Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Al Diafah @ Sri Petaling

It has been some time since I last had middle eastern food. Last time, me & colleagues would drive to Precinct Diplomatik (Putrajaya) to have lunch in 'Mr Kebab & Briyani' restaurant. We had that almost quarterly, and I look forward to that.
Instead of going all the way to south, there's also a restaurant serving similar cuisine right in my neighborhood. 
Despite, my last visit to this restaurant was more than a decade ago. That time i was with company visitors from Egypt/Turkey as it was a corporate lunch.
Back then, this restaurant occupied both the ground floor and upper floor. The ground floor sells imported dates and all sorts of baklava.
Nowadays, they still sell dates & baklava but in a smaller scale and it only occupy the upper floor now.
I spotted this genie lamp nearby the counter....
and its 'partner' lamp. Very aesthetic!
Mirror mirror on the wall with nice detailed carved frame. A 'khat writing' can be seen from the reflection.
Some posters...I enjoyed looking at these pictures coz they look like some candid moment captured in paintings.
Now, the interior.....
This place is so exquisitely decorated, it feels like dining in a middle-eastern palace!
Looking at the wall decorative, ceiling lamps and furniture, i believe these costs a bomb!
It feel so 'atas' with such lavish decorations. But not-to-worry, the food price is not that 'atas' (depends on what you order).
I ordered a hummus which 'unexpectedly' came with 3 pieces of naan bread. I thought the hummus is ala-carte (without the bread) coz the restaurant in Putrajaya does not serve with bread😅
Anyway, 3 pieces of bread is definitely too much carbs for me coz i had ordered rice too. So, gotta tapao the bread.
My 'target' is to try their hummus.
The hummus was nicely presented, don't you think so?
It looks like some sort of table decoration than edible food😂
[Below] Mendy rice with chicken leg.
Tender meat and easy to chew. Rice is fluffy and light, like basmati. Both are up to standard. I would order this again next time.
My 'over-ordered' food (coz i didn't expect the bread to be served along hummus)
This extravagant meal costs only RM33.65nett in an 'atas' restaurant with quiet and peaceful ambience😀
And yes, I went there on a Christmas evening.
[Below] KL skyline after an evening downpour.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Up To You Signature Kopitiam @ Sri Petaling

Growling stomach: Where to go for dinner today?
Exhausted brain: I can't think much already, up to you lor....
OK, so i went to Up To You Kopitiam😄
Ordered a 'capalang' curry noodles coz the brain can't think much, so 'sapu' everything - roasted pork, prawns and chicken all in one bowl.
a meaty curry noodles and the price is somewhat above RM20++
fresh bouncy prawns, succulent and tender chicken meat, and flavorful roasted pork. Syioknyer!
Curry tastes OK, not too thick nor spicy. Suitable for all ages.
But the signboard looks like some nightclub in the 60's/70's😂

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Flying Fish @ Oistins, Barbados

Barbados is known as "the land of the flying fish" which is also a national symbol of the country. So, off we went to try this fish!
The popular flying fish shops are located in Oistins, which is a seaside town not far from Rockley.
These stretch of shops are selling flying fish, but we aimed for the one with the longest queue.
The driver parked his car behind a KFC restaurant and we have to walk past this stage before reaching that famous shop.
It is a huge stage in between the stretch of shops, nearby the beach. This place must be quite happening with stage shows during the weekend.
[Below] The menu board. They also have mahi-mahi (dolphin) too. Nope, i haven't try that yet. So far, I only had flying fish and marlin.
This town is famous for its fish market too.
The main street is even decorated with lights in fish shape.
Berinda Cox fish market, which opens in the morning.
Here's my meal - 2 huge pieces of deep fried flying fish with rice&peas and mac salad. Very high carb and protein meal!
I have been eating potatoes and fries for the past few days, therefore i chose rice and mac instead😂
Tender boneless fish with texture like cooked sardines, but in crispy deep fried outer layer. A tasty meal. Super full after finishing these.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Midam Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

Previously in this blog, I have mentioned of wanting to try out this Korean restaurant. Well, that was years ago, before COVID. 
After then, it was totally forgotten until recently. I thought i should 'revive' my wishlist this year😂
I saw this lunch set menu at the entrance staircase. The restaurant is located at the upper floor.
It occupies the entire upper floor of the corner shoplot, hence is quite spacious.
Ample tables and large dining space, there's also a play room for kids.
During the day, this place is quite stuffy due to the glass window that is not tinted nor well-shaded. Not to mention the place is spacious and it definitely need lots of fans and powerful airconds to cool down the place.
Anyway, let's focus back to the food.
7 types of banchans are served with the set lunch.
There is also refillable Korean barley tea included.
The main meal - bibimbap
Quite a 'vegetarian' meal, except for a few pieces of fishcakes in one of the banchan.
A very filling meal, bibimbap tastes OK, up to standard. Gochujang is provided separately so can mix into the rice bowl according to your preference. Overall worth goin if you are super hungry but wanted to feast on meatless Korean food😃

Friday, April 19, 2024

Pie in the Sky @ Skytropolis Genting Highlands

A pizza shop in Skytropolis. This is a hidden spot at the indoor theme park which no one notices, unless you happen to queue there for the rides😂
This shop sells pizza, soft drinks and ice-cream. Simple menu consisting of 8 pizza flavors.
I ordered the seafood pizza which has crabstick and onion.
Waited 10-15 minutes for this. It came out piping hot with melting cheese....
Just right in front of this pizza shop is this colorful and bright but chaotic view....
While enjoying my pizza, there were nearby people screaming on top of their lungs, clinging to their dear life with those scary rides (definitely not from the ferris wheel). 
It was from those rides that flung people at high speed or spin them upside down 360 degrees, which are not for beginner! I don't think i can take those rides. My heart will jump out😱

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Sun Thai Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

This halal Thai restaurant opens till midnite. It is located along the stretch of bars/bistros in the neighborhood commercial area.
Occupying 2 large shoplots, it has ample dining spaces and is quite spacious. 
The interior has bright & vibrant colours.
I tried their minced basil chicken rice (pad kaprao) and fish cakes. It definitely will not go wrong with these.
The minced basil chicken is just nice, with light spiciness. I wish the portion could be bigger. Luckily I had fish cakes to go with my rice.
Total for this meal is RM31.10nett after 10% service charge and 6% service tax.
Meal was OK, ambience is nice too. Good for family dining as the place is huge.

Monday, April 15, 2024

D'Nats Sri Petaling

First time trying D'Nats despite this stall has been around for quite some time. It is an established Malay warung that sells breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning it opens throughout the day.
It was lunch time and i went there to try the set meal - Daging salai masak lemak rice set which came with an ice syrup drink.
It has been some time since i last had daging salai masak lemak. I used to tapao Malay nasi campur with ayam masak lemak from the campus student canteen located nearby my ex-office. It was way cheaper back then (coz it was student price although I'm not a student).
This daging salai masak lemak gravy is quite mild with light spiciness and turmeric taste. The beef has light smokey taste almost undetected, so it was just so-so. Maybe this is not their specialty.
The rice is also served with salted fish, lettuce and slices of cucumber.
My rating: 6/10
[Below] Deep fried spring roll with chili sauce coating from D'Nats.
It was just so-so.
Nasi Lemak Tawaf
Nearby the stall there is another famous nasi lemak stall - Nasi Lemak Tawaf.
It is usually crowded and long queue in the morning. Despite, the nasi lemak is just another mediocre one, there are better ones out there. But if you fancy kerang, sotong, mutton, beef, chicken rendang in the morning, this is the place to get it.
Good Morning Cafe
Minced pork loushifun (rat tail noodle/silver needle noodle) from Good Morning cafe. 
I like the minced pork on top of this loushifun. 
This bowl with luncheon meat costs RM9.80 nett.
I also tried minced pork kuey teow from this same shop. Price is same as loushifun.
Pasar Malam
Colorful siumai, fish balls & fish cakes from the night market. RM10.
This stall sells siumai with different flavors - black pepper, otak otak, teochew, tomyum, mushroom etc.
Vegetarian noodles from Foloso.
It has braised tofu, mushrooms with soy skin, egg and bok choy.
This set came with soup and drink. I had the calamansi drink.
The meal costs RM20.70nett

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

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