Monday, September 30, 2019

Peranakan Place, IOI City Mall

 The 'once-in-a-blue-moon' colleague bonding time took place at Peranakan Place on last week.
My partner-in-crime invited me and her few other teammates for a lunch coz she missed 'our good times'!
We no longer sitting in the same block hence, we dun usually go for lunch or see each other that often.
This restaurant has a huge display of tiffin containers....yea, colourful Peranakan tiffins! 
these are for sale...but I'm not so much into tiffins, so I did not check out the price.
the empty dining area, seems like business is not so good
 the floor tiles
reminds me of those seen in Jonker walk pre-war shops
here's what we had:
Pandan rice with ayam berempah (RM15.90++)
Fried rice with ayam berempah (RM15.90++)
and I had Pandan rice with beef rendang (RM16.90++)
these came with a free drink, either barley or cincau…
The free drink is only available during weekday lunch hour (1-3pm)
service tax & service charges applied to each item, hence my beef rendang rice is RM19.62 after added these charges.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Manhattan Fish Market - The all new 'Fish & Chips' experience!

 Went to MFM to try out their new concept of fish & chips which is served with free flow crispy potato chips and various tartar sauces.
 I ordered the original dory fish @RM24 nett, which is served on a piece of paper....
It feels like eating banana leaf rice or somekind of cheap dining where the food is spread on a piece of paper. The fish taste the same, but the chips were too oily...
Clever marketing gimmick coz it is advertised with 'free flow chips' to lure customer, but one cannot have so much chips when it is just too least not for me....
I believe their strategy these days is to target on the youngster who dare to try out anything new, especially these sauces. And yes, they are free flow too...
The flavors: BBQ (missing from here), curry, spicy, lime, spicy grapefruit, and of course, original.
The sauces were great, and my fav are curry and lime.
 The free flow sauces and chips is sure a wow-factor to lure the youngster in....but it disappoint me...
I still prefer the fish & chips served on plate with decent sauces, rather than savouring on the unlimited 'oily' chips and various tartar sauces.
I think this would be my last fish & chips with MFM (if they continue with such concept)….
I did not order any drink coz I felt those drinks are overpriced.
Instead I went to McD to get the RM1 frozen Fanta. Yea, it is good enuff to quench my thirst with this orange flavor. I didn't know they have this flavor as usually it is just grape or cola (coke).

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Shin Zushi @ Jalil Link

Went to try out this hidden gem in Bukit Jalil... This Japanese restaurant is crowded most of the time as it is popular for its affordable yet fresh sushi...
I ordered 'unagi, tempura and sashimi' teishoku @RM38++
It is a full set teishoku with rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, salad and fruits.
 the thick cut salmon, so fresh and succulent!
 crispy assorted tempuras
 and my fav grilled unagi...yummmm yummmmm!
meanwhile my sis had nabeyaki udon @RM16...which is served in a claypot
total for the above with a refillable ocha + service charge + service tax is RM64.95
We will definitely go there again as the food quality is on par with high-end Japanese restaurant in Klang Valley.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bankara Ramen again...

Went to Bankara Ramen again and kept telling myself not to order the tonkotsu ramen (which I ordered repeatedly during my first 2 visits previously).
 so, what did I ordered??
I go for their original....'s 'Bankara Original' (as listed in the menu)
tastewise OK, less creamier than the tonkotsu but taste almost similar... 
On each table, there are bottles of sesame oil, pickled ginger, garlic, chili powder for the patrons to enhance the soup flavour…
I kept on putting chili powder to add some spice into the bland soup...
Anyway that was my expensive lunch which is almost RM30 (for the noodles only).
On my usual weekday, I eat like a pauper...decently
Went to try on the roti canai stall at the office canteen. It is only RM1 per piece and I usually go for 2...
Instead of curry gravy, this stall only have dhall gravy which is on the sweet side...
Tastewise so-so...but is good enuff for an RM2 meal!
 and when I wasn't in mood for any food...the pantry eggs will do just fine!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Sunset View

Took this sunset view from Putrajaya north (border with UPM Serdang). You might never expect to view a serene and green scenery at a local government hospital. 
The patient's meal: White rice porridge, stir fry kailan, fish (not sure if it is dory) cooked in sour sauce and dessert. 
I was there for visiting and sort of impressed with this wholesome meal as I always thought government hospital meal sucks.
 Meanwhile in an unrelated event, I bought my 'annual' Shanghainese mooncake from Aeon at a discounted price (RM13.90) and had it all by myself!
 It was so good that I bought another piece at RM5 on the day after the mooncake festival...nom nom nom....
Hopefully they have this promotion again on next year ;-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Family Mart - Seasalt Softserve

The seasalt softserve with black chocolate cone was launched on some time ago, it was a seasonal flavour hence it is no longer available now :-(
At RM2.90, it taste much better than the recent Belgian chocolate softserve.
I can taste slight saltiness in it....
& the chocolate cone paired well with the softserve flavor!
Unfortunately this flavor is only available for a limited time....but I believe it will make a comeback!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pan Mee

Went to my usual 'zhap fan' (mixed rice) stall to have my cheapo lunch...but noticed that it is no longer operating....Well, as predicted, it only lasts for half year as that location is kinda secluded...
Having no other choice, I went to the eatery next door for a bowl of noodle...
Ordered a large bowl of pan mee in clear soup (RM6).
It was rather a huge bowl with 5 fishballs, 1 pork ball, a few pieces of crispy fried beancurd sheet, some anchovies and cangkuk manis (eng: star gooseberry, chi: 马尼菜)
It has been some time since I last had pan mee (I think probably more than half year ago)…
I did not manage to finish the noodles coz the noodles were thick and too much...I should have order the normal portion instead (regrets!)….

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Late Nite Dinner at A&W

Once in a while I would crave for A&W curly fries and root beer...
I'm not so much of a fan on their hotdog...hence I ordered a cheeseburger...
 there goes my late nite dinner...

Friday, September 6, 2019

Lunch @ Maulana, Serdang

Occasionally I would join my teammate for lunch...Since there are Muslim around, we have to go for halal food, hence it is either at the nearby mall or at the mamak…
This round we had it at Maulana, which is popular for its curry rice...
Here's my choice of dishes - ayam masak merah, cabbage poriyal, onion omelet.
Price was reasonable as this huge plate costs only RM8.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Office Kitties

There were stray cats living around the office compound...Some of my colleagues have been feeding them with Whiskas cat food and 'groomed' them so well. One of the female cat got pregnant and we treated her with better quality cat food (hoping that the kittens will come out cute and pretty!)
She hide the newborn kittens for quite some time as we dun see them for almost 2-3 months...
but then one day, the entire 'troupe' was back and the kittens have grown so much
 looking cute and adorable with clean furs
 the kittens are not afraid of us...we walked past them everyday and played with them sometimes

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Late Lunch @ Sakae Sushi, IOI Mall Puchong

Went to Sakae Sushi for a late lunch after running some errands. I was kinda 'famish' so I ordered alot
while waiting for my 'main meal' I had this starter - sausage rice roll wrapped in cheese @ RM3.88
It was ok, just some plain sausage wrapped in rice, seaweed and cheese which can be easily made at home.
my main meal: ramen in kimchi soup + assorted tempura @ RM16.88
 there goes my 'lavish' lunch! yuummmmmzzz!!!
total bill came to RM24.10 after service charge & tax.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...