Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ménage à trois

I was so totally engrossed into Adam that i felt like there is kinda ménage à trois between me, him and his glambert life. Pardon me for such a wrong usage of the word. The ‘fever’ is still on, and no-no-no-nobody kn-kn-knows when it can stop lingering around my head. I must be crazy for letting this whole sensation struck me. But it was kinda impressive to know of someone’s past and doubts only to find out that he has been so successful nowadays due to his years of efforts in getting ready and polishing his vocals and looks. I’m glad to see how much he has groomed into an adorable person, if only i were him...

Been thinking alot lately, of my future plan. Just exactly tht thing he thought when he was 19 (and out of school). Well, i hav been out of school for long, and still shaping my career, life has been good if i m not demanding much. But is that what i want in life? Big question mark. Lord, please enlighten me!

Hmmn, am now tinking of colorin’ my nails black...or enrol myself in a MTV dancing class or perhaps have a visit to LA (to experience the culture that shapes his personality). I can’t be like him, but why not gets ‘closer’ like him?

It’s just impossible to not think of him...just like in this oldie...a soothing and outfashion song but still nice to listen on a Sunday evening.

How about this? Such a clever usage of strong words to depict affection towards a person.

I must be out of my mind.

Funktioniert nicht

Came back to work after a pathetic one day leave. Felt surprised for being noticed after a day of absence.

I was late tis morning (by office hour standard). It was 8:20 when i walked past my boss and he happily greeted me – ‘Good Morning!’. Opsss! Caught.

And i replied: harlo...(hiding my embarassment)

Then, a colleague walks in. I just did my usual glance...being a shy person i dun usually greet ppl. Then surprisingly she said ‘welcome back!’

And so i replied: hi...(but my head still spinning with arrrh? coz i was still in sleepy mode and can’t think of a proper word to reply this)

One my way to the loo, walk past another colleague, smiled at her and she greeted me with ‘Good morning’. Rare one coz i dun expect her to greet me at all.

And my replied: ...... (speechless)

With all the wrong kind of response that i had, I conclude 100% tht my brain can’t function well in the morning.

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