Thursday, April 28, 2022

Ippudo Ramen @ The Gardens

It was one of those weekdays where Ippudo Ramen does not have a queue. Usually it was long queue despite off peak hours.
So i quickly made my way in for a late lunch.
Ordered their famous Shiromaru Motoaji
which according to the description is "IPPUDO’s original creamy tonkotsu broth served with thin noodles, pork belly chashu, black fungus and spring onions. A classic Hakata-style ramen."
well, indeed it never disappoints. This is a good ramen with springy noodles and thick flavourful tonkotsu broth!
But quite a pricey one. This bowl already costs me RM40+ (can't remember the exact price but is around there).
Nevertheless i will be back again to try out some other ramen.
Meanwhile, festive is in the AEON....i think their theme this year is 'Raya Penuh Makna' (Meaningful Raya)
some photo snap at The Gardens...*raya decor not up yet during then
btw does the below picture reminds you of 'snake & ladder' board game?

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Buharry Briyani Restaurant (Throwback)

Back in March, I ordered quite a number of Foodpanda deliveries, all thanks to the huge discount evoucher, with unlimited use throughout the month.
It was one of those days where i craved for some spicy food....
So i had nasi lemak with basmathi rice.
The sambal was packed separately. It came with a whole boiled egg. Tastewise not bad, and the sambal is not that spicy when eaten with rice.
I also ordered a set of curry rice which came with fried chicken, veggies and papadam.
and an ala-carte chicken varuval, which was packed in a plastic bag. Roughly about 6 -7 small pieces of chicken. Taste OK, spicy but not overly spicy.
And guess how much for all these?
it's only RM10.75 inclusive of delivery! such a deal!
this was those good ol' days when ordering delivery is cheaper than cooking😁

Friday, April 22, 2022

Memories Taste @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

Went for dinner with some friends at this 'cafe' which sells similar food items as modern kopitiam (sort of Old Town Cafe/Papparich).
But this is a non-halal one.
I ordered a wild boar curry noodles @ RM9.90+
The curry is thick and so flavorful, with generous chunks of wild boar meat, some taupok, crispy beancurd skin, a few pieces of long beans and some beansprout. Quite a good bowl of curry noodles.
The price is subjected to 5% service charge & 6% gov tax, so roughly around RM11.
We also ordered popiah, deep fried wantons, iced milk tea, and iced lemon tea. Overall food is not bad...above average than the usual 'kopitiam' standard.

Burger King
Meanwhile unrelated to the above....i had BK RM10 promo for 2 beef burgers on last month. 
I thought of having the Double King beef burger, but their weekday 'Double King' promo has ended after 2.5 years+, so it will be some time till my next visit.
and I will also be missing this!
my fav Mozza burger, which now no longer have any good offer....(the best price i got was RM13.24 for 2...which was back in Feb/Mar)

Batu Ferringhi
Here is a scenery photo that I took in Batu Ferringhi, Penang
and the hotel that i stayed, just right next to the beach.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Nasi Kandar Pelita @ Macalister Road, Penang

It was a late nite Saturday and we drove out to Georgetown for supper.
At first we wanted to go to Gurney, but somehow that famous foodcourt seems like no longer operating anymore (or maybe we took the wrong way and couldn't find it).
Feeling disappointed and hangry, we detoured to have nasi kandar instead....
not much of dishes to choose since it was past 10pm....i had salted egg, some stir fried cabbages and a piece of ayam madu. Only the chicken wings left😞
Tastewise was just so-so. I can get better nasi kandar elsewhere....I think Pelita is too overrated. This plate of nasi with papadam and bandung syrup is RM15 nett.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery and Pizza Hut Delivery

I got an RM10 e-voucher from Foodpanda some time ago and before it expires, better put to good use😀
Ordered some porky rice and noodles from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Shop (in OUG).
yea, all porks (from a shop specialise in chicken)!
The stewed pork rib noodles was for lunch. Noodles are flat like pan mee. The gravy used in this noodles is from the stewed pork rib which has abit of star anise taste. There are 4 pieces of meaty pork ribs, so this is quite a hearty and meaty meal.
I kept the porky rice for dinner with family....
Bbq pork rice (below). Quite fatty but i like it! The dark sauce is sweet but good to go with rice.
My mum had roasted pork rice coz the pork is less fatty. 
Both the porky rice have pickles. The rice is fragrant too which we liked. 
Such a 'worth-it' meal after deducting my RM10 e-voucher. Total price for all these is RM14 nett inclusive of delivery. Hopefully i can get more e-voucher from Foodpanda again😁
On another day (unrelated to above), my itchy mouth was craving for pizza. Browsed thru PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) app and ordered a 'Chicken Delight' pizza at 50% discount and a set of chicken wings (which comes in a pair).
This set (below) costs RM20.75 inclusive of delivery. The rider came half an hour earlier than my prescribed time, hence i gotta have my lunch early.
'Chicken Delight' pizza is quite a basic pizza with chicken chunks, onions, mushrooms, cheese and bbq sauce. Taste OK.
The chicken wings are superb, well-marinated hence it is flavorful. I wish i could have more!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Stewed Pork Leg

During the grocery shopping in NSK, we would drop by the non-halal section to stock up our pork supplies. Their non-halal section is equivalent to the size of a supermarket selling all sorts of porky items, imported non-halal China/Korean/Taiwan brands food products as well as ready made/cooked dishes.
One of the cooked dishes that we would buy is the stewed pork leg...
It is so worth to buy at RM15. The portion is good for 2 meals, with each meal roughly 3 pax.
The pork leg was cooked till soft with mushrooms included. 
The only thing lacking is some greens, hence we would prepare some cucumbers & blanched napa cabbages to go with it.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Sg Pinang Foodcourt

When in Penang....
i must order Sotong Kangkung!
and yes, my wish fulfilled...
I followed my teammates to sneak out to Georgetown for late dinner/supper....
We ordered a plate for sharing among 3 of us. Now, this is a correct version of Sotong Kangkung with thick dark sauce and plenty of crushed peanut. This is so legit!
The way we put our chopsticks as if we are goin to 'lou sang'😆
We also had Sotong Bakar (grilled cuttlefish).
Well seasoned and grilled. The sotong are fresh and chewy (QQ texture) too.
For late owls hunting for supper, this foodcourt is the place to go!
Plenty of stalls selling local fare...I will definitely be back again! 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Min Chee Wanton Noodles @ Ipoh Stadium

On the way back from my recent company trip in Penang, me & colleagues made a stop in Ipoh for makan makan and to buy some local delicacies.
One of the places we went for food is the famous Ipoh stadium foodcourt.
I tried the wanton noodles from Min Chee stall.
Ordered a small portion, which is enuff for a small eater. But since we were there to try out other food, i don't mind the small portion. Didn't notice any veggie in it but it has a few slices of charsiew (bbq pork), and it came with a bowl of soup with wantons. Tastewise not bad, springy noodles and succulent wantons. Definitely a comfort food. Standard-wise, it fares better than the wanton noodles in KL, taste and texture hit the spot.
Me and colleagues also shared this plate of fruit rojak ordered from another stall nearby Min Chee....quite nice with caramelized dark sauce & crushed peanuts...It has been some time since my last fruit rojak.
From the same stall (as the fruit rojak), we also ordered a small plate of 'sotong kangkung'...
But strangely, their version is without dark sauce, but instead using peanut sauce (similar to satay sauce). 
I would rather prefer them to use the dark sauce as the fruit rojak. Thumbs down for this.
After done with buying local delicacies, we went for our final dessert...toufufa at Lai Kee Soy shop, which is situated nearby the famous Lou Wong chicken rice shop.
This shop is slightly hidden as it is not located at the main road as Funny Mountain.
There are basically 2 flavors - toufufa in either ginger syrup or palm sugar syrup. I choose the latter. 
silky smooth toufufa....yummmzzz😋

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

BananaBro & Dim Sum House again

I had another BananaBro meal again on the following week after my first visit😀
Coz i eagerly wanted to try their 'Chicken65'
The 'bite size popcorn-like chicken' looks red like tandoori, but it is not spicy at all...though flavorful due to the coated spice....
it took me some time finish the entire plate...and yea, this was my 'lunch + dinner' meal again.
This time i only ordered 1 dish as add-on on the 'craving set' total price is RM19.50nett for the entire meal. I was full to the brim...another satisfying meal😋.
I hope to try their butter chicken/prawn next time....
Meanwhile, I have been ordering alot from Foodpanda these days....
here's one set of charcoal salted egg buns that i ordered from Dim Sum House.
It came in 2 pieces per set.
my first time trying it....the bun looks like it has some gold dust sprinkled on top...although i don't feel any powdery particles when i swept the surface using my fingers...
Here's the side view...quite decent size....i can easily finish a single bun in 2-3 mouthful
the fillings inside....melted yellowish salted egg yolk tasty😋
i will order this again on next time!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Mr Kebab & Briyani @ Precinct Diplomatik, Putrajaya

My last visit to this place was in 2019...which was almost 3 years ago.
My colleague and I have been craving for some middle eastern food, so we made a trip there on a Friday noon.
I ordered my usual....
I used to order chicken kebabs (which came in 2 skewers with 3 pieces of chicken meat in each skewer), and paired with Mandy rice.
But this time i had the beef kebab (which came in 1 skewer) and paired with Briyani rice.
The beef was tender & well marinated, and the Briyani rice has slight buttery taste (as compared to Mandy rice). This plate of rice is served with a green chili, lime, diced tomatoes (in the saucer) and a very diluted curry gravy on the side.
my other colleague does not want the green chili, so i happily took it...making it two!
Total price for my meal inclusive of a bandung syrup drink is RM24.50nett.

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