Friday, June 29, 2018

Daorae & Mi Na Rae

On one of my lazy Saturday, I went for an early dinner (cum late lunch) at my regular Korean restaurant - Mi Na Rae
I had...sundubu jjigae set (around RM20+)
It was a sumptuous meal as I requested for refills on the banchans…
Then the following day, my BIL treat us dinner...
And so, i had another Korean meal, this time in Daorae.
As this was a family dinner, we did not order the set meal, but ala carte with pork, chicken, and seafood for bbq.
I requested for this pajeon, just so-so only
and we also ordered a samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) to 'clear our throat' after all the grilled meat
it was a pricey meal as it totalled up to around RM250~~ for 5 persons.
*the bbq meats certainly not worth it, coz one can get better portion and quality in bbq buffet-style.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) Movie Clip

2 years ago, I went to watch this movie for free....Well, it was a birthday coupon from GSC.
This is another 'Harry Porter' kinda story written by the same author. I'm looking forward to its sequel which is goin to be released by this year end.
Here's a snippet of its happy ending on the first part.

My favorite scene:
When the guy is leaving but promised to give Tina a copy of his book, in person - how thoughtful!
It reminds me on some kind of farewell that I had with.....ahemmmm….well, u know....

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What I did during Raya

Instead of going to open house, I prefer a much quieter place to have my meal....
I travelled back in time and landed in ancient Chinese restaurant.
 the menu
 another page of the menu....can u guess where is this place?
 looking at their signature bowl and can easily recognise that this is Go Noodle House
 This is the outlet in Pearl Shopping Gallery. It was somewhere in the late afternoon, hence ample seats and I had my 'lazy' meal again.
 my usual order - the bursting pork ball with mixian (rice noodles) @ RM11.13
 and to top up with crispy fried fuchuk (beancurd skin) @ RM6.51.
I had dates wolfberry tea @ RM2.74
 the 'dissected' pork ball...
my meal with 10% service charges totalled to RM22.40
After this heavy meal, went to MidV/Gardens to jalan jalan 
 leisure shopping due to less crowd on this festive day
the decoration in the Gardens are always minimal...with colorful batik lanterns.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Secret Recipe & McD

It was a hot afternoon and I wanted to have lunch in a cooling place.
Lazy to walk further, I headed to Secret Recipe, not for their cakes, but something else...
I was attracted by its weekday promotion which comes with drinks and snacks....
So here I was, having my keropok & ice lemon tea while patiently waiting for my main meal...
 there goes my meal...
Fried crispy chicken with fries and salads....
This meal costs around RM20.
 Also on another hot yet lazy day, I decided to hav McD again coz I was discontented during my first try on the Hot & Crispy Chicken burger which wasn't served with Spicy Jalapeno sauce (read old post here).
I finally got a second chance after its return to the menu.
their jalapeno sauce taste abit like 'sambal',
spicy but not to the extreme spiciness, and my tongue can still tolerate.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sushi Tsen

This outlet has been around in the neighbourhood for 2-3 months now
 I was late for a lunch but early for dinner, hence the place was so empty during that odd hours
 Menu is extensive, it even have a 'content'.
the tea selection
 rice set
 soba menu
 rice bowl and bento
I m here for my breakfast + lunch + dinner, hence, one shot I had:
a plate of salmon sushi as my breakfast
 tempura prawn for my lunch
 and lastly shio ramen for my dinner. The shio ramen is served with slices of smoked duck, instead of chicken.
There goes my meal of the day...
and I parted off with RM29.30 for this sumptuous meal.
Life is such a bliss without 6% GST...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dinner @ Overseas Chinese Restaurant

We went to 'Overseas' for our early Father's Day celebration dinner.
That was 2 weeks ago....
While browsing the menu, my eye stumbled upon these shark fins items....I thought shark fins are no longer served in established Chinese restaurants?
It has been years since I last had shark fins
 We ordered beancurd with fish paste @ RM28
Trio meat platter @ RM60, consists of roasted duck, roasted pork belly and bbq pork
 awhhhhh, just look at that fatty layers.....yummeh!
Stir fried assorted veggies with mushroom @ RM28
and claypot chicken with black fungus @ RM40
Dinner was good, my fav is the pork char siu…..
The meal with rice and tea for 5 pax + 10% service charge is RM204.60

Monday, June 18, 2018

All sorts of foods again, this time in.....

Some time last year, me and colleagues organised a b'day celebration for one of our teammates. We had a b'day lunch in Hakka Ah Lian Wasabi Serdang Lama, which is quite popular among the neighbourhood there.
Here are the dishes we had:
Sauteed cabbage
Salted chicken
the so-called 'wasabi fish'. The greenish thing on the surface looks like wasabi, but it is actually blended ginger & onions
fried tofu
Beancurd roll filled with fish paste, salted & century eggs
pricewise is reasonable as it is a 'dai-pai-dong' standard.
On another occasion, me and another colleague stayed back one fine evening and we had fried noodles and veggies from the student canteen.
yea, these are kinda cheap around RM5-6 for the noodles and RM3-4 for the veggies, depending on what u ordered. We had a sumptuous dinner!
Unrelated to the above, me & my colleagues also frequented this stall at Taman Sri Serdang to get our 'Zha Jiang Mian' noodle fix. It is basically noodles with soybean paste. The stall owner is a friendly mainland Chinese lady who accepts our orders thru WhatsApp. Well, we usually order earlier thru WhatsApp to ensure she does not run out of ingredients by the time we arrived there (kiasu mode!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Case Study

Staff A is a senior staff who has experience in product X. He has previously presented product X to various clients but has now moved on with another products.
Staff B is a newly joined staff and has been with the company for nine months. She is tasked to take over product X and has been assigned by the Manager to present a demo on this product to an existing client.
After some correspondence, Staff B has arranged with the client for a demo session on the following Monday so that she can have a few days to prepare. However, Staff B took sick leave on that day.

As a Manager, would you:
Wait for Staff B to return work on the other day, and reschedule the session with the Client?
Get Staff A to conduct the demo to the Client without him having much knowledge on what the Client wants. Staff A has only 3 hours to prepare and yet he is unsure of the feature that the Client wants as he was not in the loop.

Let me know your option and your reasoning for it.

Raya Mood and Ketupats

Raya decorations in the office - these ketupats are weaved by one of our Malay colleague.
 She made lots of it and we 'hung' it everywhere, even at the office whiteboard
 A few of the officemates including yours truly were so eager to learn from her...
It was not easy for a first timer like me. I have no idea where to slip my fingers and hold tightly to the ribbons during the weaving process.
This is my unfinish product, but it is not the 'ketupat' that I want.
 I wanted a ketupat bawang which has a fuller shape.
I finally made it!
Can u guess which one is mine?
 both of these are my 'products'.
I proudly hang them at my cubicle, despite the imperfect shapes.
till then, Happy Eid al-Fitr!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Two Pesos, Sri Petaling

Saw this signboard on a late afternoon and decided to give it a try.
It was a weekday with ample dining seats, so why not?
Immediately upon seated, I was given this sheet to tick my option....I tried the sukiyaki soup
 Here's the complete menu
This place offers a more comfortable environment to enjoy a hotpot.
Fully aircond, clean seats and practical table/counters arrangement
They have 2 counters for self-service refill (sauce/condiments/clear soup base).
The cutleries and saucers are also available on the slide-in tray at this counter.
feel free to browse these mags if u r bored
 Clean and bright interior, perfect for family & couple dining....and even solo (like me!).
Unfortunately this place is so popular during the weekend, till gotta queue outside the shop, so, just forget about it during weekend!
 the available sauces/condiments
 Clear soup refill. For non-clear soup, you may need to get the staff for assistance.
 Yours truly playing with the sauces...yea, I like to mix & match....
*no picture after matched, coz it looks like sh**
 Here's my food
 look at that pot, it was so full of ingredients!
 and my free drink (ice lemon tea) which came with the set.
*Free drink is only available on weekday lunch.
My first round of filling up my bowl (to make way for the noodles in the pot) 
 Second digging, this time I fill up my bowl with the cooked noodles. Still having plenty of noodles and ingredients in the pot after that....such a sumptuous hotpot meal!
I was superbly full after the meal...burPpppppp!!!
On another occasion, I went with sis to try out different items in the menu. We shared a pax portion on milky broth and add-on with ala-carte meat dumplings and enoki mushrooms...
 there goes our feast!

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