Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Bought this youtiao from a neighbourhood stall...costs RM1 which is lower than market price (usually around RM1.30). I enjoyed eating this by dipping it into soy bean milk.
Unrelated to the above, the below CKT was bought from 2 different stalls - one with darker colour and bigger portion but cheaper price (RM6.50), the other with lighter colour, smaller portion but slightly higher price (RM7.00).
This CKT is one of my lunch on a WFH weekday, shared with my parents.
Meanwhile, i finally tried the Ayam Madu (Honey Chicken) from Buharry Briyani Bistro (delivered via FoodPanda)...
The size is equivalent to KR quarter chicken, tastewise on the sweet side, hence we scrapped away the 'madu'...
I don't think they use genuine 'madu', maybe it has been added with sugar.
not my type of chicken as i prefer savoury and spicy chicken.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Buharry Briyani (2nd Order)

This time we decided to try their banana leaf rice (but without the leaf when delivered to us😆)
The banana leaf rice comes with masala chicken dish, about 3 - 4 small pieces of chicken in it.
3 types of veggies
2 types of curries (one with dhal, one without), a rasam and a papadam
I also ordered 2 pieces of roti canai
and a pack of mee goreng mamak....
Was surprised with that huge pack of mee goreng with an egg topping somemore!
All these for only RM14.92 inclusive of delivery!
The above foods are too much for us (3 person) as I did not expect the generous portion given for both the rice and noodles.
If I had knw it earlier, I wouldn't order the roti canai. 
Overall, the banana leaf rice & roti canai were good, though the mee goreng was slightly flavourful.
Next, I attempted to order the below...but cancelled the order as we decided to cook...

Monday, July 5, 2021


 Some random updates on the foods that i had recently:
The below Cantonese-style rice dumplings were given by annoyin' sis. She ordered it from her parents-in-law's neighbour in Bangsar (some sort of home business catered around their neighborhood only).
Just a typical chang but quite huge size (about 450g each) with the usual ingredients such as salted egg yolk, pork (no fats), beans and shitake mushroom. 
It could taste bland for some as it is not overly seasoned like those chang sold outside, and lean pork meat is used.
That's the only type of rice dumpling i had for this year Dragon Boat festival.
meanwhile, annoyin' sis also made Oreo Cheesecake for Father's Day...here are a few slices she packed for us....We didn't put it into the freezer, hence the soft texture.
I have also recently stocked up some biscuit and junks...to munch on while WFH...*apart from the huge pack of peanuts....
First time trying 'Twisties Spicy Seaweed flavor'.....just so-so only, very light spiciness and seaweed taste...
I prefer the more common flavors such as Cheese/Chicken/Curry.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Foodpanda keeps me tapping....

These days i can't avoid tapping into Foodpanda for some discounted food...
such as these A&W Mozza burgers that i keep on ordering for a few times (on separate occasions)
I just couldn't resist burgers!
Here's a closer look on the ingredients inside
2 slices of beef patties, some lettuces, tomatoes, thin chicken strip and melted cheese...
and the price?
2 for only RM13.40 inclusive of delivery.
so worth it!
Another worth-to-order item is KR set meal with 2 side dishes...
I hav ordered this for a few times too...as each box is only RM9😆
well....at least for now i can satisfy my 'fast food cravings' while WFH...

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