Saturday, December 3, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Laksaamana

[Throwback] This was one of the many Foodpanda deliveries during the promotion via evoucher 'Ordernow', back in October.
I tried a laksa shop - Laksaamana @ Kuchai Lama.
Ordered 2 bowls of asam laksa, and 1 bowl of mixed curry & asam laksa. The price is RM16.50 for all of these inclusive of delivery. So worth it!
The mixed curry with asam laksa came with yellow noodles with half hard-boiled-egg, fishcakes, taugeh, fried shallots, and spring onion.
Meanwhile the asam laksa has the usual basic ingredients (cucumber, pineapple, onion, fish chunks, rice noodles)
The gravy/soup were packed separately.
Here's how the asam laksa looks like after poured with gravy/soup.
Thick, flavorful, sourish and spicy too. I would buy this again when there is promotion.
Meanwhile, more pictures of my furry friends again...
My fav is still the black cat. As much as i admired her silky smooth fur, i also admired its long tail....
One day i did nasty thing to her....
yea, i 'kacau' her by pulling her long tail...but she didn't show any reaction nor angry with me. I guess she doesn't mind (although cats usually dislike their tail being touched).
Then i pull harder😈to see if she reacts...but nope....she's still cool with it. A very patient cat indeed😸
The below is a birthday cake bought by annoying sis for dad's b'day (coz she seldom bakes these days).
Cheese cake with some strawberries and chocolate on top.
decent looking, taste ok-lah...
i wouldn't buy this kind of cake...usually it looks nice and colorful but taste so-so only...
Only good for decorative purpose in b'day party.
Here's my ugly looking nasi campur from a Malay stall nearby the office.
My heavy-meal-combo comprises of fried chicken drumstick, sambal sotong and fried egg....all the fried stuffs, full carbs, and no veggie😋
heck cares if my life gets shorter by eating first guilt later.


PH said...

There used to be an outlet Laksaamana at Damansara Uptown and the laksa was not bad. Unfortunately they closed shop not even one year after opening. The kitty cat trusts you and therefore did not mind you paying with its tail.

mun said...

I hope you didn't pull very hard on the tail because online says:
"The tail houses nerves that can affect the tail's muscles as well as their control of urination and defecation. Pulling on the tail can cause nerve damage. Nerve damage may heal over time, but can often be permanent."

mun said...

cont' from online: "As we mentioned above a cat's tail is the extension of their spine making it a very sensitive area. This sensitivity isn't only in regard to physical touch, but it's also a sign of vulnerability. So many nerves, muscles, and small bones are intertwined there, thus, making it a very fragile area." Thank you.

Nux V said...

PH: yea, i believe so....She's still following me everywhere around the office compound.

Mun: no worry, I'm aware of the sensitive tail. This was more like a 'teasing' pull rather than the hurtful one (definitely not the hard-pull). She was sitting still and was silent while I did this, usually when it is uncomfy, she would gesture me to stop.

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