Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sushi Zento

There is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood and we decided to give it a try.
the queue is not long, but still it is weird to see people queuing outside a neighbourhood eatery place...It is only norm in shopping malls or some well-known cafeteria/restaurant...but definitely not in a neighbourhood restaurant.
When I got in, I was amazed with the interior as if it has transported me to Japan with its wooden infrastructure...
a very typical Japanese restaurant indeed
it occupies the second floor as well.
here's the menu
and sushi price labelled clearly
turns out that this isn't any neighbourhood restaurant but is a well-established chain with outlets in KL Pavilion as well...no wonder there is a queue!
we ordered unagi fish rice set
assorted tempuras
sashimi and tempura rice set
the service was quick and it doesn't take long before our meals arrived
I will definitely come again....
Bon Appetit!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Red Lobster, the Intermark

Went to Red Lobster on last month to try out their lobster set meal.
They hav 2 sets to choose from....set A (RM39.90) or set B (RM89.90).
*Click on the picture to see a larger view of the menu.
The starter is none other than their signature biscuit...crispy crust but fluffy inside ;-)
then came the soup of the day, which was served with garlic bread...nothing to shout about, jst enuff to fill up the hungry stomach before the main course.
I was still happily munching on the biscuit when the soup arrived....anyway, these starters were enuff to occupy my waiting time for the main course as it took some time to cook.
we waited for quite some time before it arrived, it was worthwhile coz the lobster were fresh, but abit salty for my palate. 
it comes with other side dishes - baked potato, salmon, and some greens aside.
the tail has big chunk of flesh....yumzzz! other than that, the salmon is not bad too...
The baked potato is very filling, this is definitely some kind of meal that will take u longer to finish...
 if u dislike baked potato and salmon, u can opt for burger and fries to go along with the lobster....
there are a few more options to choose from both Set A and B.
desserts is the usual brownie and choc ice-cream, both were delicious...but by then, u will be jst too full to even take a bite!
Bon Appetit!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Home Made Fish Head Noodles

"Home Made Fish Head Noodles" at IOI city mall, jst beside Texas Chicken restaurant and facing the ice skating ring....
the place is quite new with nice floor tiles,
it was lunchtime but there's no crowd, probably coz it was a weekday.
Lunch promotion with free coffee/tea, or you can opt for upgrade to iced drinks with additional 70 cent.
I ordered fish head noodles. Was surprised to see the huge portion of noodle soup with pieces of fried fish served separately.
burrpppp!!! this bowl is huge enuff to last till dinner (or even the next day!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

100 Years of Fashion

I'm not really into fashion but I think this video is nice to watch...coz it reminds me of paper dolls...
I kinda like the 30's fashion, it is so elegant and classic!

what's my typical fashion?
mine is more of black, grey and a nice handbag!
time to update my wardrobe...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Old Town myDulang

Went to Old Town restaurant to try out their myDulang, this isn't my first time having a 'dulang' meal, my first was back in 2013 during the Raya fasting period.
'Dulang' is supposed to refer as tray, but in malay terms, dulang is sort of basket tray.
 The "2013 version" of myDulang has lotsa varieties, yea, u eat till vomit and dun feel like wanna take anymore satay, lekor, ais kacang for the next few months!
Anyhow, all I wanna say is that, this year the portion has shrunk and the variety is lesser so that it could accommodate the small eaters....but too bad, they took out the ais kacang! 
instead of serving some 'Selasih' syrup drinks, it has been replaced with soft drinks...yucks! 
 the food is almost the same, minus the satays....
Where is satay??!!
'Raya' isn't 'Raya' without satays :-(
Is like taking out the 'main character' and leaving the 'extra's running the show. Darn!
 anyway, this 'dulang' meal comes in 3 selections - Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Rendang and Ayam Percik.
Sorry guys, is hard to describe all these ayam's over here, u gotta googled it urself and lick it  taste it to see the differences.
Surprisingly the Ayam Percik is slightly expensive than the two. I ordered Ayam Rendang (above) and sis ordered Ayam Masak Merah (below).
My Verdict: nothing special, I can get better chicken dishes in some 'warung' out there. 
In case u r wondering how the malls would look like during this 'Raya' festive season, there it goes...
 most malls has setup a mini 'kampung'...
this is taken at IOI city mall.
 they even hav Malay dance performances as early as the first week of Ramadan...
Well, great effort in bringing the 'kampung' to the city folks!

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