Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Munching Mob @ Bukit Jalil

Continuation from our meal in Mallikas....we adjourned to Munching Mob for dessert.
Yea, late dessert at 9pm...It was a weekday, hence the place were quite empty at late evening.
browsed the menu....
and saw some items with funny name....such as 'Black Mamba' and 'Seven Shades of Grey'....
but i m more interested in 50 Shades of Grey......LOL!
they seem to be up-to-date with the recent song on K-Pop chart....'Black Mamba' which was recently released....and it is up on their menu already!
In case you have no idea on what that song is....
meanwhile here is the edible 'Black Mamba'
the honeycomb ice cream is super sweet, but paired well with the black sesame waffle. 
Overall it tastes good!
Will be back again to try out other items.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Some decorations at Le Meridien Hotel, Putrajaya...
a kiosk selling candies & cookies outside the hotel restaurant.
The Xmas tree isn't that extravagant....just a mediocre one with presents at the bottom.
Back in the office, i received some gifts from our European dealer....a greeting card and a box of caramel & sea salt fudge
here is how it looks like...only 9 pieces!
hailed all the way from England....
meanwhile, a simple celebration at home, just exchanging gifts and will have Chinese turkey tonight...
Chinese turkey = roasted duck😉

till then,

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Tasty Wok House @ Bukit Jalil

We have not dine out since the CMCO started in early Oct.
After the restriction on number of diners per table is lifted, we took the opportunity for a family dine-out.
Went for a weekend dinner at Tasty Wok House...
We booked a table prior to the dinner coz we thought it might take some time to wait if walk-in. Reached there around 7:45pm and saw many empty tables available, on a Saturday evening. Seems like people are still afraid to dine out yet.
Our orders:
Pork ribs in assam sauce (RM22)
Salted egg deep fried squid (RM25)
Steamed tilapia in fermented bean paste (promotion price RM20)
Steamed lala in Chinese wine (RM22)
Stir fried amaranth with goji berries (RM13)
let's dig in....
the dishes are OK, the lala are fresh. My fav is the deep fried squid coz it is chewy, crunchy (on the outer layer) and flavorful. 
Pork ribs abit tough, but the assam sauce is excellent to go with rice.
Overall a good meal.
I don't get thirsty after the meal too despite drinking the steamed lala gravy.
Total bill for 5 pax with rice & tea: RM117 nett
We will definitely come back again to try other dishes!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

KFC Tandoori, Pan Mee Soup and Keropok Lekor

Was in the office for 3 consecutive days on last week due to my involvement in ISO audit.
On the second day of working in the office, i went out for lunch at a shop located below some flats in Sri Serdang.
The shop was quite empty with no customer....it is not a commercial area, hence business is slower.
Ordered a Pan mee soup (RM5.50) and add-on with egg (RM0.70), so this bowl of noodles costs RM6.20
Quite a decent price for a bowl of soupy noodles.
This Pan mee soup does not have anchovies but was served with pork balls and fishcakes...which i like!
The soup taste bland due to lacking umami from the anchovies, but is still OK as it reminds me of the soup tht my mum cooks (very lightly flavored!)
This place is 'tastefully decorated' with antique rack and all sorts of wall decorative. While i was there, another group came and dined at the other corner. The entire shop only has 2 tables occupied (including mine). 
On my way back to the office, i also bought some fried snacks coz i haven't eaten these for a very loooong time!
Deep fried keropok lekor (5 for RM1) and banana fritters (4 for RM1) = total is RM2.
I ate halfway before i remembered to take this picture.
Dinner was drive-thru KFC.
I bought the Chicken Tandoori coz i like its colorful box!
nah.....coz my mum was hooked on it - the crispiness and the strong tangy flavor 
We shared this box of chicken, but i finished most of it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Xmas Decor @ Mid Valley.....

Took an annual leave to lepak the mall again....Thought that i would have avoid the crowds during the weekday but seems not.
Despite the high number of cases, everything is back to normal (except for the masks) - with people thronged the shopping malls and so enthusiastic to take pictures with the blinks blinks and trees. 
I only snapped a picture from afar while passing by to dine at Burger King.
The famous car of the year, i see this red car in most of my friends' pictures (and profile picture) in the FB.
My ultimate goal during this prison-break is to eat and buy groceries.....
After the burger & fries got digested, i decided to stop by D'Laksa to try out their assam laksa (RM7) coz i couldn't resists the aroma....The soup was thick and flavourful, but it was also spicy. Can't eat much else end up crying!
Went to AEON to spend my RM20 vouchers given by the company as my b'day gift. Though it expires in mid 2021, I decided to spend it now, before it is forgotten. 
so i bought....ahemm
a birthday marble cake!
it was a huge 950g cake....but when we weigh it at home, the scale shows 1kg+
We decided to chuck the cake into the fridge after eaten a quarter of it.
On the left is the ice cream tub container (Wall's tub with 1.5L capacity) for size comparison to store the cake.
The marble cake tastes ordinary but is enough to fill the stomach when hungry!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mallikas @ Bukit Jalil

I was craving for some Indian food and this place seems like a good option to satisfy my craving - due to its variety of Indian dishes.
Went there on a weekday evening after work (in the office). Annoying sis & BIL who are still working from home join in as they are staying nearby. 
We ordered Palak Paneer, RM16
It looks green, but it doesn't taste as 'raw' as it looks!
Aloo Gobi, RM14
This is my fav, deep fried cauliflower and potatoes coated with spices....an all time fav!
Butter Masala Chicken, RM18
Nothing can go wrong with this! I wipe the plate clean with naan. All gravy not wasted!
Chicken Vepudu, RM16
Deep fried chicken, tad salty like Chinese 'nam yue' (but without the nam yue taste lah)
The chickens were drizzled with diced onions and some curry leaves for some aroma....
 We ordered 2 types of naan:
Garlic naan, RM5
Cheese naan, RM7
Both were good
Papadam, RM1 (for 2 pieces)
We were the only customers in the restaurant throughout the dining from 8-9pm. 
But i see that they were also working on Grab orders, though not many.
This place is 'merrier' when there are office workers who patronized the area during lunch time.
Food were good and met our expectation, we will definitely be here again next time!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

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