Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On On Bak Kut Teh

Had tis some time ago. Was craving for something soupy and meaty....and this stall was still open around 9pm plus, so I ended up here accidently while on my way back home.
Ordered a claypot BKT for 1 pax and it came out with a huge one...There was a lot of meat in there, mostly lean pork meat and ribs coz I dun eat other sort of organs...
standard KL price around RM12-13 per pax (can't remember), good enuff to fill up the stomach, but nothing great to shout about.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Shogun2U Delivery again...

Some time before CNY, we were all busy with spring cleaning the house. Instead of goin out for tapau or quick lunch, we had food delivered to our doorstep!
Shogun2u was having some sort of promotion back then, around 30% discount on certain items, so I ordered:
sweet & sour fish rice
 kam heong chicken rice
 and herbal chicken leg rice
 there goes our lunch!
Service was good, food arrived on-time and these were still warm when they arrived.
Each of these would cost around RM10-12 (after discounted), not sure about the latest price now~~
worth to try if there's a promotion ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Can't wait to berbuka puasa....

Ramadan could be one of the exciting month...especially for foodie like me coz I got to 'sapu' the bazaar in the evening with various local delicacies.
My must have items are murtabak, satay, rendang, nasi tomato....etc....
and not to forget nasi lemak
The below was taken last year, where I had this plate of nasi lemak at dirt cheap RM2 (this was not from the bazaar)
 and I sometimes also tapau the nasi lemak with fried chicken....The below was bought from student canteen at RM4.50
and I kinda miss this McD foldover, which I dun see it in McD yet, as they seem to be promoting Nasi McD these days.
it might look soggy here, but it taste good and quite filing.
thinking of Ramadan bazaar...it's time to drop by again...probably this weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My late nite dinner/supper

I was famished after work and wanted to eat up an elephant....
It was over 10pm and most eateries already closed. There wasn't much choice left except a few - Old Town, Papparich, 24-hour McD/KFC.
But I wasn't keen on dining in a franchised eatery, so I hunted for some other kopitiam that opens 24 hour (or at least till midnite). There is one in the neighbourhood, situated in the shoplot next to a busy junction & facing Bank Islam.
I quickly parked my car nearby and ordered a big prawn noodles (RM7.50)
 and a few pieces of yong tau foo at RM1.60 per piece.
The ytf was served in a dark broth, not sure what they put in it that made it dark, but it tastes just like any normal msg soup.
 there goes my feast!
After that, went home with a satisfied tummy :-)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Curry Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

This might look like some ordinary curry mee from kopitiam, but behold this is definitely not an ordinary curry mee....
It is curry pan mee from the popular chilli pan mee outlet.
Yea, yours truly finally decided to try out other items from the usual chili pan mee....
And never regretted it.
This bowl of curry pan mee is loaded with 2 huge taupok, sautéed long beans, and generous portions of their 5-spiced pork chop cutlets. The springly pan mee pairs well with the very thick curry ~ so lemak!
after this 'lemak' meal, I decided to burn off the calories by doing a window shopping...
Was happy to see these raya cookies up for sale as early as a week before the Ramadan starts (*this was last week punya story~~)
 seeing these cookies brings out the festivities atmosphere to this almost 'dead' hypermarket.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sushi Mentai

Sushi Mentai outlet has been around the neighborhood for quite some time, but I have yet to get any chance to dine there due to difficulty to get a parking space...and long wait (for dine in).
 One fine 'weekday' afternoon I decided to try my luck.....managed to 'secure' a seat since I was dining solo. There were still people queuing outside but those are 2-3 persons groups.
I did not browse the menu, coz i dun intend to order from the kitchen. My purpose is to try out their sushi from the conveyor belt. Brisk business in this outlet as the chefs were all busy preparing fresh sushi and keep reloading the plates to the conveyor belt.
I had this prawn tempura sushi
a potato salad (superbly good!)
and whole loads of other sushis.....no need to describe here....
 I ended up with 7 plates: 5 reds + 2 yellows.
Price: RM2.90 for red, RM1.90 for yellow.
After GST and service charge my meal is RM21.70.
price is reasonable for a filling sushi meal, but can't expect much on the quality as it was just so-so, similar to 'Sushi King' standard.
This outlet is nearby schools and seems like a popular place for students to get cheap sushi fix. It was a quick meal for me (around half an hour) coz the place was crowded and the queue outside was getting longer...
  after this, I tapau chicken rice from the nearby 'Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant' for dinner. This box of plain chicken rice with tauge costs RM 7.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Recently, I discovered another new restaurant in the neighbourhood, so I thought of giving it a try. It may not be new, as I noticed it like 2-3 months ago (could be longer). Looking from the menu, it looks like this place offers a variety of Japanese food, except sushi.
 and it came with affordable prices..
They have meal sets from RM16.80 - RM18.80 nett.
You can choose to have noodles set (mostly udon)
or the rice set
the meal sets are available from 12pm-3pm, weekdays only
and if u dun opt for the set meal, you can choose the ala-carte rice, but the price dun differ much (only by RM2-3 compared to set meal)
 initially I wanted to have ramen, but looking at the meal sets I decided to change my mind coz those are more value-for-money.
 I ordered the chicken katsu curry omurice set, which comes with miso soup, chawanmushi, potato salad and watermelon. The green tea is also included, and it's free-flow.
it was a filling meal with huge rice portion.
This is a no-pork outlet similar to Yoshinoya, but much cheaper and more value-for-money coz in Yoshinoya a set meal like this (minus the potato salad, chawanmushi and watermelon) already costs RM20++
Tastewise similar standard to Yoshinoya, but it's a restaurant concept where you'll be served by waiter instead of ordering at the counter.
Ambience wise, so-so only, but you can have free wifi for as long as u can!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Foods from various franchise restaurants

I've been dining/buying foods from various franchise restaurants lately, mostly fast-food.
Last week itself, i had fried chicken from.....well, u know it from the picture below
 i can't get enuff of their honey butter biscuit so i purchased a box of 6 for RM10 (or somewhere around RM10.20 ~)
 then one late evening, i had my dinner at Ol' Town again (coz all other places were closed). I ordered a pan mee soup. Since this is a halal version, u dun expect to see lard or minced pork and thus the taste was also abit 'off'.
 And as the hype goes on, yours truly also had the burger nasi lemak. In fact i purposely went to ta-pau the burger from the drive thru on the first day it was launched! *kiasu-mode on
 Nothing fancy about this burger. It does taste like the regular nasi lemak with fried chicken, but missing ikan bilis (anchovies) and kacang (peanuts)  
and i tink it should be served with some sirap bandung or fizzy syrup drinks rather than 100Plus...

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Steamboat for 2 @ Resort Seafood Restaurant

Sometime ago (Oct 2016), we had steamboat at Resort Seafood again coz we want to fully utilise our free voucher.
The portion has shrunk as compared to our previous visit
We ordered steamboat for 2 pax and these were served
Nevertheless it was an enjoyable meal coz i got to play masak-masak at the table and mix&match with various condiments.
*yea, i'm a big kiddo
the usual soup base - chicken soup & tom yum soup
Nice to eat during cool weather....

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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