Monday, June 28, 2021


This is a non-foodie post, but more of a most discussed topic these days...
As of today, both my parents have taken their vaccination...while i m still waiting (dunno when)
My young-at-heart mum got her jab in a private medical center located in Mid Valley, instead of the mega PPV centers.
Well, it was a quick one....or should i say, superfast/efficent service as she does not need to wait/queue at all.
The appointment was scheduled at 10am. We reached there at around 9:45am....then the staff ushered us to fill up the forms/verification. This took about 5 minutes. Not long after (less than a min), her name got called and voila!
The syringe is ready....
jeng jeng jeng.....
I asked my 'young-at-heart mum' on how it felt when the needle was poked onto her arm...
and she said....'it feels nothing happened' (me: what??!)
The entire process completed within 15 minutes including the observation time after injection. This is probably the fastest time taken as most of the people i know took about 30 minutes to an hour for the entire vaccination process.
Quick and efficient service from the healthcare staffs. Kudos to u all!
after 'young-at-heart mum' was still energetic and 'semangat' to go shopping~~~😑

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Secret Recipe Durian Cakes

Went to Mid Valley for grocery shopping and stopped by Secret Recipe to look see look see if anything interesting....
Initially wanted to buy durian cheese tarts but there is no 'Super Trio' promotion.
It was still early around 10am when some of the cheese tarts are still 'baking' in the oven.
Meanwhile at the cakes section...all nicely displayed....and i saw someting that captured my attention...
yes, the one with 'thorns' surface
all look so tempting....i was captivated by the sight of the cakes!
ended up buying 2 slices of durian cakes....can't remember how much....i think roughly RM11.50 per slice...
According to the Secret Recipe website, the description for this 'Absolute Durian' cake is as follows:
Four layers of premium vanilla cake with three layers of rich durian filling.
tastewise not actual durian and got that 'aroma' though not pungent...
I will buy this again while stock lasts (it's a seasonal cake which only available during durian season) fav 'addictive nuts' are back!!!
bought this from a snack store in NSK for RM18.
1kg of peanuts....and i have already finished half of it....gosh!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Buharry Briyani

Decided to try on some other food....this time I ordered from Buharry Briyani which i have not heard of...
Gave it a try coz of the free delivery stated in the Foodpanda app.
The recommended item is their briyani rice....
which comes with papadam and a chicken drumstick (wrapped in a separated plastic bag, shown below)
i also ordered a chicken murtabak and a piece of roti canai kosong...
the curry dhal sauce and the pickled onions (for murtabak) are provided in small plastic packets.
The chicken murtabak is abit on the dry side coz there is not much egg & oil used in the minced meat.
Roti canai is quite was still hot when reached us. Best eaten hot/warm when the dough is still fluffy.
The briyani rice is quite whole full box (weighted about 450g ++) with a hard boiled egg buried beneath the rice...This briyani rice comes with papadam & chicken (ayam masak merah). 
Overall the foods are OK. 
The total price for all the above: RM17.90 inclusive of delivery
My mum dislike the briyani coz got gamey taste/aroma, hence I will not order again.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - A&W

As the lockdown continues.....I bought more fastfood via Foodpanda to satisfy my cravings....
Ordered 3 pieces of fried chicken and a Mozza burger.
Here's how it looks has melted cheese with 2 beef patties, some lettuces, a very thin grilled chicken strip and slices of tomatoes.
Total price is RM22.20 nett, inclusive of delivery.
The following week, i ordered again, but this time with 2 Mozza burgers & a large curly fries.
After applying the discount code 'Tapintofood', i got additional discount of RM7, hence the total price become RM17.30 nett, inclusive of delivery.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

KFC 'The RM10 Box'

Saw a KFC ad on You Tube and was attracted to it...
Hence one day, after done marketing at the neighbourhood AEON Big supermarket, bought this from the KFC store for lunch.
This set meal comes with a Zinger burger, 3 piece nuggets, mashed potato & coleslaw. There is no drink in this set, which is OK with me.
It is quite a bargain coz the Zinger burger itself costs RM10.50 when bought ala-carte.
Now that it is RM10 nett, it also comes with the sides, for a more filling meal!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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