Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Kwong Wah Ais Kacang again...

The days are getting hotter and I can't help but to frequent shops that sell cold desserts or cooling drinks.
Went to Kwong Wah for their ais kacang, but was 'kepoh' to browse other items in their menu.
They have nasi lemak, chee cheong fun, noodles, mihun, roti jala, pie tie, popiah and even rolled cakes and chiffon cakes....For those who doesn't like cold desserts, they have hot desserts such as fuzuk barley, red bean soup, green bean soup and snow fungus longan.
The interior of the shop.
Here's my ais kacang, i have to dig for the 'kacang' at the bottom. As usual, there are red bean, cincau, chendol, corns and 'kacang' (peanuts). I usually order the rose syrup ais kacang.
Not enuff with that....i had another round of cold dessert...
I ordered ais cincau (RM6.35nett)
yea, it was served in a glass, with metal straw & spoon provided to dig out the cincau at the bottom.
It was yummy too....I wish the portion is bigger with more ice!
Over at Parkson, I saw these pretty wristlet. Which one would you choose?
On another day, I went to Ah Cheng's again.
Instead of having curry laksa, i tried out their new item 'nasi lemak beef rendang'.
Tastewise similar to Papparich version. Tender beef rendang and with spicy sambal.
This nasi lemak costs RM17.90nett (inclusive of service charge and tax).
Well, nothing to shout about as the nasi lemak is not their core item, it's just another option if you do not opt for laksa.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Foods from Bazaar Ramadan & student canteen

During the last Ramadan, I went on with bazaar spree!
Visited the Sri Serdang bazaar after work to get myself some otak-otak.
RM1 per piece. Taste OK-lah, at least I had something that i seldom eat.
Not to miss....murtabak!
[Below] The murtabak is sold at RM5 per piece.
Unfortunately it doesn't have much fillings😏
On another day, my mum bought another murtabak from an established stall in Sri Petaling bazaar.
It was priced at RM6 per piece, and the quality is much better than the crappy murtabak sold at Sri Serdang. Generous minced beef filling and better packaging too!
It has a box (like a personal pan pizza sort of packaging) with the brand name, FB and Instagram account. We only had this once.
Not enuff with murtabaks (from various bazaar stalls), I went to the UPM student canteen to try out their version. This murtabak is the cheapest of all, at RM4 per piece....unfortunately, it sucks! The curry tastes weird and bitter too...yucks!
Luckily i have a backup...I still have this Maggi Goreng (RM5) to fill-up my hungry stomach...
*secretly hoping there is a gold chain inside.
Too bad, there is no gold chain, so i try my luck on another day...
This time i bought Mee Goreng Mamak (RM5). Taste just as good, but still no gold chain😉
The student canteen has a nasi campur stall with Malay dishes.
I tried their rendang chicken (RM4.50)
And also deep fried catfish 'ikan keli' (RM4.50)
Both were good. The deep fried catfish is crunchy and flavorful.
LOL, the student canteen food is cheap and affordable! I shall go there more often if i know about this earlier.
Meanwhile, the below is Chicken Rice from the bazaar in Sri Petaling. It came with cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce (was taken out earlier to put into the fridge). RM6 per box. Tastewise not bad....we bought this a few times.
We also had our final round of murtabak (this time bought from Sungai Besi bazaar).
Had them with rice.
[Below] Some decoration at the neighbor's front yard. They have already gone back hometown to celebrate Raya.
This handsome male cat is the new kid on the block. Not sure who dumped him at my office block, but he adapted well and looks healthy. The next door office staffs feed him well too.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Omega Pork Noodles again...

My last visit to Omega Pork Noodles was a few months back when the outlet was still under renovation to expand with another shoplot.
Now that the shop is bigger (occupying 2 lots), it has capacity to fit in more diners, and lesser waiting time for those patrons who are queuing outside.
I went there during non-peak hour, hence plenty of seats. This time i tried their Nanyang White Curry Mee.
It came out like this....the soup is so whitish!
I mixed the soup with that spoonful of sambal and gave it a good stir...
and voila!
After the mixing, it looks like any ordinary curry mee with fish balls, fuzuk, taufu pok, long beans, bean sprouts and prawns. only. Just like the ordinary curry mee, but there is strong coconut milk taste which i dislike. The long beans taste strange too.
Despite that, prawns and fishballs are fresh and bouncy.
Portion-wise is big for an 'S' size bowl. For small eaters, you can share the portion as empty bowls are provided at the sauces counter.
Overall, I think this curry mee doesn't suite my tastebud😐
The noodle costs RM15.35nett (inclusive of tax & service charge)
Next time, I shall just stick to their main item (pork noodles).

Monday, April 10, 2023

Portuguese Egg Tart - Baker's Cottage

Recently, the office was having a makan-makan again due to hosting visitors from various parts of Europe. The theme was local Malaysian food, hence there were satay served. The event committee ordered 1000 sticks to cater for around 100 pax who attended the makan-makan event.
We requested for Japanese cucumber instead of the usual ones. These satays were freshly grilled on the spot as they set up the makeshift griller just outside our office pantry.
On another day, i tried Baker's Cottage Portuguese egg tart coz it looks so tempting with a box of 4 pcs at only RM11, which came to RM2.75 each. Usually Portuguese egg tart costs more than the normal egg tart (roughly above RM3 each) if buy at usual bakeries.
I like its flaky crust, with slight buttery taste and texture like croissant.
The nice packaging box, perfect as a gift.
During Potboy Mart special discount day (on 22nd of every month), i bought some junkie snacks at 50% off.
I should have bought more Ruffles chips as it costs only RM7.50 per pack!
Well, all these junks cost only RM26.80 nett.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Sushi King @ MidValley Mall

Recently I went to Sushi King, but not to have sushi there....instead i had other foods that are so irrelevant to sushi😁
I ordered a nabeyaki udon which is a Japanese winter staple with shrimp tempura, kamaboko fish cake, fried tofu, and udon noodles in an umami dashi.
It is a small portion, hence i paired it with an ala-carte gyoza
My perfect meal which costs around RM26 after tax and service charge.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...