Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ushering into a new decade

I’m all out of word on how to start this first post for year 2010. Obviously, I’m still alive but lost for words due to months of being dormant in blogosphere.

2010 might be a fruitful year compared to the gloomy 2009 in terms of career direction. Well, 2009 wasn’t a bad year after all. I’d say tht final moment of that year was the most bitter sweet year which i may not forget.

Good things came in bunch, though may not last long, but i’m still happy to have those year end gifts – iTalk card won from Maggi (yea, tht instant noodle tht i often eat), and my lucky hand got myself a McD voucher( from a lucky draw), free GSC and TGV cinema tics, MFM, team dinner at Sunway Hotel...which is unexpected.

and the most memorable was a birthday cake from colleagues...with my name on it! I din manage to have its pics. Anyhow, tis was again 'someting unexpected’ coz all these year i oni hav b’day cake without my name on it!

But nothing is more touching, than getting all the backup support from your teammates & managers when facing controversy in work. Though it isn’t appropriate to talk abt job in blogs, but somehow, i was glad that people do ‘fight’ on my behalf which eventually ‘forced’ the other party to give in and issued an official apology email (i dun hav to tell how official it was but i was amused to read it! Wuakakaka!). Sweet revenge, just like winning a battle and getting your popularity shot up in one nite!

And i m now ready to start another battle in year 2010! Wish me luck!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wrap up year 2009

How do u measure success? Money value? Ranking value? Or just as simple as leading a happy life?

Ranking wise, i have been there and done that, being on top throughout the year. But eventually it was proven too stressful which I decided to tone down a lil’.

Money wise, i ‘may’ have achieved it, given that being paid averagely $1000 per day for supporting an international bank during a peak period (information not to be disclosed). Of course, tht was just ‘my once in a lifetime experience’. I have yet to learn how to print money though that particular bank does print some banknotes for other countries.

Leading a happy life? Not too close yet despite having ample time to fool around. Last dec, I found myself having plenty of time to kill, hence decided to conquer all the shopping malls in Klang Valley ...but miserably ALONE coz most of the people were still working and chasing year-end deadlines...Too bad!

Thankfully i was on the other side of life, living a stress-free life as i was enjoying my long leave...(evil grin). So, here is it, some of the pics taken, a recap of places i have went during the last Christmas, enjoy!

Now, that would make life perfect if there is some companion to tag along!

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