Thursday, March 28, 2024

St Michael, Barbados

During the weekdays, the driver would picked us (me & colleague) from the apartment at 8am daily. Sometimes he would use different routes to reach the office. I got to see more sceneries and captured the daily street scenes when he passed by the town center. Most of the buildings in Bridgetown (the capital of Barbados) are low-rise, and the streets are narrow. Sometimes they are flooded during the heavy rain/storm.
Nevertheless the streets are clean, and well-maintained.
[Below] A school girl waiting for bus.
[Below] A statue of some prominent person (I dunno who)
[Below] Traffic light at junction. This country adopts driving on the left, just like ours.
Dinner at Panenka again. This restaurant is located at the golf course, and is within our walking distance.
We wanted to try other items besides their daily specials, so we ordered ala-carte for sharing.
We had:
Chicken tenders with salads
[Below] Deep fried flour....i mean deep fried shrimp tastes exactly like cucur udang, minus the chili sauce.
Instead it came with mayo.
Buffalo chicken wings and fav!
Our hearty meal!
This meal costs us BBD82 (USD41).

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kit Kat Ice Cream Stick

First time trying Kit Kat Ice Cream. Bought this from Family Mart at RM5.50
Vanilla flavored ice cream coated with crunchy Kit Kat bits.
First bite reminds me of Magnum....tastes almost similar with thick & creamy vanilla. The crunchy coating added texture to the ice cream. Surely a quality ice cream stick, as good as Magnum. 
Went to Bai Wei again. This time i had 3 dishes. The soup is FOC self-service.
I chose cabbage with pork slices, sweet & sour fish, and onion omelette. 
RM20.15nett after sst.
This would be my favorite go-to place for chapfan dishes at late night😂

Another mini bowl franchise which i frequented, is WangDeFull along the stretch of the busiest junction in the neighborhood.
This place is slowly getting popular with lunch & dinner promos.
I had 2 dishes with rice, soup and refillable tea at RM9.90nett.
But the dishes for the promo set are limited. Just good to fill the hunger if you are not too fussy.
I had fried potato with pork and mala deep fried fish (2 pieces in a bowl).
The seaweed soup is given by default and is not refillable.
They have FOC warm water/tea which is refillable, whereas Bai Wei only provide plain water from the water dispenser machine.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

McD Beef Foldover

This is nothing new in McD but it is a seasonal item - the McD foldover!
And yes, they are BACK!
The foldover is available during the Ramadan fasting month (just like the Prosperity burger during the pre-CNY/CNY month)
The correct way of opening the wrapper, which is to tear along the line. You hold & enjoy it like a sandwich.
The filling inside - special sauce, 2 pieces of beef patty, some tomatoes and lettuces. RM13nett for ala-carte.
[Below] Cantonese-style yee mee from Wang Yee Wang kopitiam. RM10. Tastes just so-so only with 2 very tiny prawns and a few slices of pork.
Sotong kangkung (RM16), also doesn't taste good. The sauce is too sweet and lacking ummphh. Nothing like those i had in Penang. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Foggy & Cold Evening

[Throwback, January 2024]
It was foggy and cold evening up there at Genting Highlands, hence a warm meal is much needed.
First time trying the baked cheese with pork chop rice in Peace Cafe. The pork chop is hidden beneath the cheese layer. This set meal came with a mushroom soup and 3 pieces of pandan mochi.
Also tried the braised fish maw with pork belly.
Mango yogurt (top left) as dessert.
Nothing beats the feeling of having a warm meal on a cold evening😀
[Below] A stall selling baklava in SkyAvenue mall. Nope, i did not buy. Too full from eating mochi.
At the rooftop of SkyAvenue mall - you get to enjoy the cool breeze and scenic (but foggy) view. Can you see the cable cars running across?
Arena of Stars amphitheater is just right below.
On the other side, First World Hotel is clearly seen. 
The hotel seems to be fully occupied with lights-on in every room.
Beauty in The Pot restaurant is located at the rooftop of SkyAvenue mall. Lotsa visitors comprising of family with kids & youngsters loitering here after dinner to enjoy the cool breeze.

Monday, March 18, 2024

The Loaf, Nu Sentral

This was my lunch sometime ago in early December when the team had meeting with our boss in Nu Sentral.
I ordered the chicken rendang set which came with acar & papadam. The mango juice (ala carte) came in a bottle and a glass was provided. The juice bottle is very aesthetic that my colleague brought it home😂
Generous portion of chicken. The portion ratio with rice is 1:1
Quite a filling meal. The crispy papadam and freshly prepared acar gave some crunch to the meal.
The Loaf is located at the ground floor, nearby the entrance of Nu Sentral.
Being a transportation hub and commercial/office area, this mall is quite lively with high human traffic. A huge contrast when i first visited it almost a decade ago.
After lunch, we returned to our co-working space and continued with our work-related discussion.
Before that, I managed to do a 'brief' tour around the area.
The co-working space occupies the entire floor and has various types of rooms/working spaces depending on the needs.
Besides hotdesk and meeting room, you can rent the conference hall as well.
There is a huge pantry with coffee machine, tea and some light snacks.
Heineken beer too. I guess this one is charged separately.
The view outside. It was a cloudy day.
Merdeka 118 tower can be seen clearly from the window.
We ended our meeting around 5pm and adjourned to have some fun activities in Breakout Escape room located inside the Nu Sentral mall, followed by a dinner at Le Meridien.
I wish to have the capacity to try out all the different variety of dim sum here😂

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Liang Khee Tom Yam @ Sri Petaling

First time trying Liang Khee tomyam.
I have no idea what's their specialty, so I opted for Starter Pack, which is their basic tomyam soup with simple ingredients.
There are also roasted chicken/pork rice sold in this shop.
It is operated separately but in the same premise. Maybe one day I should try these super value meal.
My tomyam soup with rice totaled up to RM16.50nett
After done ordering and paid at the counter, i waited for around 10 minutes for the food to be served.
So, i observed around and saw this board with price of each item. This could be for the tomyam steamboat in the evening. Customer can pick the ingredients from the freezer and charged accordingly.
My meal which came with a can of Coke (add on RM1 only).
The tomyam tastes light and not spicy coz i opted for less spicy. It has eggy soup.
I scooped up all the ingredients from the soup to eat with rice. It has fishballs, minced pork, soy fish, fuchuk, romaine lettuces.
There are chili dip and garlic oil on every table. These are meant for the roasted chicken/pork but i help myself with them.
Both the chili dip and garlic oil go well with minced pork and fishballs.
and i think these would taste superb with roasted meat too.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Taberu @ Sri Petaling

A new shop in the neighborhood, opened 1st March. It is a self-service instant ramen shop where the customer has to cook their own ramen. The ramen rack is attached to the side wall. There is a freezer that stores the frozen meat ingredients where you can choose and charged accordingly. Very much like CU mart concept where you choose the ramen + ingredients and then pay at the cashier and DIY the cooking.
This shop opens till 11pm, so hungry late nite owls, especially the youngsters would patronize such place. This concept is popularized by K-drama where it is common to see the actor/actress hanging out at convenient stores eating instant ramen in some drama scenes.
I'm not into instant noodles, and even if I'm to cook one, i will do it at home when there's no other food option.
[Below] Minced pork basil with rice from Thai Chala. I was so 'adventurous' to try out the spiciest level. And guess what? It was indeed super spicy till I cannot take it. Did not manage to finish the minced pork. It is crazily spicy to the extreme level😖
The price I paid for this torturing meal.
As I wanted to 'cool down' after the spicy meal, went to Starbucks to get an iced Frappuccino. I still have a RM30 Starbucks card with me, so just spend before i forget.
Ordered a grande java chip Frappucino without cream. I changed the whole milk to non-dairy soy milk, coz i'm lactose intolerant and easily get bloated.
Since I got remaining balance in the card, i 'takeaway' a minced basil chicken puff from the counter. This minced basil chicken puff is nothing like the one i had in Thai Chala. It doesn't taste spicy at all and the filling is more like those in Chinese siew pao😄. Tastewise OK, at least i can digest it without burning my lips & stomach.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...