Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Late Dinner @ Poppo Kanteen

Lately most of the eateries closed early and stop receiving orders even before 9pm. After 9, there's only a few options left...mostly mamak or fast food that opens till midnite.
Another option is Poppo Kanteen which opens till 11pm.
I prefer to dine in a comfortable environment hence this is the only option left whenever I want to have a warm meal (and dessert)!
I had nasi lemak with 'ayam masak merah' (chicken dish) and a bowl of cendol.
Their nasi lemak is no longer served on the old-fashioned enamel plate (like it used to be). 
The chicken dish was slightly spicy, but overall good.
Cendol was too sweet for my liking. However, it has generous ingredients of cendol, red bean and corn (hidden underneath). 
Despite the hit and misses, i'm satisfied with the meal...well, better than nothing to eat😂 (when most eateries are closed)
Recently i also got indulged in 'milk tea' (without boba), especially on a hot day. This 'classic roasted milk tea with grass jelly' is somewhere around RM7.90....
on another day, i also claimed a FOC ice-cream from Baskin Robbins, when registering new membership (for my parent) via BR app. My choice is always 'Cookies n Cream' flavor.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Eggy Post...

My pre-dinner of mini stroopwaffle (brought by a colleague from Netherlands) and takoyaki.
A 'fusion' of international snacks!
The takoyaki was bought from a campus foodcourt at a very affordable price. RM5 for 5 pieces😀
The takoyaki are hidden beneath the bonito flakes. Tastes similar to those sold in AEON.
The students these days are so pampered to have these snacks sold at their foodcourt, back in my time, we only have bread or biscuits from the campus convenient store.
Meanwhile, on another day.....I had a crazy idea of whipping up something in the office.
The office pantry has egg supplies, full cream milk (meant for the coffee) and sachets of brown sugar.
There is also a sieve and microwave. first attempt of making this in the office....
yes, steam egg custard!
instead of 'steam', it was microwaved....
nope, it does not explode...hehehe...
Left it cold for awhile before digging in.
Looks a real 'steamed' egg....
Meanwhile during my last visit to AEON, i bought a box of German egg tarts at RM8.90 (for 3 pieces)
It tastes like Portuguese egg tarts but in squarish form and thick, non-flaky crust.
On another day, i went to buy egg tarts from the neighbourhood Berry's Cakehouse and RT Bakery just to compare the taste. 
RT Bakery egg tarts are sold in a box of 2 pieces (RM5.40 per box, meaning RM2.70 per piece).
Berry's egg tart comes in single unit wrapped in plastic packaging. RM2.30 per piece (or RM2.20, can't remember!)
RT Bakery egg tart is slightly bigger and heavier by 50gram compared to Berry's, hence it's fair to have a slightly higher price.
Tastewise, almost the same...not much of eggy taste coz the crust is too thick.
I'd prefer the German egg tart from AEON more.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Christmas Decorations at Malls (Dec 2022)

Here are some of the Christmassy pictures took recently at some malls...
Are you feeling festive yet?
Pavillion Bukit Jalil
at the staircase in front of the grand entrance
[Below] zoom-in view...These pictures were taken early of the month, hence not many shoppers crowding the place yet.
Parkson @ Pavillion Bukit Jalil
IOI City Mall (new wing, aka East Court)
[Below] the front-view
the gigantic X'mas tree...
IOI City Mall (old wing, aka West Court)
too colorful!

Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Esquire Kitchen Pastries

[Throwback] During the recent Foodpanda evoucher promo, we took the opportunity to order our favorite Chinese pastries from Esquire Kitchen. We ordered a few times during the evoucher promo period + low delivery cost period, thus a 'double discount'.
Below are chicken siew bao (in triangular shape). It has crispy crust with savoury minced chicken fillings.
They also sell pork siew bao (in round shape) but we prefer the chicken more.
On other days, we tried a variety of pastries such as kaya puff as well as the round shape 'lou poh beng' (wife cake).
I like their kaya puff as it is not overly sweet. The wife cake is not bad too...Huge and generously stuffed with filling.
The colorful floral packaging box.
The price for the pastries (inclusive of delivery) as follows:
*That was in October. We managed to get a better price in November using the 'Ordernow' evoucher which deducts RM10 from the total, making it RM13.15
I'm looking forward for such promo again in the future😋

Monday, December 19, 2022

Chinese Birthday Feast @ Hee Lai Ton, Serdang

Ever since the dining restriction was lifted, people has been dining out and having group/wedding/birthday/family gathering feast in restaurants.
Recently a 'rich aunt' celebrated her 70-something birthday and invited all the relatives to her birthday banquet at a nearby restaurant.
It was a 9 course meal similar to those wedding banquet.
For starter, we had cold platter aka 4 types-of-meat/seafood appetiser....*sorry for the terrible description, it has a nice Chinese name for this dish but i couldn't translate
chicken soup with fish maw, mushroom...
steamed fish in soy sauce
2 types of prawns, deep fried ones and cooked in black sauce
Spanish Iberico pork ribs
Fresh salads to eat with the ribs
Braised mushroom with abalone and broccolis
fried longevity noodles
and lastly desserts (no picture)....
It was a sumptuous dinner and best of all, she paid for the entire meal, and refusing our angpows.
Food quality and quantity is consistent as this is an established Chinese restaurant. Quick and efficient service too.
The meal is said to be roughly around RM150 per pax, with drinks and wine.
Here's the full menu (if you can read Chinese)....
*I could only admire the neat handwriting....
Thank you aunt for the dinner treat. May she be blessed with abundance health and wealth😄

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Farewell Lunch by a Dear Colleague...

A colleague recently left for greener pastures in SG. Prior to that, she was so kind to organise a farewell 'makan makan' with us (her closest buddies and teammates). I was delighted to be in the invitation list...coz got 'free food'😁
She bought/ordered the dishes from various shops.
Malay dishes (masakan Melayu) by her MIL who runs a business in Seremban...Yea, imagine the effort of 'transporting' all these from another state. 
A few other bowls on the side were home-cooked and also bought from a nearby 'warung' (stall).
Below (left) is 'ayam masak lemak' and (right) is 'masak lemak pucuk ubi kayu'.
She ordered a huge tray of beef rendang too....We can't finish this, and she brought some disposable containers for us to tapao...Such a generous and kind of her!
The watermelon was contributed by another colleague...It was juicy and sweet, the first item to finish instantly.
There's also keropok from Terengganu brought by my ex-HOD (who is retiring soon)...It paired well with the dishes. I felt like having some authentic Malay meal at kampung!
Here's my portion...
btw, she brought the plates from home too....i was😮
I'm super grateful for this meal what more with her effort & hassles of preparing a 'feast' for us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Jollibee @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Went to IOI City mall after work to explore the new F&Bs that were recently opened in the new wing.
At first i thought of trying the Taco Bell, but this outlet is more appealing with its wide range of 'fastfood' items...
and also its colorful interior
As a first timer to Jollibee, I'm ambitious to try out as many items on their menu. I ordered a combo set meal consists of chicken joy (fried chicken), cheesy fries, bolognaise spaghetti and top up with a mango peach pie. Total price: RM23.50 nett
Here's how the packaging looks like:
the foods....yummmmzzzzz....i kept the mango peach pie for the next day.
Ordering can be done through the touch screen kiosk, and then pickup food items from the counter....Same method as any fastfood (KFC/McD).
As for the fried chicken, i opted for the spicy one. I got a piece of huge chicken breast with crispy skin and succulent meat...overall taste good, on par with Texas chicken.
Pricewise is almost like Texas Chicken far the chicken quality is on par with Texas Chicken (maybe because it is a new outlet), hopefully they can maintain it over the years. Quick and friendly service too...
I left around 9:30pm when it was near the closing time, hence the empty tables.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Weekday Lunches

Went out with colleague to a nearby chicken rice stall (Malay stall) which is located next to this lake in Sri Serdang.
Nice scenery despite the cloudy weather.
A playground situated nearby. These swings are facing the lake.
Here's my chicken rice with extra rice & 'upgraded chicken parts'. It costs RM9. 
My colleague was having drumstick and i had chicken thigh.
On another day, I had 'vegetarian', from a nasi campur stall nearby the office.
I had sambal potatoes (in cubes), kangkung belacan and stir fried french beans, all for only RM5.
(Below) Egg tarts from Oriental Kopi. I usually buy 2 at RM10. Tastes good. Will buy this again whenever i pass by.
Lunch at Maulana....I had ayam madu (honey chicken), some okras, eggplant and deep fried bittergourd....super delicious with briyani rice soaked in flooded curry gravy. Can't remember the price but is somewhere between RM11-13.
My craving is satisfied!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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