Thursday, May 10, 2018


Recently, I discovered another new restaurant in the neighbourhood, so I thought of giving it a try. It may not be new, as I noticed it like 2-3 months ago (could be longer). Looking from the menu, it looks like this place offers a variety of Japanese food, except sushi.
 and it came with affordable prices..
They have meal sets from RM16.80 - RM18.80 nett.
You can choose to have noodles set (mostly udon)
or the rice set
the meal sets are available from 12pm-3pm, weekdays only
and if u dun opt for the set meal, you can choose the ala-carte rice, but the price dun differ much (only by RM2-3 compared to set meal)
 initially I wanted to have ramen, but looking at the meal sets I decided to change my mind coz those are more value-for-money.
 I ordered the chicken katsu curry omurice set, which comes with miso soup, chawanmushi, potato salad and watermelon. The green tea is also included, and it's free-flow.
it was a filling meal with huge rice portion.
This is a no-pork outlet similar to Yoshinoya, but much cheaper and more value-for-money coz in Yoshinoya a set meal like this (minus the potato salad, chawanmushi and watermelon) already costs RM20++
Tastewise similar standard to Yoshinoya, but it's a restaurant concept where you'll be served by waiter instead of ordering at the counter.
Ambience wise, so-so only, but you can have free wifi for as long as u can!


mun said...

Value for money indeed. I have not notice this eatery because I seldom go to Sri Petaling anymore due to parking availability. Let me click on your photos of the menu to look for salmon fish.

mun said...

I think I will go try the salmon egg curry because I don't like teriyaki sauce which is usually too sweet for me.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

If I spot a new place, I will go try out...

Small Kucing said...

sounds like pretty good to me. Yes, i eat a lot of rice LOL

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