Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday evening makan-makan in the office...

This was a small-scale makan-makan event in the office organised by the event committee on last month....It was also doubled as birthday celebration for the previous month 'babies'...since we did not have any makan-makan earlier this year.
Here are the food/delicacies that we had:
Local colorful but limited edition....only a plate to cater for 50+ of us....hmmm they should have order more😄
the buffet line with fusion dishes....can't remember what I had, but it was just enough for the 50+ pax...tastewise so-so only.
Meanwhile on last year December....there was also a small-scale makan-makan and Christmas gifts for everyone...
Candies and puzzles (wrapped)
Free to choose which one we want....
I had the fruit pastilles.
While clearing the house, i found this on the shelves....It is a mini size plush toy, the Sesame Street edition which were a craze back then in the early 2000s. It was a collectible item when purchasing McD set meals during then (i think...)
Just posting it up here for remembrance before discarding it.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Birthday Celebration @ Hee Lai Ton, Serdang

[Throwback] This was a family event on Dec last year. The family gathered for a reunion cum birthday dinner for an uncle 70th b'day.
Among the dishes that we had:
Prawn fritters
Braised beancurd sheets, brocolli, mushrooms
Roasted duck
Iberico pork ribs
There were around 9-10 dishes with lotsa meaty stuffs....we were all so full, and got to take-away some leftovers.
We were the last few tables to leave the restaurant.
Dessert was a cake bought from a bakery. I only tried a bite coz was too full.
It was a jolly celebration with relatives & cousins catching up with each other after returning from abroad. Hopefully there will be another one this year.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Memorie Cafe @ IOI City Mall

Wanted to try out something new in the new wing of IOI City mall, so I walk-in to this cafe, without knowing what they have in the menu.
This is an Eurasian Portuguese restaurant which sells western, fusion and local dishes. I guess it is famous for its Ikan Bakar...which i did not try.
Instead I had this....
What's this greenish soup?
It's green curry ramen...and it is vegan. My first time trying this place and i ordered something not their signature😂
Well, I don't feel like eating meat that day. So, meatless noodles it is! 
The ingredients are long beans, mushroom, and julienned-cut carrots....The green curry soup is tasty and thick!
This bill came to RM20.99nett, which includes the tax & service charges.
This cafe outlet in IOI City mall is fully digitized. Ordering is done via online (by scanning on the barcode to access their ordering portal). They accept only cashless payment, therefore remember to have sufficient amount in your ewallet, or else pay by credit card. I paid using TnG ewallet.
After gulping this big bowl of noodles, it time to digest off with a short stroll.
[Below] IOI City mall new wing's entrance/exit to the Symphony is much quieter compared to the similar entrance/exit at the old wing.
The Symphony water fountain, with water & lights display on every 5 minutes, during the evening until closing time.
[Below] The ready-made yeesang that we bought from Genting CNY bazaar some time ago.
We only managed to have this after CNY😂

Monday, March 13, 2023

Dining @ 4 Fingers again....

After a year plus of not dining at 4 Fingers, I suddenly crave for their chicken drumstick😆
Went to the outlet at IOI City Mall after work and ordered an ala carte of the followings:
Tofu nuggets in teriyaki sauce (12 pieces per tray). 
Chicken drumsticks rice -  i choose 'soy & garlic' flavour. 
The kimslaw (kimchi coleslaw) is hidden underneath the drumsticks. The kimslaw paired well with the chicken flavor. Chicken is tender and juicy.
The bill came to RM23.75nett
Both the tofu and rice taste good. I will definitely come back again!
Meanwhile, on another day, I went to Texas Chicken to claim my 'free 1 piece chicken' after done with an online survey.
I ordered a Texas wrap set meal which comes with a wrap, coleslaw, drink and a piece of chicken.
Added with that complimentary chicken, i now have 2 pieces😉
Here's an update of my furry friends - the office cats...
The tuxedo cat sits at the entrance on every night, guarding the office door. I adore her silky smooth black fur....What's her grooming secret?
Don't be fooled by her sulky face, she is definitely a friendly stray.
I first met her when i accidently slammed her when opening the door from inside. Who heck would expect the cat sitting there, just right in front of the tinted glass door.
She's continuing her 'habit' and even a junior cat is joining her every evening.
[Below] This junior cat (a 6-month++ old kitten) has now become my bff (best furry friend).
I met her when she was just a tiny 3-week old kitten. 
Used to be bullied by the tuxedo cat, but now that she is bigger and stronger, she 'challenges' back and they got into fights quite often😅
She looks skinny & has a crooked tail (i believe it was since birth). 
A clingy and very affectionate kitten who follows me around. On some evening, she would escort me to the carpark after work, sat there and watch me drove off.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Chennai Spice @ Sri Serdang

It was a Friday and my Indian colleague invited me to try out this restaurant in Sri Serdang.
The restaurant serves the usual Indian dishes, and patrons can opt for rice on the thali plate or on banana leaf. I choose the latter.
The basic banana leaf rice with 3 side dishes (non-meat), unlimited rice & papadam costs RM8.50
However, we add on some other dishes, such as:
sambal tofu (this is not paneer though it looks like, but my colleague said it is tofu)
and chicken varuval
both are ok, although i prefer the chicken varuval to have better chicken parts coz they gave mostly the breast part which is quite hard & dry.
There goes our hearty meal...

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Canton Kitchen @ Happy Garden

This was on last year when we used to order frequently from Foodpanda with its promo and free delivery charges.
We usually ordered the familiar dishes such as:
Cantonese style tofu in assorted veggies
and sweet & sour fish/pork
Both are exceptionally good which kept us ordering the same thing again and again...
Meanwhile, here are some of the food that i had at the Genting SkyCasino foodcourt not long ago:
Mixed rice with 2 meat + 2 veggies dishes, claimed using membership points - 5 points😀
and fishball noodles, 1 point only....LOL, even the casino foodcourt is running on promo!
the promo is goin to end on 31 March, otherwise this would usually costs 7 to 9 points!
Meanwhile for those with Gold membership and above, they can enjoy this hot coffee + lo mai kai for 1 point only😂
This is in Peace Cafe, which is located at the old building. The interior looks like those HK-style cha chaan teng...but with better ambience.
Tastewise ok-la...good enuff to fill up the stomach during the cold weather up there...

Friday, March 3, 2023

ABC 'Tapao'

Have u ever tapao-ed ais kacang?
This was my first time....i prefer eating ais kacang on the spot, otherwise the shaved ice will melt and lost its 'sensation'😁
This box of Ais Kacang was bought from a truck parked right in front of the Public Bank at the neighbourhood busiest district.
It also sells various types of tong sui....and chee cheong fun too....
But i'm only interested in icy cold stuffs.
The ingredients are all buried underneath the shaved has all the basic ingredients such as cincau, cendol, corn, peanuts, syrup and 2-3 pieces of canned longan. A box like this costs RM5nett. 
There is 20cents discount if bringing own container.
The below is the lobby of the newest condo in the looks so posh like a hotel😄
was here while waiting for a friend...
The ambience would be nice once the chandelier lights lit up in the evening.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

My Affordable Lunch

With the current 'gahvermen' initiative in providing affordable meals, menu Rahmah seems like a trend lately....there's Burger King, Old Town Whitecoffee and several small to medium stalls/restaurants joining the bandwagon.
The nasi campur stall nearby my office is also offering their own version of menu Rahmah, which consists of simple 2-dishes rice meal. But, despite that, I ain't keen on trying those coz the dishes are lousy.
Instead, i constructed my own menu Rahmah....something that is 'rahmah' to my pocket😀
I had my 3-dishes rice box, which consists of okra, potato wedges, fried egg and rice doused with curry & masak lemak delicious!
and it is only RM4! i was so full after eating this and it lasted me till dinner.
Meanwhile on another day, at Texas Chicken drive-thru, i ordered the below:
left: Spicy Korean Rice Bowl (RM6.90 nett)
right: Spicy Korean Mash Bowl (RM4.90 nett)
The rice bowl is slightly bigger than the mash bowl...the portion is somewhat similar to KFC value bowl, just that the taste/flavor is different.
The rice bowl has a few chunks of boneless chicken with spicy Korean sauce, and a few pieces of lettuces.
Meanwhile the mash bowl, is actually mashed potato with a few chunks of boneless chicken with spicy Korean sauce and mayo.
On another day, I also tried the smoky BBQ flatbread (RM6.90 nett), which is quite good too.
I have yet to try the buttermilk rice bowl....hopefully one of these days.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Room 3218 @ Crockfords Hotel

yepzz...the title says it all....there you go:
but before the 'elaborative' room tour pictures....let me present u a bouquet of roses in a heart shape form💖
that was for V-day i believe...which was just a week away from Chap Goh Mei...
It was still CNY, even the room number plate was decorated with some floral and rabbit-theme CNY decors. A calligraphy was also pasted on the wall next to the door...imagine the effort being done for every room!
Upon entering, you will be amazed by the huge washroom with adjoining toilet & shower.
chandelier lamp, marble wall and floor and mirror glasses creating a huge space effect.
Aplenty towels of different sizes in the rack. There is a weighing scale too.
And this caught my attention...A pouch souvenir!
It has bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap for us to bring home...yay!
apart from that....there are also toiletries in one of the drawers
very well equipped!
As for the mini bar....
There is coffee machine with capsules....and complimentary bottles of drinking water
(Below) Read this before consuming anything....apparently, the snacks are free (for first-time upon check-in).  However, this excludes alcoholic beverages. A reload of minibar will be charged after that.
This mean....all of these snacks are FOC😀
as well as these canned/bottled drinks
Took them out to identify the non-alcoholic drinks...can't finish them in one, i 'tapao' back home.
There is also a welcome titbits....pineapple tarts and macaroons....yummmzzz!
and a tray of assorted fruits
we finished the grapes and strawberries.....
tapao-ed orange, apples and pear back home...
We also finished all the titbits...but they got replenished again the very same evening...
and the following day too!
[Below] The replenished titbits...this time we got chocolates instead of macaroons.
Apart from the souvenir pouch and free snacks...
This rabbit plushie is free too!
I brought it back and gave to my friend's daughter.
Yea, it was 'seated' on the bed to welcome us!
I felt so lazy to leave the room with a comfy couch, yummy snacks and a huge screen TV!
[Below] A view of the living area...i like their ceiling height curtains that can be adjusted via touch-screen tablet app. Every switch including room temperature (aircond) & lights are controlled by the touch-screen app installed in the tablet...
Maybe one day they will have AI smart-controls which control the lights & temperature with voice recognition😐
*some people are just lazy and dun even want to touch-screen
here's the view outside the foggy
since it was foggy and cloudy outside....i prefer looking at these...
some CNY decors before they take it down the following day.
It was a wonderful stay in Crockfords....hopefully i can get to stay here again for free😀

Friday evening makan-makan in the office...

This was a small-scale makan-makan event in the office organised by the event committee on last month....It was also doubled as birthday cel...