Friday, March 30, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 10 & 11

Tuesday lunch was rice with dhal, cabbage with long beans, 'the pumpkin like gourd' and tomato omelet
 Work was getting smoother and we could go 'home' early....Was so happy to be home early to catch the sunset ;-)
Such a bliss watching sunsets after work
 then, off to dinner at the hotel cafeteria downstair...Ordered mint tea and enjoyed myself stalking at the couple seated at a few tables away
 my black sauce fish arrived...yummmzzzz!
The following day
The following day (Wednesday) was supposed to be a Deepavali day, but here in Mauritius they celebrate it a day later. While people were enjoying curries and munching on murukku in Malaysia, I still gotta go to the office...
Anyway, the office was kinda merry too even on the eve itself. The office cafeteria played up Bollywood tunes and was creatively decorated, meanwhile most staffs wore their colorful Indian costume to work.
Even the food was nicer that day!
 a very sumptuous meal of beans, dory fish, curry chicken, roti and rice....
so filling!
 it was the best meal I had in the office cafeteria!
Even the day was brighter & sunnier
 such a jolly mood...
I got a small gift from their staff too
was delighted to receive this cute packaging with lotsa Indians sweets/cookies inside
 and since it was eve, we decided to leave the office on time!
the day was still bright when we left
 had my dinner of grilled fish again, but this time it was served with fries rather than rice.
after the meal, went SHOPPING at the next door mall!
bought some junks from Monoprix and Intermart...
Most of products sold are imported...u could find plenty of Malaysian imported snacks...China/HK beverages, Indian spices/rice and South African potatoes chips!
the goods here are slightly expensive than Malaysia...hence I dun buy much.
after an hour of shopping, go back do laundry, brew tea and had selfie
 and then unpack my goodies...
the sweet delicacies!
 and somehow after a week plus of staying in this place only I discovered that there is a bible in the closet!
It came in 3 languages - French, German and English....
 ok ler, not that I read the bible, it reminds me of the Gideon bible that I had back at home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sushi Zanmai - Moyashi Ramen

 Sometime early Oct last year, I went for a 'shopping spree cum running errands' around IOI Mall Puchong...
I did not have lunch coz of the hectic schedule and decided to hav an early dinner...
Was craving for some Japanese food during then, so off to.....Sushi Zanmai!
There wasn't any queue, and plenty of seats. I occupied a table for four, despite dining solo.
Ordered a Moyashi Ramen coz it looks good on the menu....
and this Unagi Roll (which was in their weekly special promotion item)
 both were superb (or bcoz I was too hungry??)
I walloped everyting clean within 20 minutes!
Can't remember the exact price but this was one of the cheapest meal that I had in Sushi Zanmai coz the Unagi Roll was discounted.
And a few days later, was still craving for Japanese food, so I had curry katsu rice in Yoshinoya (Mid Valley).
Ever since then, i ordered this whenever i dined in Yoshinoya.
it was nearing Deepavali, and i managed to 'capture' this colorful 'Kolam'.
Great effort by whoever who did this, it was so meticulously done that i decided to immortalise into my blog!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 8 & 9

Continuation of the previous post...
Despite the supper I still felt hungry a few hours later...Woke up early and went down for breakfast....It was Sunday morning and not much people dining...Then I only got to know from my colleague that most occupants here will check-out during the weekend to 'somewhere else' as it is not a working day. Either they gone back home or holidaying by the seaside, rather than being stuck here in the Cybercity.
True indeed, who would want to stay here when you got nothing to see except office buildings?
Anyway, since there wasn't any queue I ordered various types of omelets to try. They have up to 5 variety of omelets...ranging from spicy, herbs, mild and plain ones...I tried all of them on different days...
On certain days, they have seedless grapes too....woo-hooo!
 as usual, on Sunday after the breakfast I would walk around first before returning to my room..
 The hotel cafeteria, it has indoor and outdoor seats. I usually prefer the outdoor seat coz I could get some fresh breeze and mild sunlight.
 it was empty on a Sunday morning....
 then I went up to the top floor penthouse for a look-see...This is the place to enjoy the stars while drinking booze...
 the view from top floor...I tink my room's view is better!
 my reflection selfie!
 another one....just to kill off time coz was lazy to start work
 after then, time to continue work and get ready for the following week....
i worked till sunset.......
*no dinner picture coz I had a repetitive food again...
Anyway a picture of the sunset here
Before the main meal, I had some appetizer...the prawn fritters
 big fat succulent prawns....yumzzzz!!!
The following day
The following day is Monday again...and as usual Monday blues...
but as soon as it was lunch time, all my blues gone happy to see food again...hehehe
The beans, rice, ratatouille and French beans...
so rich in likey!
dessert was swissroll ;-)
 and by dinner, ordered carbonara spaghetti and spring rolls...*greedy me
couldn't finish the spaghetti coz it sucks....was too full

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sakae Sushi Lunch Promotion Set

 One of my lunch kaki was craving for Japanese food, so we ended up in Sakae Sushi coz it is located at LG floor and we were lazy to walk further.
Coincidently this outlet in IOI City was running on promotional set meal lunch.
I ordered the curry udon set meal which consist of....
well, obviously the udon itself
 a few pieces of sushis
tempuras and fruit platter....such a sumptuous set meal!
Plus a free box of Pocky sticks!
For that Pocky snack, it is either Chocolate or Strawberry flavor for us to choose.
The meal does not come with a drink, but we add-on with Green tea for just RM0.99.
The price for this set meal is RM15.99 + RM0.99 (for tea) = RM16.98 nett

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Golden Court Restaurant

Got my big bonus sometime end of Jan and decided to treat my family a meal...which was also in conjunction with my parents 41st wedding anniversary.
We ordered....
Minced pork tofu
 Stir fried lotus root with four angled beans
 Claypot herbal chicken
 Salted egg squid
 Steamed tilapia
 Let's dig in......
 and the bill came to RM143.50 for 5 pax.
This place is usually crowded on weekend dinner, expect some queue during peak hours.
Overall the food was good, we will definitely come back again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sul So Dam

Sometime back in Oct 2016, I went exploring the neighbourhood and came across this bingsu shop that was newly opened.
it was a hot day and without hesitating, I went in for a 'shelter'
Plenty of seats, so I chose one in front of the big screen. Interesting k-pop MVs on the screen ;-)
 This place is sort of youngster hangout place during the weekend...but on weekdays u hardly see anyone around.
I ordered a red bean bingsu...I didn't know it was that huge!
 halfway eating already got bored, did not manage to finish...tastewise so-so only
learnt my lesson well - i shouldn't have attempt solo on bingsu~~~

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Voila Hotel - Dinner, Day 6 & 7

Woke up quite early on a beautiful Friday morning, as the day gets bright very early here...
since it was early and i was hungry, headed downstair for breakfast...a SUMPTUOUS one!
by now, I have formed a list on what to pick - my fav hashbrown, sausages, croissant, samosa and baked beans...and either broccoli juice or orange juice or both!
Went back to the room after a heavy breakfast, freshen up myself and off to work. The HOD boss will usually pick us up at 8am (or earlier), but as for that day he was unusually late and somehow his car was involved in an accident (the day before) and he drove a smaller car which was rented from the workshop.
Lunch was at the office cafeteria which consist of grilled chicken breast, potatoes, salad and free-flow baguette.
And if u noticed, there is also fruits in the container at the top left of this picture...the dessert!
Most of my meal came with dessert of either fruits, custard, or cake. Sometimes I forgot to 'claim' my dessert after the meal and the person manning the counter was so nice to keep it and hand it to my HOD boss. And then the HOD boss will jokingly teased us for being forgetful.
Meanwhile, Friday dinner in the hotel was Milanese chicken again...*repetitive of Day 3 (so, no need to put picture lah)
As for Day 7, it was a Saturday! wooo-hoooo!!!
me and colleague took the opportunity to see the island coz I haven't got the chance to visit around since arriving in this beautiful land of Mauritius, whereas for her she has been here like 4-5 times already....
The tour guide took us to a restaurant somewhere in southern part of the island...
Lunch: Indian vegetarian which consists of curry, chao-chao, samosas, roti, salads and basmati rice...
It was good!
After the half day tour, we were back at the hotel for dinner coz we dun want to waste our $$$ eating outside when the hotel dinner is paid by the Client
well, hotel dinner is sometimes disappointing...just look at my burnt was supposed to be grilled chicken steak but kinda overcooked....I scrapped off the burnt skin before eating.
The dinner wasn't enuff to sustain till midnite, by 11pm I got hungry's for supper???
yesssss...the FORGOTTEN lunch desserts that was accumulated over the week!
I hav kept them in the fridge for 3-4 days, luckily they were still edible...

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