Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another foodie post

i'm a foodie one can deny that coz i enjoy taking food pics eating, nibbling, gulping and walloping (eh...whatever that goes into the mouth will do)
my colourful brunch...i'm rather picky nowadays for only selectively took certain food...LOLx
well...i can't be walloping everything from the buffet array! 
 it's a boutique hotel...and it's rather creepy walking on this dark corridor with such ol' gothic architecture...haha
 alrite, back to the foodie post...
great to know that this hotel also served free hi-tea to it's 'tenants'. It is from 5:30 till 7pm
am so happy jumpin' in joy
 since i usually dun take lunch, I decided to give it a try...somehow it could fill up my growling stomach before dinner....
it served bits of everything from eastern to western...ok, dun expect much since it is a 'bonus' (usually hotels dun serve free hi-tea!)
 on my flight  home, I usually patronised this one-and-only-miserable-restaurant at the airport departure lounge for dinner. It serves good briyani rice, but i avoid taking it most of the time, perhaps of taking too mch oily & spicy food during my stays made me opt for some milder stuff? is so-so if u r not taking the briyani rice...ambience-wise not bad...but the wifi sucks...almost zero connection...well, 2 hours at the departure lounge and without connection, I can only pass time by loitering the shops...and zZZzzzz....
Bon Appetit & Bon Voyage!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

TVXQ! 동방신기_Something_Music Video

Despite not knowing a word of what they sang, but I found this MV very well choreographed.
jazzy tunes, fantasy-like environment and pretty awesome dancers...
well, TVXQ topped the KPOP chart sometime ago with tis masterpiece. Like it to the max!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

this movie is kinda...uhmm....

well...u gotta wait til next year Valentine's day to be aired on screen!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Familiar stuffs in biz travel...

3 common things that u gotta see in biz travel is the airport, the hotel and the office.
for my case, i usually dun have time for leisure stroll coz the trips were usually packed ones which are totally meant for....W.O.R.K
here are some lil' enjoyment that i could capture...flight meals..LOLx
yeapz...i m so pathetic!
my room...thankfully is a five-star
 spacious enuff for u to practice ur dance steps
 the hotel has all necessities provided...gym, swimming pool, business service etc
complimentary fruit basket...
 and if u r too bored with all...jst look at the picture and attempt to decrypt its "message"
 or hmmmmnn...sleep?
 the bed was neatly tidied...with fluffy pillows, more than enuff for a pillow fight.
the whole lot working environment and the city itself is a havoc...(imagine risking ur life even when walking on a street, with 'harms' randomly coming from various directions!)
at least my hotel bed is N.I.C.E.
good nite and sleep tight!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mum's 60th B'day....

***another outdated post from May
B'day is all about celebration and good food ;-)
and so we did have a feast
we ordered fried beancurd...nothing fancy 
 assam fish
plus some stir-fry green leafy veggie and baked chicken. That's our simple meal for 5 person.
After then, there's a surprise b'day cake. It's a green tea with azuki (red bean) cake. Superb!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spicy Szechuan Beef Noodles

the noodles are so springy...the broth are superbly sweet & of course, spicy!
The Szechuan beef noodles is something worth buying. But unfortunately this isn't available in KL...
bought this in Shanghai...the noodles came with a sausage too! i was surprised when seeing a sausage in the container....
jst look at that...i m drooling again...
*yea, I m a hopeless junkie

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baskin Robbins

Despite being operate in the neighbourhood for more than a year, i hardly step into this outlet.
Not fancy with ice-cream though...but that day was superbly hot...and it hasn't rain for the past few i tot of having something to cool down.
 and i had pistachio almond with choc chip mix
nothing fanciful, but least i enjoy the "coolness" for a while ;-)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chicken Chop @ Hailam Kopitiam

Well, the title says it all.
I did not have good encounter in Hailam Kopitiam, not even once despite dining there for a few times. However, i was craving for Hainanese chicken chop...which i thought could find it in hailam kopitiam.
But i was wrong. The chicken chop being served there is none other than the normal ones...nothing close to the Hainanese version (remember Yut Kee?) 
Anyhow, i was really hungry that time and being lazy to look any further, i sat down and ordered for the normal chicken chop since it comes in a combo meal with choice of dessert/drink.
 i choose was a super hot day and i need some ice to cool down!
 the cendol was OK, but the chicken chop was terrible. The piece of chicken was too dry and tasteless...the mushroom sauce did not help either...It was the worst mushroom sauce that i ever tasted...somewhat like it has been kept too long. Didn't quite enjoy the meal, if i'm not hungry i tink i wouldn't eat it.
i guess this will be my last visit to Hailam Kopitiam.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some Scribble...

A building named UTOPIA....wait...does it spelled AUTO PARTS??!
Anyway, found this pic quite amusing and indeed havin' the same name as this blog...
sad enuff that this "UTOPIA" building (as in this pic) has been abandoned for quite some years in Detroit...known as a "bankrupt city" now
Knowing Detroit as what it is now does gave me a lil heartache, a huge 'decline' from its glorious days
The city grows inline with the "automobile industry" but is no longer the same now.
Anything could possibly happen rite?

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Terminal (2004 movie)

Taken from a real-life story of an Iranian refugee stranded in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, this movie tells about a Krakozhia (fictional country) man who got stranded in New York...not quite....but yea, in the airport!
 during his stay in the airport, he befriended some staffs and also this beautiful stewardess named Amelia (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones). 
she has sweet and cute smile, don't u think so?
anyway, Amelia is somewhat a lady-in-waiting-for-her-true-love
or put it straightforward as someone who is still "seeking", though luck is not at her side as she is stuck with a married man.
Well, she is that kinda lady who can get any man she wants...and i dun quite understand why she prefers married guy (but of course, dun be so serious, it's just a movie!)
 i think she looks gorgeous with that formal outfit...
Alrite, Tom Hanks does well in his role too, with his imitation of speaking in "Hungarian accent" and some odd-but-funny moments with the immigration and fellow staffs in the airport.
Recommended to watch if you are looking for some comedies.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Somewhere in Time (1980's movie)

Pretty isn't she?
Owhhh....i got attracted with that sweet smile... 
I first watched this movie when i was a kid...or somewhat pre-teen, and was touched by such romantic storyline that almost got me into tears!
and this scene that i remembered very well...
their "first" meet-up with sunsets at the background, giving the impression of a peaceful and beautiful evening.
Elise Mckenna: is it you?
is it?
Richard Collier: yes...
 (*looking rather confused when he doesn't expect Elise to know him)
The softspoken Elise met the handsome young chap...Both of them paired well as a couple.
Alrite, you should watch this...this is one real good 'romantic' movie! lolx...
Kudos to Jane Seymour for portraying Elise as an elegant & graceful lady...
definitely a lady with poise! I would have fell for her if i'm a guy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not in the Mood...

Been on one month hiatus from blogging...and seriously am still not in the mood for bloggin' YET...but to keep things going, i hav to post up somethin' here to keep up with the 'momentum' otherwise this blog will start to 'slowly' losing its readers.
Work has been tremendously crazy over the past months...fingers crossed as i'm still expecting the best outcome from my hard labor...Everyone was so stressed up...even my boss had been complaining about the pressure...uhh...alrite...fullstop from here. Getting business for the company isn't that easy...and am glad we (me and the team) managed to secure 2 projects worth multimillion dollars, competing against some foreign players...phew! hard labor paid-off! fight isn't over yet...I demand for RECOGNITION.
Everyone wants a piece of the pie...and of course, being the team lead who contributes 80% of the hard labor, how would i be left out? 
Job satisfaction and recognition are closely related, at least in my point of view...No point of working like a cow when everyone else around is taking credit out of u. Alrite, back to work now...though it seems like i m stil not in the mood for working due to all these 'negativity elements lingering around in the office'....Yet again, i expect for the BEST and prepared for the worst.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

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