These pictures were took during the morning walk, while waiting for my laundry to complete (self service washing machine in the laundry room).
It was a quiet and peaceful weekday morning. Usually the residents here would greet each other, despite being strangers. It is not difficult to approach anyone for help.
This area 'Foursquare' is one of the section within the Rockley apartments. I'm staying at Plumtree Club, which is adjacent to Foursquare.

Friday, December 22, 2023

ABC Temerloh @ Happy Garden

[Throwback] During the weekend, we went to our usual dinner dine-out place at Mun Kee Steam Fish Head restaurant @ Happy Garden.
We had black bean steamed fish head, stir fried romaine lettuce, salted egg chicken, minced pork tofu and fuyong omelette.
It was a good meal as always...consistent taste and quick service.
Price is reasonable too.
As our cars parked nearby ABC Temerloh shop, we went in to try out their ABC for our dessert.
Ordered 2 bowls of ABC for sharing among us.
The ABC does not have rose syrup, therefore abit lacking taste, but still OK.
[Below] Nasi lemak from a random stall in a random kopitiam. This plate of nasi lemak with ayam kunyit costs RM8. The stall is operated by an Indonesian.
[Below] Thai basil minced pork rice from a random shop...priced at RM17...kinda overpriced as it is not any fancy restaurant nor in the mall. The shop is operated by Thais.
Aurora Place @ Bukit Jalil, which is located next to the Pavilion BJ mall. It is so quiet on a weekday.
This place reminds me of Enterprise 4 Technology Park Malaysia as it has indoor water fountain, indoor plants/trees and glass ceiling for natural sunlight. As the sunlight can go thru, this place gets hot and stuffy during the day, but dark and cold when night falls.
This seems like a mini version of Enterprise 4 building, which adapting the similar nature concept in the design, but kinda outdated and not suitable in our hot weather.
This place looks kinda 'dead' during the daytime (not sure about nighttime). I believe people prefer the cooler and newer Pavilion BJ mall next door.

Monday, December 18, 2023

London Heathrow Airport

This was my first time to Heathrow airport and my first impression is....
complicated yet confusing😂
well, it could be because of it being an old airport and additional terminals built over the years, hence trying to connect to each terminal is kinda challenging.
Also, i find that the signboards are all over the place (which is good but also confusing for a first timer in Heathrow). Other major airports like Schiphol, Changi, Dubai or Incheon did it better.
And I could easily guess alot of people got lost and miss flight with such design. Even the immigration officers diligently remind us (and other travelers) to allow ample time when transiting to another terminal.
Not to mention the technology & process is slightly outdated, where paper tokens are still in used....even for free train transfer. Most train stations nowadays got rid of paper, just use token coin or nothing at all (since it is free train ride). I'm sure there's a way to simplified the process as well as to reduce the printing consumables.
Anyway, technology aside....I can see their staffs are doing their best in making things easier for travelers, without them i would still goin around in loop at the underground train station😂 (i m that 'frog under the coconut shell' first timer in London Underground).
After spending some time 'under the ground', i need to get some sunlight....
Eventually, it was 7am plus...just right on time to capture the beautiful sunrise. 
While i was still in 'confused' and 'sleepy' mode, i made my way to the exit for an outdoor morning breeze and sunlight.
The temperature was around 7 degree Celcius. It was a cool autumn morning.
Quiet & peaceful morning out there...only crazy people (like me) would want to stand outside at such cold temperature.
But immediately i was awake with that cool breeze hitting my face. My mood lightened up seeing that morning sun.
After a few minutes, i got back in and went to refresh myself and had breakfast at Plaza Premium.
It costs 30 pounds for 2 hours.
Eat later....
Here's my greedy plate of food😂
Bacons, sausages, croissant, scrambled eggs, lettuce, sauteed mushrooms, cakes....etc....sweet & savoury food all in one plate.
After makan, back to work...until the final minute before boarding.
[Below] At the boarding gate around 10am+, clear blue sky without cloud. Goodbye London, until i see u again next round (hopefully!)
Well, if u are wondering where i went....
Take a guess (from the below picture)😉

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...