Friday, January 27, 2023

Nak Nak @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Continuing with my food 'exploration' at the new wing of IOI City Mall....
This time i tried out Nak Nak fastfood restaurant, which specializes in Korean fried chicken.
I believe it is a local franchise restaurant. In case you are wondering why the name 'Nak Nak', here's the description taken from their website:
Nak ๋‚™ simply means JOY in Korean. “NAK NAK”, resembles the sound of someone knocking on the door, and also means “we want” in Malay.
Ordering is done thru the counter or at kiosk. As this was my first time, i prefer some human-interaction, hence i did my ordering at the counter.
I ordered a combo meal, which consists of boneless chicken thigh (in chicken popcorn shape), beef bulgogi with cheese fries and a refillable drink.
Was given a beeper to collect my food.
5 minutes later, I collected my food from the side counter.
An empty metal cup was provided, customer can choose any drink from the drink counter and it's free-flow.
There goes my meal. The generous portion of fries with bulgogi and cheese toppings is so filling!
The soy garlic chicken thigh tastes good too. I would like to try gochujang chicken in my next visit.
The restaurant occupies 2 huge lots, it is spacious and has plenty seating space.
Apart from Korean fried chicken & fries, they also sells burgers, cookies and bingsu.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bai Wei Mini Bowl @ Puchong Jaya

Went to try out this so-called 'fast-food chain' which sells Chinese dishes. The concept is like 'chapfan' (mixed rice) stall but the dishes are served in bowls (with fixed price per portion).
They have set lunch with affordable price, which comes with rice, drinks and soup. The soup is placed at the self-service counter.
Ordering is done through the counter. Just need to pick the dishes that we want and proceed to the counter. Me and my colleague decided to go for ala-carte (instead of the set meal), so we choose the dishes and shared between us. The dishes are slightly different from our local 'chapfan' as these are sort of China-style dishes. We had stir-fried chicken cubes, beef slices in dried chilies, sauteed cabbage and stir-fried Julien cut potatoes (can't remember the exact name of those dishes but most are simple dishes). The 'beef slices in dried chilies' dish tastes like mala.
We had a bowl of rice each to go with the dishes. Customer can choose to omit the rice and will not be charged for that (if opted for ala-carte). As for the drinks, they have various herbal drinks to choose from. The drinks are pre-packed in sealed cups and taken out from the fridge (if opted for cold ones). 
My first time of having 'China-style' dishes in a fast-food concept setting. This outlet opens 24 hours daily!
The entire meal for 2 with rice, drinks and free-flow soup costs RM40 nett.
Thumbs up for such fast-food concept, cleanliness and ambience.
As for the food, despite the dishes being placed in a steamer counter with close lid (which is much better than the 'chapfan' dishes which are being exposed), I still prefer the dishes to be freshly cooked and served warm, as the heat goes off quite fast in an air-cond environment.
Tastewise, i personally prefer our local 'chapfan' dishes flavor.
Meanwhile, below are some pictures taken (as remembrance) for the cheapo 'Foodpanda deliveries' sometime ago (last year).
These roasted chicken drumstick rice & roasted pork rice which cost only RM11nett inclusive of delivery....such a great bargain!
Pasembor rojak, 3 packs for only RM13.50nett. 
*we added own cucumbers and onions for more crunch.
'Chapfan' rice from Fatty Mixed Rice, RM11nett for 2 packs below.
Each pack consists of a veggie dish, meat dish and an omelette/tofu.
We had one with steamed minced pork, omelette and stir-fried greens.
and another with lemon chicken, tofu and stir-fried greens.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Dinner with Ex-Colleague at De Centrum Mall

Impromptu dinner date with an ex-colleague who has recently left the company, to catch-up with some gossips/updates about her.
Went to this not-so-well-known 'mall' nearby the office. It was my first time, despite this mall has been around for quite some time.
there is a few eateries in of them sells tandoori and naan.
So we settled for garlic naan and tandoori chicken.
Paired with my favorite bandung syrup drink.
Freshly grilled tandoori chicken, tastes OK. Good to have these once in a while.
Meanwhile, on another day, i had family dine-out again at Tasty Wok restaurant. 
First time ordered their 'Thai-style chicken chop' dish. Tangy yet slightly spicy.
Quite appetizing and will order this again. Good to go with rice.
Recently there is a new 'toy' in the office.
The management must have noticed that most of our staffs have put on weight, hence ordered a few units of 'workout bike', where we can workout and 'work' at the same time. It has a mini desk to place our laptop in front.
I have yet to try this...Not sure if i m goin to try it or not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

CNY Mall Decors & Shopping

This year the CNY comes too soon after Christmas, hence i did not have ample time to 'tour' around Klang Valley shopping malls to snap their decorations.
Only managed to go to the ones nearest to home and office....
I went to Pavillion Bukit Jalil sometime end of last year, where they have just begin to set up the CNY decorations. Things were still messy and half done, hence i did not snap any picture.
But the Food Merchant supermarket were already in full-force with CNY goodies and decors up.
some flowers/plants on sale
meanwhile at IOI City mall new rabbits but this....flamingos??
the new wing is much quieter and not many kiosk being set up. There is only 1-2 selling CNY cookies.
[below] lanterns hung from the ceiling
due to the huge concourse, the decorations look tiny and does not fill up the entire space.
meanwhile at old wing, nothing impressive, the concourse area has 'split' into half, where only half of it is decorated. The other half is occupied by some booths selling massage chair.
There is a new fast-food outlet in the occupies a corner lot of the busy district.
Rice burger, but very much cater to local taste...such as rendang flavor, pandan rice, nasi lemak rice burger sort of thing. Browsed thru their menu (from the ordering machine) but found nothing that i fancy. I would prefer eating proper burger or proper rice, not the fusion of both.
I received some shopping vouchers to buy CNY goodies at Genting 'CNY Flower Market'.
Here are what we got (combination of a few vouchers)
Also bought a pre-packed yee sang to savor during CNY๐Ÿ˜€
Well, i'm done with shopping!

Monday, January 16, 2023

Just some outdated posts....

[Throwback, in November 2022] Family dine-out at Ye Lok restaurant. We ordered our usual dishes.
Pork rib king in marmite sauce.
Deep fried calamari.
Other dishes that we ordered: Sweet & sour fish fillet, tofu in assorted veggies, and stir-fried kangkung in fuyu (fermented bean paste sauce). 5 dishes for 5 pax. Brisk business but quick service.
[Below] The kitten that my sis's neighbor rescued nearby her apartment. After the neighbor took him to the vet and ensuring that he is in good shape, we helped to advertise it for adoption.
Putting a picture here as 'remembrance'...
The neighbor even bought a cage to prevent him from wandering around (and shelter him from danger) when they were not at home. Cute kitty sitting on top of a shoe box inside the new cage. He looked frail back then.
A week++ later, the kitten has been adopted by the apartment cleaner. He grew up to be a mischievous kitten that play with slippers.
Below is one of the Foodpanda delivery ordered last year during the 'evoucher+low delivery fee' promo. This is prawn noodle from Fatty Mok Yong Tau Foo restaurant. After applying the evoucher, the noodle only costs RM6 nett. Such a steal!
Again, putting this over here as remembrance, coz we will never find such great bargain again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Taco Bell....and Jollibee

Both of these franchises landed in Malaysia sometime during the pandemic lockdown, and i was so eager to try it back then. Unfortunately due to the crowds, i have to KIV until recently.
My first Jollibee was in IOI City mall (sometime last year). The second time, i tried it in Pavillion Bukit Jalil. I had 2-pieces 'chicken joy' combo which comes with mashed potato, coleslaw, a bun and drink. I had the spicy chicken which tastes very much like Texas chicken. One thing different is that a small tub of 'chicken sauce' is given together with the fried chicken. I don't think that is necessary coz the fried chicken is already flavorful. I use the sauce to dip with bun.
The outlet is located nearby/opposite Nanyang Cafe.
Below is my weekday lunch from the office cafeteria.
This is Malay-style curry noodles...which has egg in it. The gravy is thick with full santan aroma. RM6 for this bowl of noodles.
Now, back to Taco Bell....
I was excited when i first saw it at the new wing of IOI City mall!
Bought an ala-carte 2-pieces crispy taco (with minced beef) to try. My verdict?.....i think that Taco Bell is overrated.
Nevertheless i did their online survey and got myself a free packet of cinnamon sticks!
This tastes good....the crispy texture similar to Twisties, but of course is in slightly sweet cinnamon taste.
ok, i will do more 'online survey' but first i need to purchase something from Taco Bell first๐Ÿ˜‚
Went to Ah Cheng laksa for their ais kacang...but it was sold out....
Ended up with assam laksa...
The staff provided me with a bottle of sweet prawn paste....I can fill the assam laksa with unlimited prawn paste, yay!๐Ÿ˜‹
For extra 'ummppph', there are lime at the cutlery/sauces counter....Yea, self-service & free refill too.
Their assam laksa is less spicier than it is bearable.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...