Thursday, January 31, 2019

Go Street Noodles

Go Street Noodles has been around in the neighbourhood for half year but I only get to go there recently.
it is usually crowded during lunch/dinner hours hence I would go there at non-peak hours...The menu offers dishes slightly different from Go Noodles House, but nonetheless both are good.
I decided to order the bursting porky meatball noodles with herbal soup, to compare it with Go Noodles version.
The slightly greenish noodles is the spinach noodles, but it taste just like ordinary noodles.
Here is it...
It doesn't dissappoint me, the porky ball tastes exactly the same as Go Noodles, the soup was great too, sweet and flavorful with red dates and goji berries. The noodles came with crispy beancurd skins.
On another day, I tried the meat dumpling soup noodles. Again, it is as good as homemade meat dumpling!
I guess this shop would be my first choice for now (bye bye, Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee!) whenever I craved for noodles.

CNY Mood 2

My 'must have' when CNY season the Prosperity Burger....
since it was back on the menu, I had it a few times & have tried both the chicken and the beef version...
This year there's fish Properity Burger too, hopefully I can try it soon.
On another note, i have been trying all sort of items in both KFC/McD menu, out of curiousity. And the latest that I tried is this curry rice bowl at RM5.90 each (if I remember it correctly la).
It taste like those mamak curry rice with chicken popcorns. The rice was already soaked with curry gravy when served, although I thought the curry could be better served in a separate container.
It could be spicy for some as I got hiccups after eating a few spoonful. 
Been hunting and sampling for CNY cookies too....The below are some of my favorite ones, but i did not buy from this stall.
Lastly (unrelated to CNY), i had chicken rice lunch at a shop in Jalan SK7/12 intersection Jalan Besar some 2 weeks ago (I dunno what's the shop name). It was just as good as the 'Kong Sai Puchong' chicken rice in Bandar Puteri and with reasonable price. We ordered half chicken to be shared among 3 of us. The bill came to RM10 per pax with rice and drinks

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

CNY Mood

CNY mood is in the air and photos of 'lousang' have been spamming my FB, IG and many blogs that I followed...
I had my lousang in early Dec, hence I dun think I would spam my blog with yet another picture of 'yeesang' that soon...*at least not today
Anyway, here's a 'not-so-recent' photo that I took in IOI City Mall....seems like this mall is not that extravagant when it comes to CNY decorations, with modest design every year.
Bonus is out and i'm satisfied with the amount given by my boss. All those sweats and effort that I have made did not go to waste!
shheeshhh…..tell u a secret: it is the highest paid bonus that I ever received in my entire life.
2 weeks ago, i had a pre-bonus celebration with my teammates.
We went to our fav place - the Dave's Deli
There is a new item in the menu:
Salted Egg Chicken Chop
tastewise so-so, was tad dry but ok ler.
Unfortunately, the daily 12-3pm '30% discount' is not applicable for this!
hence, gotta pay around RM22++ for this plate of dry chicken chop.
McD has also introduced Lychee McFlurry and Sundae as part of its CNY menu
I decided to give it a try out of curiosity!
Nothing to shout about, it's just vanilla ice cream with canned lychee toppings!
Super sweet to max!
Not goin to order both of the items above anymore...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Someone Next Door Got Engaged...

 Well, it seems like i m some sort of a 'kepochi' neighbour…
Normally i dun 'kepoh' (busy-body) so much on my neighbour unless it is big occasion that requires setting up tents that block up my house gate....
*ain't complaining, i'm indeed happy for them
And since it was a weekend, so no fuss over it...they are welcomed to block my gate for as long as 48 hours before Monday comes (need to go work ma...)
Since i dun get to go out with my car (well, i wasn't intending too), so our good neighbour has invited us to join their happy occasion.
This is a wedding engagement for Malays, hence they have a 'pelamin' decorated with flowers and all sorts of gifts from family and friends.
(Below) The nicely decorated 'pelamin' with colorful arrangement of flower bouquets, candies and chocolates!
Food was prepared by catering services
 It was a simple one - Briyani rice with ayam masak merah, kurma mutton, jelatah (cucumber, onion, carrot salad), some chips, curry puffs and fruits.
 I enjoyed the buffet lunch so much and the host keep on asking us to 'top up' (second/third rounds).
I felt so 'paiseh' coz i dun really know them well, and it is actually the neighbour's sister who got engaged and she dun stay there...hence that is even more 'gatecrashing' someone engagement (without knowing who is the one who got engaged).
Anyway, it was a good 'icebreaking' session as now we know our neighbour's name!
2 weeks later....
guess what? since then, our neighbour has been so nice to us and even gave us homecooked 'laksam'.
If you have not heard of this dish, 
'Laksam' is thick flat white rice flour noodles, eaten with rich white gravy of boiled fish and coconut milk.
It was creamy and flavorful! so yummmzzzz!!!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Entertainment - Danny Chan 劃出彩虹

This is one of the 80's classic when Cantopop is in its golden years.
When I was a kid, I heard of this song aired over in radio and movies, so this singer could be quite popular then. Unfortunately he died of drug overdose at a young age during his career peak. His demise must have broken the heart of many female 'fans' considering that he is sort of good looking.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

KGB Burger & Lunch Boxes

I went for a training last month in a training center located in Bangsar. It was a 3 full days training. Like any other training center, lunch and tea breaks were provided.
Day 1:
Breakfast - Fried meehoon, egg sandwich and a piece of spring roll
Lunch - Curry chicken rice
The sandwich and the greenish 'kuih' is supposedly for tea time in the evening, but we had it earlier together with the lunch.
Day 2:
The following day, our breakfast came quite early.
Breakfast - Fried macaroni, curry puff and sandwich
Lunch - Tomato rice, ayam masak merah and jelatah (cucumber + pineapple + onion + red chili)
 Day 3:
Breakfast - Nasi Lemak (no picture taken)
Lunch - KGB burger!
I ordered KGB Spiked burger which consists of crust seared beef, sharp cheddar, crispy beef bacon and spicy sauce.
Tastewise so-so only, the bacon was too dry and just salty, and the beef patty was like any ordinary McD beef burger standard.
I would prefer Carls Jr or Burger Lab for burgers around this price range (RM20+)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Mr Kebab & Briyani, Putrajaya

I have blogged about this place several times.
Back then when my colleague discovered this place, we were sort of a 'regular' customer as we dine here at least once a month!
Chicken kebab with naan and fries
Mandy rice with chicken kebab
The overview of what we had, the one on the bottom left is beef kebab with Mandy rice
it was too dry to just eat the rice with kebab, hence I would sometimes ordered a small bowl of soup to go with it.
This is always our first choice when we craved for middle eastern food!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bidor Yong Tau Foo, Puchong

Had this during the weekday noon in Puchong while passing by to run errands.
This place is a kopitiam located nearby the Ayamas shop where I 'tapau' my 'Christmas eve roasted chicken'.
I was super hungry and ordered 7 pieces of Yong Tau Foo (RM1.60 per piece) and a plate of plain noodles (RM3).
 This is not the usual YTF shop that display their YTF at the counter. It has a menu and order chit for patrons to tick their orders.
I did not even refer to this menu when ordering, simply tick without even looking!
Only started to look at it while the kitchen prepares my food....And i noticed they have various types of noodles & dishes in their menu too, including chicken feet...Too bad, i noticed this too late!
Here's my food:
Stuffed brinjal, taupok and bittergourd (all my favs!)
plain tofu (without stuffings), stuffed taupok (soup version) and dumpling
The entire meal costs RM14.20, not bad, but there are plenty of good Yong Tau Foo shops in Puchong, so there's nothing to shout about.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Seri Petaling Seafood & Village Restaurant, Bukit Jalil

This is supposed to be our 'Winter Solstice Dinner' but we celebrated it a day earlier on Friday evening. We went to this secluded place which is located on a hill top facing KESAS highway, and opposite Endah Parade.
Here's the menu.
Extensive pork-free dishes with prices varied for different serving size.
The place is surrounded by trees and is quite cooling by evening.
Here are our orders:
Kangkung Belacan
 Deep Fried Salted Egg Calamari
Claypot Tofu with Assorted Veggies
Deep Fried Ginger Chicken
Steamed Assam Fish
The meal costs about RM112.6 (for 5 pax) with rice and Chinese tea (one pot refillable).
It was a sumptuous meal with generous portion given although we ordered S/M servings.
Although it is a 'dai-pai-dong' restaurant, you don't get all the chaos and noise coz there wasn't any crowd here. It was a quiet Friday dinner at the hill top.
We will definitely be back again, hopefully for the lou-sang!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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