Wednesday, November 29, 2023

From the apartment balcony at Costa del Este & Coco del Mar

[Throwback, to clear the backlog of the previous trip
My rented unit is on the 39th floor, hence i can see the entire office building from my balcony. The highway on the right is the Pan-American highway which stretches up to 30,000 km covering 15 countries. This highway also connects the Panama City with the airport.
[Below] One of those weekend morning where i woke up too early and decided to make chicken soup😂
It was 5am (GMT-5), which is 6pm Malaysian time. So, this was my 'dinner', kinda mix up with my biological clock, even after weeks of staying there.
I have a 'date' with Mr-nice-guy on that Sunday morning. But before that, I visited his apartment coz he has been bragging about the scenic ocean view from his unit. 
His balcony is facing the Pacific ocean.
Not only that, his bedroom has the same ocean view too.  Unfortunately, too many ships/vessels passing by this area to the Panama canal, hence the ocean is not as clear as the Caribbean sea.
His one-room apartment is located on the 41st floor, hence overseeing the entire Coco del Mar neighbourhood.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Kyochon, Burger & Taco, Big Apple Donuts (Pavilion BJ)

My last visit to Kyochon was some 6 years ago at Pavilion KL. Back then, Korean fried chicken was a craze and there were long queues at Kyochon all the time. These days, the craze has cool off and there are more options/establishment to choose from besides Kyochon. 
Fast forward to nowadays, the Kyochon is totally empty at Pavilion BJ when i went there on a weekday noon. It was such a contrast compared to the heydays. Something not right.
It took me a good half an hour to look for this restaurant in Pavilion BJ, only to realise that it doesn't have an entrance inside the mall. I have to go out from the mall main entrance and walked along the curbside to reach the restaurant. As this restaurant is kinda located 'outside' the mall, it doesn't get the cool aircond from the mall but instead rely on its own aircond, which is not powerful enough to cool up the shop, not to mention the shop is facing towards the glaring sun and the glass window is not tinted well. It was quite stuffy even for a person to dine-in. Yea, i was the only diner throughout that time. So, imagine if it is on full-house, u will be sweating like a pig.
So, since it was so hot, i ordered an ice barley tea. It came with a small jar of ice cubes with tea in it. From the small jar, I poured the tea into the cup which is of the similar size as the jar. LOL, i might as well just drink from the jar. Anyway, tea is refillable.
During my first visit to Kyochon, their Kimchi fried rice is so-out-of-the-world, and has lasting impression. So, i make sure to order this. I purposely upgraded my set meal to replace the white rice with Kimchi fried rice with an additional RM8.....only to be disappointed with the sub par taste. The fried rice doesn't have much kimchi taste and lacking ummphhh despite the attractive red that is so deceiving. It wasn't spicy at all. The one i had last time was full of kimchi-goodness and has 'wok-hei'.
The seaweed soup is another disappointment, tastes salty, like salt water.
As they sold out of chicken drumstick, i can only order the chicken drumettes and wings. How can it be sold out by midday?!
Anyway, i had the spicy flavor and soy garlic flavor. Tastes alright, well, at least their core item still maintain the standard, otherwise a total failure.
Service was slow....I wonder what the staffs were doing inside the kitchen despite only me and a few delivery orders. Taking their own sweet time to slow cook the chicken? 
Anyway, i think i will not go to Kyochon for a long time now....
Tried out another new fast food in Pavilion BJ...the shop's name is 'Burger & Taco'
The shop name sounds so common, could be better with a catchy name instead😂
Anyway, instead of trying their burger or taco, i ordered a minced beef burrito.
My first bite, it was hard, then i figured out that they put nachos into the wrap. The nachos have soften because of the sauces inside. It was no longer crispy and became hardened flour-like texture, like a microwaved bread/pita. The minced beef was flavorful though. I would prefer they substitute the nachos with beans instead.
Big Apple donuts...
Nice colorful packaging box for half dozen donuts!
It was designed in conjunction with national day/Malaysia day.
Here are the flavors that i chose:
Total price RM19nett.
Too sweet....I still prefer Krispy Kreme donuts (still sweet but not overly sweet).

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Little Chennai Darbar @ Jalan Puchong

Whenever i craved for Indian food, i would search for affordable ones with clean environment. Sorry to say, but i'm abit skeptical when dine-out at Indian restaurants. Not being prejudice here, but i don't trust the hygiene standards when the restaurant is run by Indians/Bangladeshi/Nepali. This explains why i m so unadventurous with Indian cuisine, but once I found a decent place, I would stick to it.
This restaurant at Jalan Puchong would be one of them. Looking at how clean and neat the place is, i m assured that their kitchen wouldn't be that bad.
During my first visit, i tried their claypot curry chicken with banana leaf rice. It was a set meal. The curry chicken is cooked till soft (almost fall off the bones), that's fine. Overcooked is better than undercooked. This dish is packed with spice....definitely must eat with rice to tone down the spiciness.
It wasn't that fiery hot, but the curry & spices kick in when eaten hot.
Give it a good stir to cool down before eating, otherwise it would burn your lips.
Here's the full set with rice, papadam, a hard boiled egg and 2 vegetarian side dish (potatoes and acar).
This set costs RM19nett. It came with a dessert.
On another visit, I had the tandoori chicken rice which is served with cucumber salad, dhal curry and mint chutney. There is also a hard boiled egg and papadam.
During my third visit, I decided to try their claypot mutton curry. Generous servings of mutton which were cooked till soft. Unfortunately the mutton was abit gamey.
Nevertheless I still finish the mutton...The price for this mutton curry set meal is somewhere RM23 or RM24nett.
As for dessert, i had sago in coconut milk once, but if the original dessert runs out they would serve ice-cream instead.
So far, i have not experience any stomachache or discomfort after eaten such heavily spiced meal in this restaurant, so i guess the level of spiciness is still tolerable.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Lantern Soy Braised @ Sri Petaling

[Throwback] This shop is located at the shop row facing the main road and condo.
Saw this menu board at the walkway. Well, a lot of restaurants in the neighborhood getting competitive with set lunch promo during weekday.
By default, the lunch set is served with noodle (default 'prince' noodle), but the staff mentioned that I can change it to any of the below options:
The shop interior...full of Chinese wordings...
it was empty during weekday 2:30pm+
I ordered a set B meal which consists of pork slices, pork face, pork ball, cabbage. It is topped with pickled veggie.
Instead of noodle, i chose rice.
Tastewise ok la, flavorful but slightly salty like bak kut teh. I wish they'd give more meats...
RM10.80nett after membership discount.
On my second visit, i ordered a set D which has pork slices, radish, cabbage and taupok. I decided to try the default 'prince' noodle, which came out to be instant ramen noodle. I didn't know it has such an exclusive name!
Still as salty, so i decided not to come again.
Side note: Been away from the country for half month. Now that I'm back, notices several eateries/shops sprung up in the neighborhood, but my fav A&W is no longer around😐

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pilots Bar & Kitchen @ Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5

Arrived at London Heathrow airport early morning on 1st Nov. After checked-out at Terminal 4 and checked-in again at Terminal 5 with different airline, I've got some time left for breakfast. Went in to 'Pilots Bar & Kitchen' to have my very first English breakfast in the UK land😂
The English breakfast consists of 2 sausages, 2 poached eggs, mushroom, baked tomato, bacons and baked beans.
My colleague had Eggs Benedict (on the right).
After a confusing airport transit (switching from one terminal to the other is cumbersome in Heathrow, having to go thru 2 underground train), a comforting meal is very much needed.
Well, this airport is way more complex and not as straight forward like Schiphol, nevertheless their immigration officers are friendly & chatty, something i did not expect from a European country. 
Done with 13 hours flight from KL to London....another 8+ hours to go....

Monday, November 20, 2023

Green Lane Noodles @ Sri Petaling

This hidden shop behind a bakery has been around for quite some time. Because it is hidden, i've totally forgotten about it until i walked past its signboard which they placed nearby the bakery entrance....
The menu is limited to only a few types of noodles.
I ordered the small size white curry noodles.
It was served in a cock bowl.
Gave it a good stir...
It has all the ingredients that a Penang white curry should have - taupok, sotong, prawns, siham, coagulated pig's blood. This is one of the closest version to those white curry noodles i had in Penang. Tastewise is similar too, unlike the one I had in Omega Pork Noodles outlet.
Price is RM9.90nett.
Besides white curry, this small shop also sells prawn mee, duck meat kuey teow, lam mee....
The prices are fixed at RM9.90 small and RM13.50 big portion.
I will come back again to try the prawn mee next.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

House of Pok @ Sri Petaling

The ambitious me wanted to try all the eateries in the Pinnacle mall...
So, this time is: House of Pok😁
I ordered a set AB, which consists of a choice of meat dish and a non-meat dish
I upgraded my rice to yam rice. The set meal is served with pickled cucumber and crispy fuchuk (beancurd sheet) which is refillable once. While waiting to be served, i did an online Google review to get a free bowl of red bean soup.
I had smoked duck and salted egg tofu dishes. Both are good. I wish for a bigger portion for these dishes😂
Total bill came to RM23.65nett
Current stats: Tried 9 restaurants, 7 to go.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Two Pesos @ Sri Petaling

Two Pesos has been 'missing' from its original spot and now it is back - at a new shop located along the same row!
I'm not sure when it came 'back' but some shops/restaurants in the neighborhood got relocated here and there after the name a few: Jojo panmee, Choo Choo chicken and this one.
These days Two Pesos also serves rice box combo...
The menu looks good since i'm craving for Taiwanese-style-rice box.
During my first visit (after its relocation), i had the fried chicken lunch box (RM12.90). It has Taiwanese sausage, braised egg and pickles on it too. There are free flow sauces (which are for the steamboat) but can be taken for this too.
A decent meal to satisfy my craving and to fill up the stomach. Price for this rice box is RM14.20 nett after service charge. Clean and quiet ambience during the weekday late lunch.
On my second visit, i ordered the lu-rou-fan (RM11.90) and add-on a winter melon drink (RM1). So, in total is RM12.90+ (or RM14.20 nett after service charge)
Tastes good too. I add on crispy fried shallots and scallions (taken from the steamboat sauces counter) for more crunch.
While paying at the counter, the staff requested for phone number to enrol me as member. New member will get a free premium pork worth RM10.80 on the next visit.
There will definitely be another visit for me coz the menu is interesting😂
Other promo items - RM16 value pot from Monday to Thursday.
[Below] Some fine arts at the condo lobby. I think it looks like number 8, so i guess it is for fengshui purpose.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...