Monday, January 23, 2023

Dinner with Ex-Colleague at De Centrum Mall

Impromptu dinner date with an ex-colleague who has recently left the company, to catch-up with some gossips/updates about her.
Went to this not-so-well-known 'mall' nearby the office. It was my first time, despite this mall has been around for quite some time.
there is a few eateries in of them sells tandoori and naan.
So we settled for garlic naan and tandoori chicken.
Paired with my favorite bandung syrup drink.
Freshly grilled tandoori chicken, tastes OK. Good to have these once in a while.
Meanwhile, on another day, i had family dine-out again at Tasty Wok restaurant. 
First time ordered their 'Thai-style chicken chop' dish. Tangy yet slightly spicy.
Quite appetizing and will order this again. Good to go with rice.
Recently there is a new 'toy' in the office.
The management must have noticed that most of our staffs have put on weight, hence ordered a few units of 'workout bike', where we can workout and 'work' at the same time. It has a mini desk to place our laptop in front.
I have yet to try this...Not sure if i m goin to try it or not.


Rose world said...

It has been a while since I had naan and tandoori. Yes once in a while, I don't mind such food.

Wow, a workout bike in office?? That is cool.

Wishing you Happy Lunar New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

mun said...

The tandoori chicken looks tasty. Wah, need to work and also cycle to exercise!? Wonder whether anyone will use them or not.

PH said... the workout bikes! Your management is very nice to take into account employees well being. I don't think I can work while working out on the bike. LOL!

Nancy Chan said...

I like garlic naan and tandoori. Thai style chicken chop looks good and delicious. That work out bikes can be fully utilized during lunch hours.

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