Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Night Fountain @ Towncenter, Costa del Este, Panama

[Throwback, continuation of the previous post
The Project Manager came back to Panama City from Nevis and collected his luggage from my apartment. He was schedule to fly back to the UK the following morning.
So, me and Mr-Nice-Guy decided to have our farewell dinner with him, as we may not have the chance to hangout together in-person again. All 3 of us are based in different continents, separated by oceans😂
After our heavy buffet meal at Brazzeiro, we decided to try out this ice-cream/yogurt shop (forgot the name) and this was the Project Manager's treat.
I chose 'Arequipe' and 'Avellana' flavors, not knowing what flavors are these during that time, these are local flavors that Mr-Nice-Guy chose😂. Being 'illiterate' in Spanish, I just followed what he had.
some unusual flavors that you couldn't find in our Baskin Robbins!
We tried to finish our ice-cream....but was too full (after the meaty buffet). Then to digest off the calories, we went for a short walk around the open area in Town Center shopping mall to enjoy the lights and fountains. Romantic eh? haha!
This fountain is much bigger scale than our Putrajaya IOI City mall 'The Symphony Walk'.
and with better lights spectrum
plus bigger pond too. It's the size of a roundabout. Well, it is actually a roundabout.
Does this view looks fascinating?
The fountain is located right in-front of the main entrance to the Town Center mall.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bai Wei Minibowl @ Sri Petaling

Bai Wei Minibowl is my go-to place whenever i want to have a quick late nite dinner.
During my first visit, i tried 3 dishes.
[Below] This dish no need intro....i like fatty pork so much!
[Below] This is sambal okra with deep fried dory
and the last dish is mapo tofu which is spicy and oily (not recommended)
Total price for all these including rice is RM21.20
A satisfying meal despite the price is on the high side compared to normal chapfan. But well, that's the price to pay for convenience and if you want to have some homely warm dishes at late nite/midnite😂
During my second visit, I tried some other stuffs.
I had kangkung belacan, tomato omelet and twice cooked pork, which is basically just pork slices cooked with chili, garlic and onion with some dark soy sauce.
This time the price is slightly cheaper (RM18), coz 2 of them are non-meat dish.
The third time, i m repeating some of the dishes i had during my first & second visit, coz there were tasty.
I had tomato omelet, sambal okra and pork belly.
I finally sign-up to become member after that and was given a free herbal drink (on my next visit).
On-and-off there are free gift for members. The recent free gift is 'Sichuan chicken' dish which i have yet to claim.
[Below, throwback] Family Mart butterscotch soft-serve that i claimed FOC during my birthday month.
Sweet, and tasty.
I also tried out custard oyaki bun, which has custard filing. Tastewise ok-la. FM buns are always fluffy & light.
On certain days where i don't feel like eating chili pan mee in Super Kitchen Pan Mee shop, I would order this pork chop pan mee which is not spicy (unless you add chili flakes from the jar). It is merely kon-lou pan mee with dark soy sauce with pork chop and crispy fuchuk. Warm and filling with 'cangkuk manis' soup.
Two Pesos lunch rice set. If solo steamboat is not your thing, you can always go for their rice meal.
The rice set was previously served on a bento box but now that have use a rectangular plate that is smaller in size compared to that bento box - shrinkflation!
I had the chicken popcorn plate which came with braised egg, some pickled veggies and Taiwanese sausage. A small bowl of seaweed soup is provided too. RM12.90++ (or RM14.20nett after service charge & tax)

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Cheras Flat Fish Noodles @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Went to this restaurant twice. When it was firstly opened, this place was so crowded so i decided to go there on a weekday non-peak hour. Such a contrast with only 2 tables occupied.
Got myself a window seat, so that i could enjoy the 'roadside' view while slurping my noodles😂
Each table has sauces (chili sauce, soy sauce), Chinese wine in the jar and toothpicks, apart from the chopsticks.
My order: Premium grouper with thick vermicelli. I added some wine into the noodle for more kicks....
Sourish soup with 5 pieces of grouper fish. Quite nice.
There's alot of soup in this bowl of noodle. I did not finish the soup.
On my second visit, I had fish paste in milky soup.
There is also 5 pieces of fish paste.
Tastewise ok-la, i prefer grouper fish more😋

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Walked past this shop several times, it never cross my mind to try out their bak kut teh coz it isn't cheap.
Their BKT is slightly pricier than the usual and the portion is much smaller...
Well, that's the price to pay if you want to dine in a comfy environment with air-condition, marble dining tables and chairs, smoke-free shop and fancy interior decor😂
One day, I decided to try it for the sake of curiosity. Just to compare the taste with the usual KL version BKT to see if the price is justifiable. I ordered a pork belly meat, youtiao, and a plate of tofu with Thai chili sauce. All these are ala carte, so i have to order the rice separately.
Everything came in small bowls and plates, like kid's size portion. The only thing that have decent portion is the youtiao😂
The main dish - pork belly BKT has a mix of fatty and lean meats, so it is acceptable to me.
I couldn't recall if i see any option to have a mix of few parts like ribs, pork face, organs, etc in the same 'pot'. It is only one part per 'pot'.
Tastewise ok-la, just ordinary and nothing impressive except for the price.
The BKT soup tastes light (compared to the usual ones), not much herb taste, more like a diluted version of those BKT sold outside. 
Total bill came to RM42.90nett after service charge and tax.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Thai Chala, Jojo Panmee and Good Morning Cafe

I have been to Thai Chala a few times, this time i tried their green curry coz it has been over a year plus since i last had this dish.
There were 4 pieces of chicken, Thai basil, cut chilis, mint leaves and a few pieces of bottle gourds. There isn't any eggplant in it. The ingredients are quite simple and not many. This dish was served with white rice and fried egg topping.
It has thick santan flavor and was on the sweet side. I'm not into sweet-type curry with thick santan, so no more green curry for me next time.
Total bill is RM26.30nett after tax and service charge.
Tried out the stall at the open parking lot nearby Pinnacle.
This stall is known as 'Good Morning Cafe'. Such as nice name for a makeshift stall. It opens from morning 8am till 3pm evening.
I went there around noon, there were already a few groups of office workers (from nearby offices/banks) dined in during lunch time. Despite, there were quite alot of ample seating as the stall occupies quite a large area at the parking lot corner.
I ordered a bowl of wanton in soup (RM6 for 5 pieces of wantons) and a bowl of lo shu fun (rat tail noodle) with minced pork, fried egg and spam (RM9.80)
Here's a closer look at the lo shu fun. It is chewy (qq) and slippery.
Many years ago when i was in kindergarten, a mischievous boy scares everyone by saying that the 'lo shu fun' is made of actual rat tail. The kids were horrified and did not touch/eat the lo shu fun prepared by the kitchen. While i was skeptical (half believing it is true), i still finished the entire bowl with gusto coz i have big appetite😂
Heck cares about rat, lizard, snake or what....i just whack it!
I felt sorry for those food that were wasted by other kids.
A day before CNY eve, i went to eat panmee at Jojo's....
While people usually go lousang, i only eat panmee😂
I tried their pork panmee....it has pork balls, minced pork and pork slices...so porky!
This bowl of panmee costs RM13.55nett.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

House of Pok @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

I went to House of Pok for the second time, to try out more dishes.
This time i choose '1 meat dish + 1 veg dish' set meal.
For veg dish, i had asam sauce okra. The sauce has pork lard cubes as topping. Tangy and sourish with slightly spicy sauce, similar to those used in asam steamed fish. Quite an appetizing dish.
Mui choy pork belly is in the recommended list in the menu. So, i'm not giving it a miss!
It has peanuts, mui choy (preserved veg) and a mix of lean and fatty pork belly meat.
The gravy is flavorful and nice to eat with rice.
The mini side dishes on the saucer are pickled cucumber, onion and carrots & deep fried crispy beancurd sheet which are refillable (one time refill only).
I took the soy sauce and chopped garlic which are available at the self-service communal side table that kept all the sauces, serviette and cutleries.
Total price for this meal is RM19.60nett after tax & service charge.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

CNY 2024

On Chor 2, we had our family dinner at Flower Girl in Pavilion BJ. It serves western fusion food.
Here's our order:
Grilled chicken breast salad (RM20.80++)
'Flower Girl Bowl' (RM28.80++)
Despite the name 'bowl', it was actually served on a plate. This chicken chop is fusion between Indian/western with vadai, dhal and chickpeas with quinoa.
Chicken chop in Hoisin sauce (RM25.80++)
The chicken chop was tender and well marinated. Lots of veggies - coleslaw, salad and grilled mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). There is mashed potato beneath the chicken chop.
Total bill came to RM147.30nett inclusive of service charge and tax.
FOC free flow lemon-infused-water provided for each table, hence we did not order any drink.
Decorations at Pavilion BJ.
So creative of them to provide a chair for people to sit for photo taking.
Wishing tree.
We then went for dessert at Dao, which is quite popular for its soybean dessert like taufufah, soybean milk, ice-cream, shaved ice.
The 5 of us shared a large bowl of warm taufufah with ginger syrup and 2 cups of soybean ice-cream. Both are tasty. We will order this again in the future.
 Total bill: RM17.50nett
Gift hamper from BIL. He wrapped the hamper himself.
And i did the un-wrap😂
Here are the items after the un-wrap:
Nuts, nuts and more nuts!😋
Meanwhile, i bought myself a canister of seaweed chips and salted egg fish skin chips each. I also had wasabi broad bean. These are my very exclusive CNY snacks! Not for guest, but only for myself😆
CNY lanterns at the lift lobby
The CNY holiday was too short....Now, back to reality (start work on chor 4)😅

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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