Saturday, October 16, 2021

Welcome Back Gift

Went to the office on 1st Oct to collect my 'welcome back gift' aka 'safety return kit' from the company.
I'm unofficially returned to the office, as i only went there to collect things....The office is quiet & empty as most colleagues are still WFH (including me)...
Here's what i got.....face shield, oximeter, alcohol wipes, face mask (both disposable & fabric), alcohol spray, and test kit.
after collected the 'gift', i went jalan jalan @ IOI City Mall coz that was my 'leave day'....yea i took Annual Leave to purposely go leisure window shopping.
Good to see that most business are back as usual.
The skating ring has resumed operation and the atmosphere was lively!
it was a weekday, hence not many people but the crowd started to build in the evening...
i'm enjoying this view after many months of not visiting the mall....
even the light/lamps fascinates me....
These 'lamps pictures' were taken at the adjacent Le Meridien hotel. The hotel was yet to be 'fully open' (during then) coz the interstate travel was still prohibited. Empty bars and lounge....I guess the hotel is merrier now.
I went to the office again on 14th Oct (2 weeks later) to collect my second 'gift'....this time is the company shirt for our upcoming company trip in Cherating...The company has also provided a test kit for us to conduct self COVID-19 test at home before departure on 16th Oct. I just did mine a moment ago....result: negative. Yay! I can go!
meanwhile, unrelated to the above.....
I think these SMEG appliances look cool...but pricey...
(click on the picture to see the price)....
Would you buy a toaster or kettle at such price?

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Chai Thai

I was looking for something different in Foodpanda, and decided to try out this Thai restaurant.
Ordered a green curry (ala carte).
The portion is sufficient for 2-3 pax. It has brinjals, long beans, pork slices (alternative: can choose for chicken) and basil leaves. The soup is thick and fully loaded with spices. We added some warm water to dilute the strong taste. We also added some cabbages and taupok to 'Malaysianize' the green curry.
Also had this bbq pork skewer which is absolutely delicious and well marinated. My parents like it very much. Taste like dried meat that we eat during CNY.
We cooked a pot of Basmati rice (that I got from the vaccination center) and fried some sunny-up eggs to go with these dishes. Superb!
Total price for the dishes is RM24.44 inclusive of delivery.
meanwhile the groceries for the week: broccolis, daikons, pumpkin, brinjals, corns, some leafy greens, starfruits, jicamas, pears, pineapple.
stay safe & take care!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Shanghai Mooncakes

We managed to get some discounted mooncakes after the mid-autumn festival. There were still loads of them on sale in AEON Big with 70% off.
Below picture is the box for Yu Ai brand....the design for this year looks quite plain with greyish background...not so appealing due to its dull colour.
Bought 2 pieces of Shanghai mooncakes. It was still fresh and nice. The texture is soft & moist, not dry at all (like those mooncakes kept for too long). The expiry date is 21 Oct 2021...roughly a month to go when we bought it. The outer crust is not crumbly when cut. The quality seems on par with the more established brand.
Tastewise is slightly sweet but that's common for non-homebaked product.
At RM6.30 per piece we don't mind about that. We also bought the conventional lotus paste mooncakes (which i did not take picture coz they are just too common). All are priced similarly around RM6-7 per piece after discount.
Meanwhile, here's our grocery haul for the week...
we bought our groceries in bulk that lasts a whole week
i just noticed that we have 1 cabbage, 2 corns, 3 daikons, 4 cucumbers...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
till then, stay safe!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

RT Pastry

continuation from the previous post...
do u manage to guess what's in the box?
the 'thing' in this box is as round as the smiley face
despite the misleading pictures on the packaging - a lady in bathtub holding a rubber duckie...and some fishes at the corner and the side of the box...the product inside is not related to them at all...
coz in the box is a Europe Cheese Cake!
Priced at RM18.80, this cheese cake weighted around 400gram with the size of a personal pan pizza.
Fairly densed and quite cheesy....The taste is similar to the Secret Recipe New York cheese cake with slight sourish lemon taste.
This whole cake can cut up to 8 pieces (where the size of each piece is just nice for 1 pax to consume without feeling 'jelak').
I also bought a box of taro flavored swiss roll
The side view (below)
There is a piece of agar-agar in the middle of the roll. The texture of that agar-agar is more like 'kuih talam'.
Priced at RM13.80, the swiss roll is just so-so only with slight taro taste (almost undetected)....the texture is alright though - soft and fluffy.
Both items are neither bad nor excellent....I will still buy them again in the near future.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Mini Snowskin Mooncakes

Received this box of homebaked mini snowskin mooncakes from our new neighbour.
They have just moved in on last month and are quite friendly.
the box consists of 6 assorted mini mooncakes with different flavours and skin colours...We don't know what are the filling inside each mooncakes coz there is no label.
But mostly are red bean paste and lotus paste....
Some have mixed skin unique!
On another note, i have finally taken my 2nd dose, and got this lil' free gift - orange flavour Redoxon drink.
My 2nd jab went well with mild fever and shorter recuperating time (compared to the first one)...LOL, could it be this drink doin its magic??
To celebrate the 'completion of 2nd dose', i got myself something (see below) πŸ˜ƒ
Are u able to guess what is this?

Friday, September 17, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Brew House

I have eaten in Brew House several times and quite like their grilled chicken chop.
After a few failed attempts in placing my orders via Foodpanda (back in July)...finally i was able to get thru in August....yay!
Not quite sure why the outlet nearby my house cancelled my previous ordersπŸ˜•
Quite impressed with the packaging, nice paper bag with the shop logo and paper box sealed with their sticker.
I ordered 2 boxes of grilled chicken chop to qualify for the RM8 off/discount.
nice huge slab of chicken chop....tender and not over-grilled
fries were hidden underneath....thick cut fries....which i like!
the set came with coleslaw and black pepper gravy which were packed in a separate container.
Upon discount, the total price for this purchase is RM25 inclusive of delivery....which is around RM12.50 per set, definitely much cheaper than ordering the same thing in their physical shop.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - 'Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice' Shop

This shop popped up in my Foodpanda app 'recommended list'. 
Yea, u read it right, the name of the shop is 'Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice'😏
It offers 20% discount for purchases above RM20.
I ordered half-chicken (steamed) which easily costs RM20++
They delivered the roasted chicken coz the steamed ones were sold out.
It came with chili dip, soy sauce (not in this picture) and cucumbers (as per above picture).
Chicken portion is sufficient for 3 pax. We did not order any rice coz we have cooked our rice.
This is a Chinese chicken rice shop, hence the taste & quality is similar to those you can get in a typical chicken rice stall at kopitiam.
I wanted more discounts on top of the 20% off.
To qualify for that, got to add-on one dish...hence i ordered the 'Thai style tofu'.
I applied 'JOMMAKAN' code for an additional RM8 off on total purchases above RM25.
Note: This code is no longer applicable in September.
The tofu are in bite-size cubes sprinkled with crispy fried shallots and spring onions, drizzled with sour & spicy sauce. There were some shredded cabbages underneath the tofu which gives more crunch. Tastewise not bad and it is not spicy at all.
Overall a pleasant dish.
Total bill for all the above is RM24.23 inclusive of delivery.
Upon googling, i found that their physical shop is located in OUG (nearby the Market Place OUG).
I believe the chickens are cooked/roasted in the morning, hence the chickens would probably be available until noon (or late noon) but not during the dinner.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Tastylicious Dim Sum

I've been craving for dim sum for quite some time.
My last dim sum dine-in was 2 years ago...even before the 1st MCO.
When i saw this dim sum shop popped-up in Pandabox, i quickly clicked to kepoh....
Pricewise seems reasonable....hence gave it a try~~~
Ordered the following:
Fried carrot cake
quite nice, fried to perfection with juicy & crunchy eaten warm (though i don't mind having it cold)
Prawn cheong fun
it came with 3 rolls of cheung fun...with fresh bouncy prawns wrapped in it. Soy sauce & chili dip are packed separately.
Yam puff
The dough layer doesn't have much yam taste (couldn't detect at all)....i guess it is just all flour... 
the inner filling is not the char siew type...more like minced chicken and is lacking sweetness (which normally comes from char siew)....Not recommended to buy.
This is also the first time i'm seeing yam puff with such fillings😐
Total costs for all the above is RM23.67 inclusive of delivery.
Now that we can dine-in, i shall have my dim sum in a shop soon~~~

Thursday, September 2, 2021

PPV Axiata, Bukit Jalil

I finally got my vaccination thru walk-in at Axiata PPV, which is quite nearby my place.
Previously this PPV wasn't available for locals to walk-in. The second nearest PPV would be KLCC but seeing the long queue (as circulated in the media) got me freak out....
During then (sometime July - early August) the walk-in craze was at its peak coz it was set until 23 Aug only.
I patiently waited for the craze to subdue...or at least extend the deadline.
The good news finally came as they continue having the walk-ins after 23 Aug (until further notice) and even open up Axiata PPV.
Hence i took leave on 26 Aug to get my jab!
*i choose this date so that i could get my 2nd dose on Malaysia dayπŸ˜€
Reached there around 10am++....there was no was smooth sailing all the way from the registration counter to the 'briefing' up until the vaccination stations....
Completed the entire process (including 15 minutes of observation time), all before 11am.
There were plenty of empty seats in each 'pitstop' and alot of staffs/MAS voluntaries to guide us through the form filing and verification process.
This PPV is able to provide 600 doses/jabs per day, which is more than enuff for walk-ins....coz during my slot, there were only about 20-30 people who walks in....
Even the 100plus drinks 'tak laku' coz nobody takes
i got freebies after the jab...YAY!
brown sugar, basmati rice and 100plusπŸ˜‚
though i also miss out some freebies from shops/restaurants....
Back then in June/July there were plenty of free treats for anyone who is vaccinated...such as Peekaboo cafe (in Bukit Jalil) offering free has already ended.
but well....i m finally halfway to 'freedom'.....

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Gardenia Twiggies

Have you tried Twiggies before?
Long forgotten snack as it has been more than a decade since i last had one.
Usually i had this for my breakfast/teatime during my Uni days coz i was constantly on the go. 
It is so convenient to pack in the bag and are sold in the campus sundry shops.
While browsing Pandamart, i saw Twiggies on the catalog.
Many years ago they only have chocolate flavor, but nowadays they have peanut butter cream filling & vanilla. Hence, i give the peanut butter cream a try.
Below pic shows the peanut butter cream filling....not so much of peanut butter taste, but more towards cream (like those Gardenia cream bread)
The outer 'cake' layer is of chocolatey taste....I'd say that the combination is not a great one as the peanut butter taste is overpowered by the 'cream' and 'chocolatey' taste. The taste just does not match nor complement each other.
Anyway, for RM1.60 (for 2 packs), it is a good try to satisfy my curiosity....besides i got RM10 off from my total purchases in Pandamart...I only need to pay RM11 for 6 items (inclusive of delivery)!
now i m so hooked into Pandamart to see what other snacks that i could try!

Welcome Back Gift

Went to the office on 1st Oct to collect my 'welcome back gift' aka 'safety return kit' from the company. I'm unofficial...