Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bai Wei Mini Bowl @ Puchong Jaya

Went to try out this so-called 'fast-food chain' which sells Chinese dishes. The concept is like 'chapfan' (mixed rice) stall but the dishes are served in bowls (with fixed price per portion).
They have set lunch with affordable price, which comes with rice, drinks and soup. The soup is placed at the self-service counter.
Ordering is done through the counter. Just need to pick the dishes that we want and proceed to the counter. Me and my colleague decided to go for ala-carte (instead of the set meal), so we choose the dishes and shared between us. The dishes are slightly different from our local 'chapfan' as these are sort of China-style dishes. We had stir-fried chicken cubes, beef slices in dried chilies, sauteed cabbage and stir-fried Julien cut potatoes (can't remember the exact name of those dishes but most are simple dishes). The 'beef slices in dried chilies' dish tastes like mala.
We had a bowl of rice each to go with the dishes. Customer can choose to omit the rice and will not be charged for that (if opted for ala-carte). As for the drinks, they have various herbal drinks to choose from. The drinks are pre-packed in sealed cups and taken out from the fridge (if opted for cold ones). 
My first time of having 'China-style' dishes in a fast-food concept setting. This outlet opens 24 hours daily!
The entire meal for 2 with rice, drinks and free-flow soup costs RM40 nett.
Thumbs up for such fast-food concept, cleanliness and ambience.
As for the food, despite the dishes being placed in a steamer counter with close lid (which is much better than the 'chapfan' dishes which are being exposed), I still prefer the dishes to be freshly cooked and served warm, as the heat goes off quite fast in an air-cond environment.
Tastewise, i personally prefer our local 'chapfan' dishes flavor.
Meanwhile, below are some pictures taken (as remembrance) for the cheapo 'Foodpanda deliveries' sometime ago (last year).
These roasted chicken drumstick rice & roasted pork rice which cost only RM11nett inclusive of delivery....such a great bargain!
Pasembor rojak, 3 packs for only RM13.50nett. 
*we added own cucumbers and onions for more crunch.
'Chapfan' rice from Fatty Mixed Rice, RM11nett for 2 packs below.
Each pack consists of a veggie dish, meat dish and an omelette/tofu.
We had one with steamed minced pork, omelette and stir-fried greens.
and another with lemon chicken, tofu and stir-fried greens.


mun said...

The two packs of chapfan from Fatty Mixed Rice is so worth it! Only RM 11 nett. The mini bowls look like quite big. I can't eat very spicy so if their dishes are mostly spicy then I cannot eat.

PH said...

Everything looks good! Quite interesting the mini bowl meals. I will have them with no rice.

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