Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY is all about FOOD!

At least i dun starve during CNY coz food is all around!
Snacks and junkies everywhere...
Pork 'bakkwa'. Babi best betul!
Green bean cookie and ngaku crisps, the much sought after snacks @ home!
and here comes pineapple tarts...the runner up of the much sought after snacks...
dragon cookies
more & more Nuts!
Some-kinda-flourmade snacks
of course, CNY isn't complete without mandarin oranges
Chicken floss or isit pork floss???
and finally, after all those junkies, here is my fav Green tea, as to ease digestion...

Eat, drink & be merry!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pretty Sights

Lunar New Year decors @ shopping malls...
How??? does it helps?
Kenot ar? i gib u egg tarts lor...If pretty sights dun helps, nice (looking) food might do...
Gonna hav a short break. Till then, hepi Lunar New Year ;-)

It's Gonna Get Messy!

I hav been queueing for Rotiboy when it firstly hit the market. The same goes for JCo donuts on last year. History repeated, but now i m queueing for someting i dislike - bakkwa.
Went to Bee Cheng Hiang to get some for the coming CNY, luckily the queue wasn't long, at least i dun hav to spent like one hour or so like how i round the parking lot in MidValley to get a parking space!
The moment i got a parking space, i was like shouting 'HALLELUYAH!' so much time wasted just for that!
Anyway, a treat for myself after doing all the deeds...
yes, Carls' Jr! i dun hav to queue for it ;-)
btw, the burger won't complete without these (see below)!
add them & it's gonna get messy...


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


With CNY drawing near, houses around the neighbourhood had go o.r.i.e.n.t.a.l. Chinese calligraphies and onion-like lanterns are among the common ones being seen. Back @ home, preparation is almost done...
Decorations in the house
And the outdoor ones...

Jolly good!

Just when I least expecting it, i got my bonus on last month! woo-hoo!!!
I hav been getting more and spending less these days...
All thanks to the lower petrol price...
I hav discovered a place that served meal way cheaper than any other places...wuakakaka!
Well, it might not last, but as long as it is on, i can get my favorite gali mee for just $2!

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st post in Year 2009

Alrite, tis is my first official post in year 2009. Very much delayed due to a brief M.I.A.
And as usual im gonna get some pictures here...But what's wif the cutleries?
Sorry guys, no food tis time...wuakakaka....Taking food pics is still my passion but tis time im gonna switch a lil' towards the utensils...Well, sis got tis simple yet meaningful gifts from church some time ago...each of it carried a those words printed on the card. Yea, i m malnutrished...if u r running out of $ to buy good pressies, why not considering giving out ur used cutleries...wuakakaka!

shitzzz...there r things pilling up for me to catch up yet i m still happily bloging over here...darn!

gtg, yea MIA again...will b back again...


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