Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Familiar stuffs in biz travel...

3 common things that u gotta see in biz travel is the airport, the hotel and the office.
for my case, i usually dun have time for leisure stroll coz the trips were usually packed ones which are totally meant for....W.O.R.K
here are some lil' enjoyment that i could capture...flight meals..LOLx
yeapz...i m so pathetic!
my room...thankfully is a five-star
 spacious enuff for u to practice ur dance steps
 the hotel has all necessities provided...gym, swimming pool, business service etc
complimentary fruit basket...
 and if u r too bored with all...jst look at the picture and attempt to decrypt its "message"
 or hmmmmnn...sleep?
 the bed was neatly tidied...with fluffy pillows, more than enuff for a pillow fight.
the whole lot working environment and the city itself is a havoc...(imagine risking ur life even when walking on a street, with 'harms' randomly coming from various directions!)
at least my hotel bed is N.I.C.E.
good nite and sleep tight!


RealGunners said...

Can't help it. We can hardly post pictures of our work, so we post pictures of the food and hotel, and people end up saying: "Wah u syok lo! Can travel for work!" >.<

Nux V said...

definitely agreed...but anyhow those places that I travel is not syok at all...

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