Thursday, March 30, 2017


This is an outdated post coz the pics have been sitting in my phone for long until recently being downloaded to my local drive.
It was still CNY back then, so we had ready-made yee sang. We added in pieces of fresh salmon bought from AEON....the salmon cuts were thicker, it feels like eating sashimi yee sang!
we had the usual veggie dish...nope, it wasn't vegetarian...coz it has abalones ;-)
and for Chinese - the prawns symbolizes happiness. Someone in the family couldn't take prawns due to allergic issue,  so we dun cook much of these.
and lastly, top up with KFC....finger lickin' good! 
and Lotus Root soup to complete off the meal
there it goes, our humble meal sometime ago...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Restoran Thai Tomyum Kung

My lunch buddy spotted a nice Malay Thai restaurant in Precinct Diplomatic (Putrajaya) and decided to bring us there to try out.
We happily obliged coz it is something 'new' and exciting
This place was crowded when we reached. Most customer were from the nearby government offices. We quickly find a table and placed our orders.
The food came after awhile. I ordered kuey teow ladna. Tastewise not bad, very much like the Cantonese 'wat tan hor' noodles
another colleague ordered Tomyum fried rice...presentation was nice and colorful
and thai style fried noodle...
let's dig in...
and for sharing, we had mango sticky rice...the mangoes were sweet and paired well with the sticky rice...I dun mind ordering this again for my next visit ;-)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Plated by the Pinky Brothers

We had a hard time deciding on what to eat on a Friday lunch in IOI City Mall...So a colleague suggested that we try out this new place...
Its name is funny - 'The Plated by the Pinky Brothers'...
I wonder who are the Pinky bros...
this space was previously occupied by M.A.D  (previously blogged here).
The Plated has a totally different interior with its 'loft-interior-concept'
here's the menu
It offers a variety of western meal and fusion Asian rice set. Click the picture for a sneak of its price range.
I ordered the safest choice - grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce.
food quality and presentation-wise not bad, and they have macho waiters waiters dressing as macho man to serve u....

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

This post is all about FOOD!!!
Warning: Make sure u r not on empty stomach before continuing.
Recently, I hav been on a 'makan spree'....
nomm nomm nommm nommmm and more nommm nommmmssss
my waistline, butt, thigh (basically everywhere) hav grew inches bigger...all thanks to those people around who 'ajak' me for makan. I'm putting the blame to everyone, xcept myself ;-)
My colleague was craving for this Nasi Kandar & Briyani place, so I tagged along. They ordered a few side dishes with their meal...and I helped myself to the fried bitter gourd & papadams on top of my already high calorie briyani rice with 'ayam masak merah'. Their curry flooded biryani is just so irresistible!
then, on the same week, we headed to Kenny Rogers for their RM10 chicken meal, consists of rice, choco muffin and quarter chicken (spicy flavor) was a great deal unless u couldn't take on spicy food.
a few days later, while at home my sis ta-pau a variety of dimsum for nice and full that I continued to sleep after having this!
 and the biggest sin of all....the buffet lunch that my mum invited me....we had plenty of satays, ice kacang, cendol, etc etc
I had food coma after that....

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Birthday Meal @ Sushi Zento

This was wayyyyyy back in Dec....
it was a birthday meal treat from sis....being thick-skin, I helped myself by ordering kaw-kaw...
Here's mine: Tempura and sashimi rice set...
 meanwhile she ordered tempura with soba noodles
 look at these raw raw, so fresh, so soft, so tantalising! that sensation is just indescribable! **it's a fact, i'm not over-reacting
 back in the office on Monday, I got my B'day present from the company.
Guess what I got???
super strength & powerful washing powder...
we can request for anything based on the budget given per head (even underwear!)
being aunty-ish, i prefer to have something that can be utilised rather than memorabilia items ;-)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Whisky on the Rocks

It was supposed to be a fullmoon party for a colleague's daughter...but it ended up as a drinking session for us after the party has over....
The nite was still the host opened up a brand new whisky which he bought in one of his biz trip...and we helped ourselves without 'inviting' (aka self-invite)
 look at those shinny 'rocks'...these are ice-cubes frozen non-edible cubes to cool the drink without diluting it.
we look forward to more events @ his house so that we can 'self-invite' to another round of drinking session and helped ourselves with his 'collection'....wuahahaha!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Newstart Charity Run @ PJ

This was a charity event co-organised by the Adventist Community Services, AENON and SRKK.
The run was held on 5 March @ Dataran PJ...
Since my company is paying for the registration fees, i just joined for fun & to get the freebies...
It started at 7am, but me and colleagues were already there by 6:30am...
the skies was still dark, i feel like wanting to crawl back to my bed
Over at the field, the place was 'flooded' by us 'pinkies'
 here's the starting point..directly facing Amcorp Mall....
 we run for 6km around the area...passing by some office buildings and hotels. Not much traffic in the early Sunday morning.
 the latest 'office tower' in PJ...the 'Pinnacle'
 i was so leisurely enjoying my run and still got time to snap picture here & there (like a tourist)....
nevertheless i still 'watched' my time and made it to the finishing point within the 'stipulated time'....for the sake of getting a medal....
okie....accomplished my 6km run!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lunch @ Tea Garden again...

This was one of my lunches in Tea Garden. By now we are almost a regular in Tea Garden.
the outlet in IOI City has promotion for tenants or office workers who work within the IOI city building/towers....It was either RM9.90 or RM10.90 for a set meal with a choice of main meal & dessert of the day.
 The day i went, they offered the black glutinous rice dessert (bubur pulut hitam)...
sweet as it is....not to my liking. I prefer the taufufa more.
 and i tend to order the beef rendang nasi lemak...coz their rendang is superbly good!
i dun mind ordering this over and over again in my next visit...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lazy Saturday Lunch

Here is one of my lazy Saturday lazy that I dun wan to get out of the house, but instead ordered a delivery from Shogun2U. It was running a promotion back then at 50% discount (or isit 40%) on all Japanese food items...since the minimum order is RM20, I hav to order at least 3 boxes to meet the mark. Averagely each of these bento boxes are about RM9++ after the discount.
From top - bottom: chicken karaage, chicken teriyaki, salmon fish rice set.
Pricewise considered reasonable after the discount, tastewise so-so only...Best eaten upon delivery, otherwise gotta reheat.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Isetan the Japan Store

by now i m sure u hav seen/heard of the newly refurbished Isetan in Lot10.
 It has been opened for business for months now since their total makeover....
When it was first 'launched', many praised it for it's uniquely 'Japan' store....some claimed that it is very similar to those in Japan (not sure which)
Anyhow....i'd say some items sold here are very 'odd' to terms of price, some are very 'premium' indeed.
Call me jakun, but this is the first time i'm seeing 'vege charge powder'
 i guess the powder are extracted from real food and hydrated into powder form so that u can store it longer. Perhaps also another form of 'eating' (for those who can't take solid food).
 at the Ground floor, they are plenty of food counters/section, similar to the Gardens 'underground connection' floor, where u get to dine ala foodcourt. 
And u also got to sample some japanese food during weekend.
 boxes of fresh sushi....and sashimis
 and assorted cookies nicely presented and packaged as gifts.
 not cheap....zoom in for the price.
premium cookies...
i wish i could get one into my mouth....heheheh!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thank you for your service...VPMYN39

In case u hav no idea what is VPMYN39...well, that is my working laptop...It has served me well for the past 1.5 years, until the screen got 'infected' with black dots and gradually spread/expand like spores...
So, the manager immediately placed an order for a new laptop for me...and within weeks i m doin the tedious transfer of data from one to another...
 done with backup and restore...test run checked...ok, it's time to let go...
farewell VPMYN39...& thank u for ur service!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chicken Rice @ Hainan Express

Sometime ago I ordered a set of chicken rice without having to pay.......
 the presentation is boost up my appetite when the pieces are well arranged!
tender chicken meat, so nice, so succulent...yumzzzzz
anyhow...someone has paid for it in poins...i jst gotta eat....wuahaha!
by the way this place is @ Genting casino....patrons can pay in poins to have meal.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...