Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The day our lives changed - chicken & ice cream feast

yes, changed for the better!
9th May 2018 is a historic day for all of us M'sians.
Almost everyone, regardless of age & gender went out to vote, and so here I was in a school....to vote out GST
a few pictures here and there since I have not stepped into a school for quite some time
 it's fun to be back on the school ground, although this isn't my school
 queue wasn't that long during the noon
 But it was sunny. After then back home and turn on TV to watch the news update. Was glued to the TV since 11pm until 4am ++ just to watch the latest result, but unfortunately the result on TV was so darn slow, that I gave up and instead followed from the official website, while reading sensational news in FB.
The following day, I went to work despite a declared holiday and had lunch with my colleagues. Everyone was eating chicken, so do I.
I ordered paper wrapped herbal chicken at Tea Garden (somewhere RM18)
 a huge chicken leg with very flavorful Chinese herbs gravy that goes so well with rice....either I was hungry or the chicken taste better on the 'victory day'.
 a week before Ramadan, me and the lunch gang went to Mr.Kebab & Biryani Putrajaya to have another round of celebration....I had chicken botti kebab with mandy rice for RM18. The syrup bandung is RM3.
 My other colleague have beef botti kebab rice, but she packed half the portion for dinner. The plastic container was given FOC.
 I had another 'chicken' celebration at Texas chicken. Ordered 2 pieces set meal that comes with refillable drinks and coleslaw.
 Was served with huge piece of chicken breast & thigh....
A few days before 1st June, Baskin Robbins had 31% + 6% discount on hand packed ice cream. Bought a pint to share with sis.
 My choice - 'Pistachio Almond'  and her choice 'Jamoca Almond Fudge'.
life is much better with 0 GST!


Phong Hong said...

Wah! Nice food. Luckily I just had dinner hee..hee.. Yay to our new government!

Twilight Man said...

It was the happiest time when PH had the shocking win. We all had suffered for too long. Now a new dawn for Malaysia.
You slept so late yet you could stay awake for work the next day. Really a Wonder Woman.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

BR ice cream is nice ya...

Nux V said...

Phong Hong: u had dinner quite early too...

Twilight Man: I was just too excited to sleep...but if a 93 year old man can stay awake throughout the nite and be early the next day, I dun see that it is impossible for us to do 'wonders'.

Somewhere in Singapore: yea, BR ice cream is superb!

mun said...

wah a lot of food for celebrations!

Nux V said...

Mun: yes, definitely!

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