Friday, January 31, 2020

KFC Spicy Chick N Go

 A colleague told me that KFC has recently introduced a new seasonal item 'Spicy Chick N Go' or their version of 'ayam gunting' aka 'uncle Bob chicken' aka 'Shihlin XXXL Chicken'.
It is priced at only RM4.90nett!
So I purposely went to try out when passing by KFC on my way home. It was so so so GOOD!
It has a combo meal which comes with drink and cheesy wedges for RM8.90
I did not order the combo but instead had the ala carte and add on with the promotional cheesy wedges (RM2.50nett)
The chicken piece isn't that huge as the XXL chicken, perhaps around the size of my palm and is seasoned well with chili powder. It is a boneless chicken like a chicken chop. Pairing it with cheesy wedges is a perfect combination making it a filling meal.
I tink i'm gonna order this combination until the promotion ends...

Thursday, January 30, 2020

CNY Decorations in SkyAvenue, Genting

It is all 'red' in SkyAvenue…
The centre stage is decorated with Lions head and big fat round rats, surrounded by Chinese golden coins and ingots
 on another end, there are lotsa red lanterns hung at the concourse area
 and another stage filled with big fat round yellow rats
Meanwhile, there is a 'wishing tree' nearby the entrance of Crockfords Hotel
 and some very instagrammable background
 a pair of Lions welcoming visitors to the hotel
 very colorful yet oriental ambience
 I wonder what's with the giant sweets?
a row of repetitive decorations, but it looks good, otherwise it would be very plain and empty.
I can see genuine effort in putting up all these decorations, unlike some malls that recycled their X'mas decorations (such as Xmas tree with Chinese lanterns~~)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Homecooked Meal on CNY Day 2

Annoying sis & BIL came home on 2nd day of CNY. Mum decided to cook as they will be joining us for dinner.
Mixed veggies with fish paste
Prawns and abalone in soy sauce
 'Percik' chicken bought from Ayamas
 Hakka braised pork belly with wood ear fungus - my fav!
Here's the dinner spread (minus the pork) - 'halal' picture....lolx
 meanwhile sis bought us lotsa goodies....these cookies and snacks enuff to last till end of the festival!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Team Lunch @ Morganfield's

Since the beginning of the year till today, there were lotsa free makan makan in the office, from company townhall to department dinner and finally team lunch. Seems like each 'level' has its own makan event.
Today, we had our team lunch treat by the team leader.
since we wanted to eat non-halal, we went to the Morganfield's @ IOI City Mall
 it was quiet on a weekday lunch as usual. A few steps away is the 'Haidilao' hotpot restaurant which is still in renovation and will be opening soon.
We had the lunch promotion which comes with a refillable drink + salad/soup
 The extensive menu which covers from pasta, to various steaks and chops
 or combos for 'greedy eater' like me
 the hall of fame which displays the photos of celebrities who had dined in Morganfield's
 there goes my ice lemon tea + soup of the day. My colleague ordered salad as appetizer...the portion is quite generous too (see the plate opposite mine)
 there were 8 of us and we add-on with a 'yee sang'
 huar arr!!!
*we are kinda messy/barbaric when it comes to lousang
 Here is my 'greedy-combo-meal' which consists of pork sausage, chicken chop, lotsa fries and coleslaw. All were superb!
 Super full after the meal.
While waiting for the 'boss' to pay, i snapped some pictures of the decoration in the restaurant...a lion head!
 the bar is quiet and empty...too early for a booze
 hopefully we can have free lunch again on next year...hehehehe (bigger bonus, better pay!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Last Weekend...

Last weekend (which is also the final weekend before CNY) was well spent to prepare for the festival. Although we celebrate it moderately, getting some snacks is a must!
Like every other years, we will fry our own ngaku (arrowhead) chips, as it is much 'cheaper' (but tedious) compared to buying one outside.
We managed to fry only 1 kg of these on Saturday, and ate some 'on-the-spot' while frying...lolx!
Well, just to get the taste of it coz I haven't eaten ngaku for a year!
 Meanwhile, on Sunday, I went up the hill again to shop for more snacks coz I got a free shopping voucher worth RM50 to claim from the CNY Bazaar.
But before that, went for makan first...
 Went to the Genting Club for lunch....
It was kinda quiet in there on a Sunday noon...
So I took the opportunity to snap some of the CNY decorations in this exclusive restaurant.
It has a huge 'central kitchen' located in the middle of the dining area...but is not in used, probably only open during special event. It creates a nice view with shiny pots and pans hanging and sophisticated kitchenware like u see in the 'Hell's Kitchen'.
 Not much of CNY decorations...quite minimal, but it's fine...
 I prefer the quiet ambience here...I can dine in peace.
 I had 5-spiced chicken chop rice with choy sum and sunny side egg
 served with broccoli soup and Chinese puer tea
After then adjourned to the SkyAvenue to look for the so-called 'CNY Bazaar' which is quite hidden inside Skytropolis.
Passed by 'Burger & Lobster' and was surprised to see no queue at all!
NO QUEUE on a Sunday noon, unbelievable!
 It took me some time to finally found the bazaar...
Went in to look-see and decide on how to spend my RM50 wisely...
There were a few kiosks selling various items such as:
Bak Kut Teh, seasonings for roast chicken, and pepper soup
imported ginseng, bird nest and some herbs which could goes up to thousands ringgit
*seems like only this instant bird nest could fit into my RM50 budget
 canned scallops and abalone (cheap stuff, not sure real or not)….
 I tink this is 'dang gui' which also fits into my budget...but I m clueless on how to cook Chinese herbs~~~
 There were plenty of cookies to taste, but mostly overpriced
I ended up buying a canister of seaweed chips and 3 packets of Bak Kut Teh.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Bar.BQ Plaza @ IOI City Mall

This is a throwback post (back in 31 Dec 2019).
Decided to have a 'feast' lunch at Bar.BQ Plaza for its RM15.90 promotion (from 12-5pm on weekdays only).
 I ordered the pork set meal which comes with a huge plate of shredded cabbages, 10 thinly sliced pork, some assorted veggies, udon, meatballs, marinated chicken chunks, tofu, fried rice and a free flow of green tea.
 there's just so much things to cook!
 since I need the energy to 'cook', I started my meal with rice first...
 my fav of all is not the pork slices, but these marinated chicken was soft and tender boneless chicken thigh meat
 I took an hour to finish the massive food and went for a short stroll...
After the service charges and tax, this meal costs only RM16.80 nett.
jalan jalan after makan....but it was a hot day!
 so, cool it off with an ice-cream.
was surprised that the salted Mediterranean flavor is back in Family Mart! wooo-hoooo!!!

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