Friday, October 29, 2021

Restoran Maulana, Serdang

Went out with my colleagues for a late dinner at Maulana. I frequented this place a lot before the pandemic/lockdown...but for some time (maybe 2 years or more) I haven't eaten with them in this shop. Many things have changed. The shop used to occupy 2 shoplots and upstairs, but now it has shrunk to only 1. The upstairs dining area has also closed. Times were bad when dine-in was not allowed for months. Now that we are allowed to dine-in but with limited seats & SOP, hence many have opted for tapao or delivery.
Only 2 stalls are still in operation - mamak 'goreng' stall and the nasi kandar.
As usual i got my curry rice 'nasi kandar' fix, though not much dishes left. I had fried chicken and stir fried cabbage with carrots and long beans. This plate of curry rice costs RM7. Taste OK...the fish curry gravy is not spicy at all.
Hopefully business will recover for them soon.
Meanwhile, a snippet of my recent vacation in Cherating....sunny day on the day i checked-in....
stay tuned for more updates....

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CU Mart

The Korean CU mart has recently opened another outlet in IOI City Mall...
So far, this is one of their six outlets in Malaysia.
There was an opening promotion during then. Some sort of 20% off total purchase. I have been waiting to try out the Korean street snack from CU mart and this is a good chance with the discounts.
Look at the variety of deep fried food!
but before that...another 'must have' is their softserve
i tried the purple sweet potato softserve ice cream....yummmzzz....subtle taste and not too sweet. I will definitely buy this again if there is a promotion...
as for the deep fried food....i chose their most extreme corndog....'K-spicy cheesy corn sausage'....can't imagine the high calories in it! πŸ˜‚ 
This corndog has all the combinations - i got to taste the spicy sauce, cheese and sausage all in one!
It is super dense and filling! the corndog easily weighs 200 to 300 gram with a thick breaded coating.
I thought the cheese is sort of sprinkled or melted on the corndog surface but nope...the cheese is all stuffed in the corndog itself...the bottom is sausage and the top part is cheese. The type of cheese is similar to our Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza, which is quite ordinary. The spicy red sauce & mayo (i think is mayo) were applied all over the surface of the corndog.
If you dislike cheese, this corndog is not for u. But personally i prefer just the sausage corndog.
total price for the softserve + corndog is RM10 after discount
This new CU mart is located nearby 'The Symphony' fountain....quite a good view if u decide to dine-out at their alfresco dining area.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dine-out @ 4 Fingers, IOI City Mall

This was my second dine-out which also happened on the 1st Oct.
Went jalan-jalan in IOI City and decided to have an early dinner to avoid the crowd.
Thought of wanting to have Japanese food but ended up in 4 fingers coz i remembered that i want to try their kimslaw after much recommendation from PH in her blog.
My last 4 fingers meal was more than 5 years ago and i have totally forgotten how it tastes like...
So, this meal is sort of a 'refresher' mealπŸ˜€
I ordered a set of signature mixed regular which consists of chicken wings, drumettes and chicken tenders. I chose a mix of soy garlic & spicy flavors for these. Quite decent taste for a Korean fried chicken.
the set meal came with rice....sprinkled with seaweed and add-on teriyaki sauce (with an additional 50 cents for that teeny weeny dash of sauce!)
The just some ordinary Japanese rice...sticky yet filling. I hope they are more generous with the teriyaki sauce and seaweed!
Finally an ala carte kimslaw....which is served in a small container.....this thing is not cheap...
Tastewise....ermm....OK la....kinda reminds me of acar....
but well...for that price...i prefer acar more....but also acar has more pungent taste and crunch which is to my liking. Sorry, kimslaw!
there goes my meal for the evening....
Total price for all the above is RM26.35 inclusive of taxes.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Dine-out @ Tastylicious Dim Sum, Sri Petaling

This is a throwback post
I had my first dine-out meal after 5 months (since my last dine-out in May).
Took leave on 1st Oct to run errands and to get a long-due haircut.
On my way back, i passed by this shop and decided to have a lunch. They are having a "20% discount" promotion which is applicable from 1-5pm on weekdays until end of Oct.
Having tried their fried carrot cake before (via Foodpanda), i think it would be better if i have it on the spot....freshly cooked from the wok.
The shop was empty with no patron at all. So, that's the right time to dine-in!
The shop interior is simple, clean and modern. I don't expect a dim sum shop to look like this.
I seated nearby the entrance, away from the aircond...
Ordered a deep fried prawn dumpling
and....well....what else?
fried carrot cake lah.... (my must have!)
The total damage for this meal is RM13.20 after discount...
both are tasty, but the fried carrot cake is quite oily.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Nasi Kerabu Mek La, Kuantan

Finally I got to travel 'interstate' after many months!
While on the way to Cherating, me & colleagues decided to stop by Kuantan to have our lunch.
We wanted something local, hence we go for Nasi Kerabu.
Googled up this place and it seems quite popular among locals - 'Nasi Kerabu Mek La'
We made a quick detour to this suburb 'taman' in Kuantan to fill up our hungry stomach.
The menu is simple, everything is stated clearly on the menu board. Pricewise is quite reasonable too.
I ordered a Nasi Kerabu with add-on salted egg & grilled chicken (ayam bakar) for RM7.
I also ordered a cup of iced syrup drink coz long time didn't had that....
The Nasi Kerabu tastes good with generous portion of rice and ingredients. The only thing missing is the fish crackers (keropok ikan) which i think they ran out of it during then.
I'm contented with this meal which is less than RM10πŸ˜€

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Welcome Back Gift

Went to the office on 1st Oct to collect my 'welcome back gift' aka 'safety return kit' from the company.
I'm unofficially returned to the office, as i only went there to collect things....The office is quiet & empty as most colleagues are still WFH (including me)...
Here's what i got.....face shield, oximeter, alcohol wipes, face mask (both disposable & fabric), alcohol spray, and test kit.
after collected the 'gift', i went jalan jalan @ IOI City Mall coz that was my 'leave day'....yea i took Annual Leave to purposely go leisure window shopping.
Good to see that most business are back as usual.
The skating ring has resumed operation and the atmosphere was lively!
it was a weekday, hence not many people but the crowd started to build in the evening...
i'm enjoying this view after many months of not visiting the mall....
even the light/lamps fascinates me....
These 'lamps pictures' were taken at the adjacent Le Meridien hotel. The hotel was yet to be 'fully open' (during then) coz the interstate travel was still prohibited. Empty bars and lounge....I guess the hotel is merrier now.
I went to the office again on 14th Oct (2 weeks later) to collect my second 'gift'....this time is the company shirt for our upcoming company trip in Cherating...The company has also provided a test kit for us to conduct self COVID-19 test at home before departure on 16th Oct. I just did mine a moment ago....result: negative. Yay! I can go!
meanwhile, unrelated to the above.....
I think these SMEG appliances look cool...but pricey...
(click on the picture to see the price)....
Would you buy a toaster or kettle at such price?

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Chai Thai

I was looking for something different in Foodpanda, and decided to try out this Thai restaurant.
Ordered a green curry (ala carte).
The portion is sufficient for 2-3 pax. It has brinjals, long beans, pork slices (alternative: can choose for chicken) and basil leaves. The soup is thick and fully loaded with spices. We added some warm water to dilute the strong taste. We also added some cabbages and taupok to 'Malaysianize' the green curry.
Also had this bbq pork skewer which is absolutely delicious and well marinated. My parents like it very much. Taste like dried meat that we eat during CNY.
We cooked a pot of Basmati rice (that I got from the vaccination center) and fried some sunny-up eggs to go with these dishes. Superb!
Total price for the dishes is RM24.44 inclusive of delivery.
meanwhile the groceries for the week: broccolis, daikons, pumpkin, brinjals, corns, some leafy greens, starfruits, jicamas, pears, pineapple.
stay safe & take care!

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