Thursday, October 27, 2022

Dinner at Fortune Corner Restaurant - Part 3

On another day, these are the items that we ordered:
XXL deep fried chicken chop rice. I was very full after finishing this coz the XXL chicken chop is huge!
(Below) Nasi lemak with curry chicken and sambal prawn
It was a flavorful nasi lemak...The sambal was slightly spicy but still bearable.
Some pictures that were taken around the SkyAvenue mall:
(Below) The dining area used to be Richdad restaurant, but now it is occupied by Five Guys
The menu in Five Guys...quite simple....very similar to 'Johnny Rocket' kinda fast-food place.
IORA has expanded into 2 shoplots...This is my fav shop to get some casual clothing.
Over at the other corner, there is a 4D Trick Art Museum...Yea, there is an entrance fee to get in.
The mall is quite happening these days (despite still lacking foreign tourists, particularly from mainland China & India), but nevertheless the shops are surviving despite some on-and-off lockdown in the past 2 years.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Dinner at Fortune Corner Restaurant - Part 2

The menu rotates daily. On another day we had:
Vinegar pork trotter rice set. We seldom cook this at home, thus a good chance to try this.
I was attracted to the curry mee...after seeing a sample displayed at the stall...
The ingredients look good, so i ordered a bowl.
It has a huge prawn, 2 pieces of chicken, 3 pieces of fishball, a few pieces of fishcakes, beansprout etc...
It was a decent curry noodle...The soup was not spicy at all...and sambal was provided (unlimited) for extra ummpphhh.
this is definitely a Chinese style curry noodle...still OK-lah...
The Skytropolis indoor theme park was crowded during the long weekend...but mostly are local visitors (or from nearby countries such as SG and Indonesia)
This is the first time i'm seeing the indoor theme park being so lively again (after a long lockdown).
There were families with kids enjoying their rides and couples dating as if the COVID19 is not bothering them anymore.
Yea, nowadays people are learning to live with it. Just practice hygiene and be vigilant at all times.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Dinner at Fortune Corner Restaurant

[Throwback] Dinner at Fortune Corner restaurant which is located at the old casino.
Our meals....Chicken leg rice set 
and braised pork belly rice set
Thick gravy with a whole hard boiled egg in the braised pork belly dish. It was delicious. Mixed of fatty and lean pork.
The menu rotates daily.
Another snapshot of the room during the daytime...
and the views from the room window...
left view
The old cable cars are are seen but they are no longer operating.
front view
just hills and night, when the visibility is clear, I can see lights from KL city and a nearby town.
right view
the hotel block itself and more hills...
It's so calming to watch the greeneries and sunsets/sunrise.
When i had enuff of the sceneries, i went down to the SkyAvenue mall for some window shopping. 
This place (below) serves high tea. I've only dined here once when it was newly opened a few years back.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Dinner @ Siew Meng Restaurant, Sri Petaling

Occasionally we would have our monthly family dinner at some nearby 'dai chow' place. This time we dined at Siew Meng, which is located within a walking distance from the neighborhood mosque (*Masjid Jamek) which is infamous for triggered out the 1st wave of COVID19 in Malaysia back in year 2020.
We ordered our usual dishes:
 fish fillet cooked with ginger & scallion 
salted egg deep fried sotong
stir-fried kangkung in fuyu (fermented beancurd paste)
sweet & sour pork
minced pork tofu
All the dishes taste good, my fav are salted egg sotong and minced pork tofu.
The price is slightly higher than our usual dine-out at Tasty Wok.
Total damage is RM137.90 inclusive of rice and drinks for 5 pax.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Super Good Deal from Foodpanda - LFC and Sa Ma Eul

[Throwback] I had 2 vouchers which i need to utilise by end of Sept, hence i ordered something different...Korean food! Ordered the bento box from 'Sa Ma Eul BBQ' restaurant.
After deduction from the e-voucher, this set of 'jeyuk deopbap' (stir fry spicy pork with rice) only costs RM11 per set.
such a great deal! even better than purchasing from the shop directly. 
The stir-fry pork dish is so flavorful, good to go with rice.
2 types of kimchi provided. Typical Korean rice set, tastewise OK-lah, above average.
overall a good meal. Will buy again if there is e-voucher.
For the 2nd e-voucher, I ordered Foodpanda delivery from Lim Fried Chicken on another day.
The package was heavy, almost 900gram for a set of rice with curry and sambal. The curry and sambal were packed separately as per requested.
an entire chicken leg for the rice box
As usual with a hard boiled egg too. This was my 3rd time having LFC chicken leg rice. Still not impressed but the big portion is good enuff to fill up the hungry tummy.
The price is RM10.11 after deducting from e-voucher. Super good deal!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Sate Kajang Haji Rono @ Medan Sate, Kajang

My lunch partner invited me to have dinner with her on one fine evening. We departed after work around 7pm and reached there in half an hour. Parking was easy during the weekday. We parked just right outside the Medan Sate which is located opposite Metro Kajang mall.
The menu is displayed at the ordering/payment counter.
Ordered 20 sticks of chicken satays altogether. Freshly grilled upon order, it was served piping hot.
The satays here are better than the well known Haji Samuri. This one is quite popular too, but only among the locals.
Ample seats available coz this place is a food court, but sadly only 2 satay stalls remain in operation...the rest had shutdown.
Throwback: Below Shanghainese mooncakes were bought by annoyin' sis from her colleague...It was homemade but the price is almost same as the established brand.
Smaller size too...Only 2 in a box. Tastewise so-so only, but since i wasn't paying, i shall not complaint much.
Nasi lemak with fried chicken bought from NSK Kuchai Lama at RM7 per box.
Quite 'value for money' due to the size of the chicken drumstick. The sambal was cooked with anchovies and it was dry-type...hence not much sambal 'sauce' to mix with rice. Sambal was not spicy at all, but flavorful to go with rice.
My 2 new 'friends' from the office.....the black & white cats....They are strays with nice fluffy and clean furs. The officemates & next door office staffs took good care of them, by feeding them with food/kibbles every now and then.
I found them lingering in front of the office one evening and feed them some kibbles (*taken from a container in the office). Both of them finished them in no time...Poor kitty, u must be hungry!
The white cat has hoarse voice and less friendly. The black cat is friendlier and always sit by the office entrance and 'greets' me when i exit the office. I 'speak' to the black cat more, especially after work. Both of them mostly appear in the evening.
Unfortunately there is a big bully cat territory-ing nearby, which these 2 cats are quite afraid of. After being chased out by the bully, i no longer seen them lingering around the office entrance anymore.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Childhood Snacks, Coffee Machine and Beers

Have you tried sultana biscuits before?
Back then when i was a kid, these are sold at 'pasar malam' stalls in huge tin containers. The seller will weigh and pack them accordingly into the plastic bag. I think it is still sold in pasar malam in such way (by weight), but nowadays people can easily buy the factory made ones which comes in smaller & convenient packaging. I dislike this biscuit since young coz i find them too sweet plus the sultana always get stuck in between my teeth😑
Nestum is also one of my childhood beverage which i drink almost daily before goin to school. Back then there was no such individual pack like the was all in a tin can where you scoop a few spoonful and mix it into the beverage.
Another childhood snack is the fish crackers (keropok ikan)....A colleague came back from Terengganu and bought alot of keropok for us😀
Previously, this was usually in huge pack. Now it is available in smaller packets.
These are 3 of my childhood snacks found in the office😊
The other day, my office lunchmate was craving for Dave's we went to the nearby outlet at IOI City...
There is no longer 1-3pm it is back to the original price of RM26.33++ for this plate of Hainanese Chicken Chop. 
Portion-wise quite huge serving.
Tried the new coffee machine in the office...there are various coffee capsules (*based on intensity) to choose from....but unfortunately i dislike the strong coffee taste
so i switched back to drinking Milo😂 (yea...the below is Milo)
if u want more ummpphhh.....then drink beer😆
these are from the pantry fridge (nope i did not drink these...i put back into fridge after taking photo)
Do you enjoy drinking beer?
Which one do u prefer? lager beer or stout?

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...