Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Family Mart Green Tea IceCream

It was a hot sunny afternoon...I was craving for something soothing and cold, then I chanced upon this mart...and I saw people queuing for the cheesecake & green tea icecream....
my 'conscience' tells me to get one...
and there it goes...I parted with RM3.90 for a green tea flavor... 
ahhhHHHHHaahHHHH!!!! so soothing & refreshing!!!!!
me likey!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sukiya Chicken Ramen set

Had this for lunch in Sukiya. Kinda value-for-money set. The set comes with a glass of green tea (option: iced/without ice), 3 pcs of gyoza, miso soup and the chicken ramen itself. All these for RM17.90.
The only drawback is that ur stomach will be full of liquid (soup & drinks) after the meal :-)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bulgogi @ Mi Na Rae

By now, I considered myself a regular in Mi Na Rae restaurant. It is a family run business and the chefs are Korean. Despite being a BBQ restaurant, most customers ordered some other items in the menu. The menu ranges from pajeon, kimchi fried rice, samgaetang, Korean noodles, tteokbokki, various ala-carte dishes etc. It doesn't seem to have any specialization, but I would normally have my bulgogi 'fix' in this restaurant, coz it has the closest taste to the one I had in Korea sometime ago.
It is cooked with beef, with generous servings of glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, carrots, onions etc...
If u hav read my previous post, this place serves up to 10 banchans (2 of them being kimchis), and those are not crappy banchans...Plus, they are kind enuff to even offer u a refill (of all the 10s!) without you requesting.
Yea, tis place is definitely the place to head for when I m super hungry!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some other food i had in Genting

This giant bowl of premium curry noodles was taken in Hou Mei restaurant, located in the newly opened Sky Casino. I did not pay for this, someone paid this by points ;-)
 the bowl was so huge (hard to estimate from this picture) but it can easily feed 2 average eaters. It was loaded with 6-7 fresh prawns, lotsa chicken pieces, lotsa taupok, fishcakes, beansprout, long beans and a huge portion of beehoon. I regret of attempting 'solo' on this huge noodle. Nevertheless, it wasn't spicy, kinda mild and suit my tastebud.
 On another occasion, I had lunch at Ming Ren restaurant (located nearby Maxim & Genting Grand hotel). We ordered scallop tofu, sweet & sour chicken, and vegetarian fried rice. It was an enjoyable meal except that the fried rice is too oily.
and if u r wondering how does the newly opened Sky Casino looks like, here's a panoramic view from the first floor.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Pablo has opened another branch in IOI City since two (or maybe 3) months back. Over the time, the outlet has some promotional item going on.
Last month was this Chocolate Cheese tart (original price: RM50, after discount: RM25). So I decided to give it a try. The size is about a personal pan pizza (around there), and I was given some freebies too - a mini green packet of cheese (I tink) and a small cookie (both shown in the background). Both of the freebies are still sitting in my fridge.
First time trying Pablo, the crust is kinda different from Hokkaido or Tokyo's Secret. It's flaky. Not sure if the smaller version is also having the same flaky texture (?)....
Anyway, I felt like eating choc mousse, coz I dun taste any cheesy-ness in there.
This month they are having Green Tea Cheesetart at the same promotional price (RM25), but I tink I will just skip that. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Korean Banchan & Pajeon

I've been so 'quiet' in the blogosphere lately, coz...
i was....
just too lazy
busy with other things
have more important things to attend
so not in the mood for blogging
well, there is no specific reason, but all the excuses reasons above does in a way of putting me into a dormant state.
Yes, it's another busy month, much worse than May....I tink i gonna be busy till end of October (hopefully!)...and yea.....i'm kinda stressed with works...chasing over deadlines and all.
Anyway, here's a lil' colorful meal of banchans to cheer me up. When yours truly is stressed, she got a BIG APPETITE!
 and on top of the main meal (not sure what was that already, i tink some cold noodles), yours truly also finished the entire seafood pajeon...
binge eating is just so awesome!
 anyway, another lil' thing to give a pat on my shoulder. This badge that i 'earned' from the certification that i took last year...nothing extraordinary, in fact there is nothing valuable about this badge, it doesn't get u with a bigger bonus or higher salary
only extra responsibilities to shoulder upon & more works to come...
till then, see u when i see u :-)

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