Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KFC, that's where I want to be!

I remembered the KFC slogan so mch during my childhood days...
that's where I want to be!
can't remember when i fell in luv with KFC...during then it was known as "Kentucky Fried Chicken"...such a long name!
but regardless of the name, i still like the crispyness of the fried chicken...the soft fluffy bun, creamy mashed potatoes and coleslaw....
thinking of it makes me droolin' 
one great thing about KFC is that now they allowed us to mix the fried chicken, well, i can have both spicy and original at the same plate, without extra cost! woo-hoo!
Bon appetit!

Hectic moments (Part 2)

Well, I got myself even busier these days with running on a few tenders that is due almost the same day!
And during these hectic times, i managed to squeeze in a brief biz trip to Korea...which lasted for 3 days (including travel time). I would say it was a waste of my precious time due to bad arrangement from boss of pushing me out during those critical time. And darn him for putting the blame on me. Well, as a manager, he should know how much workload and critical the time was by then, and putting all blame to me for not taking full responsibility on the things that I m handling is very unjustified. Having ownership of four tenders at one time and I managed to submit 3, on a few weeks before deadline.  I was on my final league of working on the final tender (which was just assigned on the week before the impromptu trip) and then he started hurling those abusive and false accusation of me not taking responsibilities over my task. WTH! I was working round the clock to get it cleared since the day it was assigned to me. And yet, he thought i did nothing?!! Everything was submitted on time and on schedule, and if not for the unforeseen trip, I would have completed it on time based on my initial plan. Yet he kept on 'screaming' in emails and sms/phone calls 'barking' unjustifiably of how I am not competent in front of all my juniors!??! What sort of boss is this? He did not even bother to talk to me in person, but one word blaming on my communication skills. I'd say he is the one who did not communicate with me at the first place. One email shoot out to everyone in the team saying I m lousy this and that...without even checking further of what I have done so far! And to make me bear the mistake/carelessness/ignorances of other teammate is totally unacceptable for me, jst becoz i m the most senior and longest serving in the team? WTF! This sort of blame and accussation will only spoil the other new members in the team as they will easily escape their wrongdoings and take for granted of their seniors. The seniors like me would suffer lots if this continue to go on. Well, sad to say, despite the good pay, I will consider leaving tis dreadful place coz he dun deserve to be my boss!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hectic moments

Running a project and handling bids at the same time can drives you nuts...
Well, i found myself these days doing things like some production machine being put to full force to meet deadlines!
From doing research, running in production plant and doing testing
 to having meetings and group review almost daily
 and trying to understand some systems that I dun use
 plus attending some techical talks
 at the meantime, plenty of discussions, reading (super duper thick tender docs), writing, calculation, drawings (not using hand but using tools), document compiling, mentoring, hunting for information and feeding people information both in verbal and in writings...
i m so darn tired!
and still i gotta work in the McD on a hot morning as the electricity went-off in the office building
crazily hectic, being chased for tasks completion, and many aggresive deadlines!
and i just hope that my boss appreciate and knows my value rather than treating me like a slave
I hope i can sustain until my new job offer, hopefully the HR could return with the salary offer that i hoped for...cross fingers...
at the meantime i wish i could have a cool and soothing beancurd pudding ;-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Herbs & Spices Restaurant

I was darn hungry after working late on last friday. Hence, i decided to drop by some place to have a meal before heading home
 as most of the shops have closed, i decided to head to this restaurant...
it is supposed to be closed at that time too...
but somehow, their operation hour is flexible, without any hesitation, i headed in and ordered my food
 it was quiet and not much people in this restaurant
 vacant seats everywhere...only a few tables were occupied
 it basically serves fusion food, steaks and some local cuisine...
and this is what i ordered
seafood fried rice with satay...
u can't see the seafood, as the prawns and squids were hidden beneath the rice...
but anyhow, the meal doesn't impress me at all...it looks very 'dead'
mayb i wasn't in good appetite too...
too much stress to handle during work and i dun feel the mood to enjoy a meal!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Me and sis went to this Korean BBQ place for dinner one fine Sunday
It was her treat, so this time i decided to order as much as my stomach can fill...
while she browsed thru the menu, i snapped some pictures...of the utensils and cutleries
we ordered pork and chicken...and then the grilling process starts... 
 i was quite hungry while waiting for the porks and chicken to be ready, so i ate some of the condiments while the chefs do the grilling
 we also ordered kimchi soup which comes with rice
 below are some of the condiments - in clockwise: kimchi, korean pancake and cucumbers
roughly there were about 8 refillable side dishes (condiments), one steam egg and soup that comes along with the barbeque meal...plus dessert included!
 it was very filling...
all thanks to this 'boss' for the treat!
ooppss...the 'boss' was busy on her iPad...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Char Kuey Teow

I went to morning market alone last Sunday, since it was nearing noon, i decided to take a brunch as well.
Mum recommended this stall earlier, so i decided to give it a try.
I ordered a small plate of fried flat noodles mixed with yellow noodles
turns out to be so-so only 
the only nice is the prawn...other than that, jst mediocre
it's so hard to get a decent nice plate of Char Kuey Teow these days.
I guess i need to go to Penang to look for it...

Chinese Wedding Biscuit

You might want to congrat me if u see this.
again, it is NOT MY WEDDING, k...
my cousin sis jst got wed last week...and somehow, as a tradition, the family will distribute this delicacy (known as "daughter-weds-out" biscuit....direct translation, lol!)
Well, it is quite a common delicacy, and can be bought in any chinese pastry shop these days...
The one on the right is wedding biscuit, meanwhile the cone-shape-like-thingy on the left is also part of the wedding biscuit which is normally used for decoration (though it is edible). This is the first time i'm seeing it. It looks weird after being cut into half, but it tasted jst as good as the wedding biscuit!
this kinda biscuit used to be cheapo stuff where people dislike eating, but somehow i enjoyed it mch...coz it reminds me of...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cute Stuffs in da shop

Let me feast ur eye with some cutie and girlie stuffs.
There is this newly opened shop in the neighbourhood, which i can't remember it's name, and it sells very victorian kinda souvenirs and toys...
it just happened that we drop by that place after lunch to have a 'look-see' around
 most of the items there is either in pink or beige or white
 and  a lil' touch of gold ;-)
 yea, the phone is REAL! stupid me asking the sales assistant if it is meant for display!
 yeah..it is being displayed for sale and it is a functioning phone!
well, this shop is suitable for girls or someone who wants to buy gifts during Valentine...lol!
definately not for me ;-P

Sakae Sushi

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to this sushi shop to have bento set!
crazy eh?
anyhow, the bento set meal isn't something to shout about...jst that i dun feel like having sushi for a meal...and bento is alwiz my preference ;-)
This is what i ordered for mum - salmon and chicken teriyaki set
 meanwhile, sis choose to have tempura set with unagi fish...yummielicious!
it was a late dinner and we spent almost 1 hour plus there till the shop close!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Japanese 'wind'

As I mentioned in my previous post, the next cuisine to try out will be Japanese...
well, i did went to some sushi restaurant and had bento set (what? u mst tink i m not rite here...)
but that will be featured in my next post ;-) stay tuned!
At the meantime, here's what i had from the couple of weeks ago...
Green tea milk with red bean from Ochado!
This drink is superb...i like how the sweetness of red bean jived with the bitterness of green tea...well, it does taste bitter but refreshin'
thanks to boss for treating tis!
 Next, sushi set sis bought from Jusco...
 this is best served with wasabi and soy sauce she bought from her recent trip in Tokyo
and not to leave out, this yummielicious instant noodle, also from that trip
thick but flat noodle in miso soup, something new,
wish i could get some over here
bon appetit!

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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