Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sushi Tsen

This outlet has been around in the neighbourhood for 2-3 months now
 I was late for a lunch but early for dinner, hence the place was so empty during that odd hours
 Menu is extensive, it even have a 'content'.
the tea selection
 rice set
 soba menu
 rice bowl and bento
I m here for my breakfast + lunch + dinner, hence, one shot I had:
a plate of salmon sushi as my breakfast
 tempura prawn for my lunch
 and lastly shio ramen for my dinner. The shio ramen is served with slices of smoked duck, instead of chicken.
There goes my meal of the day...
and I parted off with RM29.30 for this sumptuous meal.
Life is such a bliss without 6% GST...


mun said...

I have seen and walked past this place but not tried it. Wah, you only start eating your 1st meal of the day at 4pm. What were you doing before that? Not hungry ah?

Nux V said...

Mun: fasting, hahaha!

Phong Hong said...

Champion lah you! Sekali one shot eat all three meals. The menu has quite a good variety of selections. That's what I like.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

How nice if there is no GST here too..

Libby said...

I just had Japanese food yesterday too (Ten Don), so funny how you name the different dishes as your breakfast, lunch and dinner LOL

Nux V said...

Phong Hong: haha, thx thx...I m a champion!

Somewhere in Singapore: .......come come to Malaysia

Libby: :-)

Twilight Man said...

Wow! You must be doing a funny diet fasting to eat 3-in-1 meal. That saves time and money having to buy new pants.

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