Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Zhen Liew Siang Seafood Restaurant

Went to this place in Sentul some time end of last year.
 We had nam yu fried chicken wings (RM20)...This is for 5 pax.
 their famous deep fried choi sum (RM19) was crispy and taste better than potato chips!
 banana leaf prawns and sotongs in salted egg sauce (RM48)
 claypot nyonya style curry fish head (RM35)
the thick curry goes well with the rice...
 All the dishes were superb! Unfortunately we dun come here often.
This place is popular among the KL folks and is crowded on every weekend..

Friday, July 26, 2019

Curries Craving

Some time end of last year, our company had a 'makan-makan' and we had ordered the Indian food catering. It was a buffet style and food were abundance - Tandoori chicken, mutton curries, mixed veggies, roti canai, papadam...all are my fav!
Just look at the plateful of food...i'm kinda kiasu to stuff everything into a plate!
On another occasion, I had Japanese curry rice at Yoshinoya (again)....yummmzzzz!!! I keep on ordering the same food in Yoshinoya.
my curries craving satisfied!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Weekday Lunches

These were some of my lunches during the working weekdays...well...the uncommon ones coz i dun usually eat like this...
Bolognaise spaghetti that i tapao-ed from a nearby Malay stall @ RM6.
Add-on omelette (RM1) and begedil (RM1) from another 'nasi campur' stall.
This combination tastes good as having begedil and omelette balanced out the sourness off the bolognaise sauce.
 Beef rendang with pandan rice from Peranakan Place, IOI City Mall. The beef rendang is superb!
A few months ago i went back to my previous work area @ TPM and drop-by at the food court for lunch. Missed the chicken chop. The price was still as cheap with huge portion. This plate was only RM8.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Phang Kee Dim Sum

I usually hav dim sum as brunch but there was one evening tht I decided to have it for dinner instead...
 One of the few shops in the neighbourhood that still sells dim sum until late night is Phang Kee.
 This shop was quiet on that Saturday evening whereas the nearby eateries were full and merry....
Looking at the menu, the prices seem to have increased a lot over in 2 years (since my last visit)!
 I had fried radish cake
 xiao long bao
 and assorted dim sums
tastewise so-so...but is ok to fill up my stomach!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Wasabi Restaurant

Sometime last year, we tried out the 'newly opened' Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood.
not sure when it opened, we did not notice it and did not bother to drop by until last year...
Sis ordered the salmon don @ RM14.90
and i had the tempura udon @ RM15.90
they have promotion on the salmon we ordered 2 pax...and it came in 'rose' petals.
Original price was RM25.80....after deduction of RM16, it became RM9.80....*unbelievable!
Overall, this meal was only RM42.60 nett!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Lunch Treat

The team had finally completed a project that spanned across 3 months...
After submission, the manager a.k.a project owner decided to treat us a sumptuous meal @ Sam You, Serdang.
We had Thai-style fried chicken (with mango kerabu on top)
tofu in pumpkin gravy
steamed fish in assam sauce
 salted fish with pork belly in claypot
complimentary sweet soup (tong sui)
We had a bowl of rice each and complimentary radish soup that came with the meal.
Overall the dishes were OK and quite generous portion for 8 pax. We did not manage to finish the last dish (assam fish) coz everyone was full. Service was quick and efficient too.

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Featuring some of the teatime I had these days....
I reheated the garlic bread from the office pantry for 2 minutes (taught by a colleague) and got a super fluffy 'roti canai'....
after having garlic bread several times in the office, I was curious of its origin and asked the person who 'supplied' this about it, but he did not answer...SECRET kononnya….
On another occasion, another colleague purposely went to Alamanda Mall (Putrajaya) to buy McD Choco pie which she claimed was nice....
Most McD no longer selling this (out of stock), but this mall seems to have abundant stocks.
 I never got the chance to try this while it was still available, so I ordered one from her, as she was buying in bulk.
Priced @RM4, this pie is slightly more expensive than the usual ones in McD. Worth a try if u like overflowing choco lava...
it was nice, but I dun have sweet once is enuff!

Monday, July 15, 2019

First Time Attending Raya Open House after the Syawal Month...

Yes, u read it right. I went to the Raya open house which was organised by the Seputeh MP...a few days after the Syawal month ended.
The Seputeh MP is also the Minister of Primary Industries, hence there are banners of 'advertising' the palm oil.
 Anyway, since the 'Raya' mood was still on (despite no longer in Syawal month)...I happily joined in the occasion for the....ahemmm….free food.
why not? got free food like satays and briyani....
but it was a long queue...
 there were separate counters for each food type...yours truly had to queue several times just to savour a lil' of this and that
The food was just kinda plain....probably becoz it was FOC and u dun expect much quality in it.
Fried noodles
Rojak Pasembur
there were popcorns was good, but can't eat much
I did not queue for the 'apam balik' coz was too full...Other than that, I tink I have covered most of the foods served there.
This would be my first & last time of attending such 'public' open house, as I dun enjoy the long queue...also due to the food was not up-to-par coz of the massive food preparation where standard is compromised.
It could have been managed better with better crowd management and speedier/efficient food preparation.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Quick Lunches with Colleagues

It has been a busy week since last week (and hopefully it ends soon), but I managed to catch up with my colleague (who is based in next block) for a meal. We had a quick lunch at Maulana, coz I was craving for their briyani and curry...
I had 'kari banjir' briyani rice with omelette & deep fried bitter gourd for RM7. It was a filing and satisfying meal....burrpppp!!!
 the following day when my schedule was less hectic (after completed some of my urgent tasks)….I went out with the team for a another quick 'catch-up' lunch...It has been some time since I last had lunch with them. Since we want it 'quick', we went for the food court. I had teriyaki bento set at RM15.80 nett.
Nothing to shout about but it will definitely be a one-off try for me...Well, i can have better teriyaki chicken elsewhere.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...