Friday, May 20, 2022

Family Mart - Vanilla with Sakura Sofuto

New ice cream on the menu!
well, not quite....
vanilla ice cream is too common, but somehow Family Mart made it creative by offering a free topping - Sakura Blossom Topping!
I was so eager to try out this so-called Sakura Blossom thingy....turns out it is just some crunchy but tasteless pink coloured bits
and this ice cream costs RM3.90
Would you try? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Room @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

During the last company trip, I stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, which is located quite far from Georgetown.
To reach there, one gotta drive through the long and narrow coastal road & along the hill...that's how secluded it is!
Nevertheless the seaview along the coast is breathtaking. After a quick check-in, I went up and was impressed to see the tastefully furnished room.
 The room is facing the pool (and the sea). It is quite spacious and can fit in an extra bed! The huge tv is even framed in gold!
The purple carpet with purple lights underneath the cabinet and wall made the place looks vibrant!
even the toilet is creatively decorated!
This portrait of Elvis is seen in the toilet...though kinda scary when you are taking a bath or doing business in the toilet at 'someone' is watching u!
anyway, the toilet is not haunted....quite clean and new....
Provided with the standard cleansing stuffs such as soaps, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/brush, and all the other sanitary items.
Just like any other hotels, there is also some standard amenities provided such as safety box, iron, kettle, mini fridge and minibar...
also complimentary bottled water and tea/coffee/sugar in packets, replenished on daily basis.
Now, let's have a look at the bed...super comfy single twin beds. Another portrait (this time is John Lennon) hung on the wall...a legendary star. Some rooms have Marilyn Monroe too...
At the corner, there is a dressing table with a shaped/curved mirror. The table can be doubled as working desk as it has 2-3 plug points.
a lazy couch next to the balcony
The balcony is facing the pool (and the sea further away)....a drying rack is attached to the wall where one can dry the wet towels/swimsuit. 
I had a jolly good time sitting here enjoying the sea breeze at night.
During the day, i enjoyed the view of the extensive pool. There is even a pool bar/cafe in the middle....are u able to spot it?
to be continued....

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Christine's Bakery

Annoying sis bought this fluffy cheese cake from Christine's Bakery at Sunway Geo. This bakery has also recently opened an outlet at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.
Tastewise not bad, similar to Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheese Cake. For the price of RM15, it's quite worth it. I will look for this again when i drop by the outlet at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Foodpanda Delivery (throwback)
Meanwhile, unrelated to the above, I tried 'salted fish pork slices' dish from Canton Kitchen (Happy Garden). It was sometime back in March when Foodpanda was having some evouchers with huge promo. This dish only costs somewhere RM12-13 inclusive of delivery fee.
Paired it with roasted chicken bought at RM10.40 (after evoucher discount).
The dishes were good enough for 4-5 pax.

AEON vouchers
During one of the company 'team building' activities that i participated, my team won some cash gift which we exchanged to AEON vouchers and distributed evenly among the members. Am looking forward to shopping at AEON using these vouchers! It has been years since i last spent using 'physical' vouchers.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Ong Kee Tauge Chicken, Ipoh

This is a throwback post back to Day1 of my Penang/Ipoh trip.
My colleagues who are foodies were so enthusiastic to have breakfast in Ipoh. We departed KL around 8am and reached Ipoh by 10.
First stop is the Ipoh stadium to get our first meal of the day. We had some fried kuey teow (i didn't snap pic) but it was good.
then stopped by the famous makan spot....
and had our mid-morning dessert - taufufa at Lai Kee Soy shop (which eventually we had it again when we head back to KL). 
I had the ginger syrup one during the first time visit. The taufufa was served warm.
later, burn off some calories by walking/loitering around the Concubine Lane.
Nothing much to see since it was still early, and it was a weekday.
by noon, we had beansprout chicken at Ong Kee, which is situated nearby/opposite the famous Lou Wong.
Ordered some chicken gizzards, a plate of beansprout and half chicken to share by four of us.
we also had kuey teow in soup...
somehow the chicken does not taste as good as last time. 
nevertheless the beansprout was crunchy and succulent, nice to eat with the kuey teow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sweet Hut @ Sri Petaling

Was working till late and thought of getting dinner before heading home.
Most eateries have already closed, places that were still open are mamaks, and some fast food that opens till 2am.
Initially wanted to grab some burger & fries @ McD, then i stumbled on this corner shop situated opposite McD that was still open but with only a customer inside. Such a contrast with the crowded McD. There were staffs inside, and one was diligently cleaning the tables.
The signboard showed 'Open' i just 'selamba' walked in & took a seat nearby the entrance.
That's how empty the place was....only a customer at the other corner.
Below is the view facing out to the entrance/exit.
This place seems quite new. Previously it was occupied by Tea Garden which I believed was shut down during the MCO.
Tastefully decorated with some instagramable spot
back then it was still Ramadan, hence there were dinner promo....
nope, i did not order that, coz already sold out since it was past midnite๐Ÿ˜‚ too bad, they don't have 'sahur (pre-dawn meal) promotion'๐Ÿ˜†
but surprisingly, the cakes were still available!
plenty of cheese cakes and crepe cakes....i wanna try each of them!
tiramisu crepe, onde onde crepe, gula melaka crepe....etc...
biscoff cheese cake, New York cheese cake, blueberry cheese cake, lemon cheese cake, earl grey cheese cake...etc...
durian mochi!
interesting...but let's try it next time!
now, back to my order....
I had....
yes, warm curry noodle...but well, nothing to shout about, jst a typical curry noodle. Instead of long beans, they put in snow peas...
other ingredients are fishballs, fishcakes, taupok and shredded chicken meat.
Sambal sauce was provided, nice to dip with fishball/fishcake, and wasn't spicy at all.
this meal costs RM12.90 nett inclusive of a glass of plain water.
I shall be back again to try their cakes & crepes!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Office Lunch & Dinner

This was my lunch on one of my 'work-in-office day'. McD was having the seasonal Ramadan item on its menu - the beef/chicken foldover.
I ordered the beef foldover but was given a chicken one๐Ÿ˜•
but then when i opened the wrapper and flip open the pita bread, i saw that it was beef patty...OK la, so no mistake, only the wrapper label is not right.
This year, the foldover tastes different compared to the previous years - garlic sauce is used...instead of their 'special unidentifiable sauce' which left me baffled.
The garlic sauce was too little till i couldn't taste anything, so i need ketchup & chili sauce to substitute the taste. 
In the evening, i went to the Ramadan bazaar in Serdang with my colleague and bought various foods such as murtabak, nasi tomato (with acar, beef kurma and ayam masak merah), some kuihs etc.
The bazaar was guarded by auxiliary polices at both end to ensure everyone adhered to the SOP & social distancing. Back then (in April), kids were not allowed (nor encouraged) to enter the bazaar. 
This was my first time of going to Ramadan bazaar since 2019. Almost 2.5 years ago.
And the atmosphere wasn't that merry compared to pre-pandemic times. The capacity and the number of stalls have been reduced significantly as the entire middle row of stalls was removed, probably due to social distancing purpose.
the below is pulut panggang (grilled glutionous rice with grated coconut & belacan filling) of my fav teatime snack. This costs 80cents each.
On another 'work-in-office' day, I went to tapao from the nearby Malay nasi campur stall. Due to the fasting month, only 2 stalls were open, but nevertheless i managed to buy some of my fav dishes.
Here's my typical office lunch - rice with kangkung belacan, deep fried calamari, begedil (deep fried potato patty), and anchovies.
this lunch costs me only RM5.50๐Ÿ˜€
Meanwhile, since it was still the fasting month, me & colleague went to the same bazaar again to get our dinner...
There goes my dinner....2 pieces of beef murtabak and pepes ayam.
She also gave me some cockles (in sambal) from her nasi lemak.
The murtabak was....meh.....not up to my standard....coz not much minced beef.
Pepes ayam on the other hand was impressive. It tastes like otak otak but instead of fish, the ingredient is of course....ayam (chicken). The leaves wrapper was slightly burnt, hence i have to scrap off the burnt part.
Murtabak costs RM5 each and pepes ayam costs RM1.50.
That's it for my 'Ramadan bazaar adventure' for this year....will be back again on next year, hopefully!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop (throwback)...

This was an impromptu order when i first discovered the price slashed to unbelievably low after applying the evoucher in Foodpanda...*sometime in March
Quickly tap my phone and ordered a roasted chicken (half chicken). 
To qualify for the evoucher, a minimum of RM21 total purchase is required. So I topped-up with a small portion of oily rice.
and....after applying some magic luck evoucher...the price for the half chicken + oily rice was only RM10.40!
unbelievably great deal!
well, this wasn't my first time ordering from this shop, but it was the first time to get such a superbly insane price๐Ÿ˜€

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Enca Restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and i was too lazy to follow my colleagues who drove out to town for their 'food exploration', hence i settled with some food just across the road from the hotel that i stayed.
Enca Restaurant as shown in the menu cover...
ordered some Indian dishes
Palak Paneer
Butter Chicken
Garlic Naan
and papadam
This seems like a meal for 2 but it was just me alone trying to finish them all...
I didn't expect the huge portion (for a solo diner), hence i did not manage to finish them...sorry for the food that has gone to waste....
Anyway, it was a good meal, my fav is the crispy papadam
Garlic naan was freshly prepared and aromatic...nice to dip with butter chicken and palak paneer.
I only thing i dislike is that they only have chicken breast for the butter chicken, tough and hard to chew. 
Mint sauce was provided, although i'm not sure what to dip, coz I already have the butter chicken gravy to dip for the naan.
Total damage for this meal is RM40nett with a glass of lycee drink.

Family Mart - Vanilla with Sakura Sofuto

New ice cream on the menu! well, not quite.... vanilla ice cream is too common, but somehow Family Mart made it creative by offering a free ...