Monday, September 28, 2009

Kampung Life

I wish to hav a kampung, i mean those wooden papan house by the hut...okay, mayb at the rice field. Recently i hav been mesmerized by the Raya decors at malls, which displayed those olden-days items, with mock kampung house...I hav nver been to a real one, but those houses are...simply unique. Here's one from Ikano mall.
The raya festive mood is still on, with me craving for lemangs and rendangs, but tis year round, i did not make it to the gah-ver-men open house, not bcoz im anti-gah-ver-men, but it was hosted out of KL...why lah not do it at PWTC???

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I rather sell Char Kuey Teow...

If not for the various choices of local food, Char Kuey Teow could be one of my fav. Years ago, when i was a kid, i craved for it alot. It was cheap back then, around $1.80 per plate, but price hav sky-rocketed over the past years and it can now fetch up to $4.50 with a tiny portion. Despite trying a number of char kuey teows around Klang Valley, there is still none that beats those in Penang. Perhaps i hav to head back to Penang to satisfy my craving?
It looks good but not yummy @ all.
But still, it is not cheap
those hawkers are making BIG MONEY by selling these.
I too want to become a char kuey teow seller...
huge profit business, anyone???

There's more to LIFE besides WORK

Recently i hav been seeing quite a number of similar Facebook captions, with 'frustrated' and 'stressed' as the keyword. Understandable that year end is getting near, with many are rushing for projects, hence resulting in such negativity mood.
Well, i m frustrated too sometimes, mostly with colleagues who failed to deliver quality work (hence affecting my operation, wtf!)
While being surrounded by that kinda negativity aura, it seems like the world is hopeless and my life is so much miserable...
Not until one day, i saw these pics, and it reminded me that life is NOT just about is more than that!
Picturesque scenery, fashionable clothes, yummylicious foodie...cute on so forth...

pretty young not-so-young lady by the window, overlooking the garden

here comes the food...scone with butter, cream and strawberry jam, not to forget, kopi O! (black coffee) Lasagna with cream soup @ boh cafeteria, cameron highlands Chicken with bbq sauce, also from the same place back to the scenery, somewhere Cameron the hills are alive with the sound of music lush greenery!
eh sis, u dun feel cold wearing like tis meh??

ok, enuff with her terrible pose, lemme get u bck into the foodie stuffs...
steamboat, aha! i luv these!
Here's the breakfast, toast with coffee
mid breakfast?
carrot cake with freshly brewed tea from Cameron highlands
upnext, Sitiawan.
tis is their famous local kon lo mein (dry noodles in soya sauce)...with plenty of chillies sauce available.
and the dinner @ some seafood dai-pai-dong...
here's the dish, the long-shaped lala
steamed fish...drooling now...
and a big bowl of shark fin that real??? i wonder...
well, i will never get all these in the city,
meanwhile, the below one is a very special noodle
coz it was homemade!
the so-called chinese red wine glass noodle...
it may not look appetising, but it was delicious - at least according to her!
lastly, some wu-kok (yam pastries) and pau's to end the journey!
All these pics were stored in sis cam. This gal surely knws how to enjoy life!
Eh, y didn't bring me along???

I am F.A.M.O.U.S !

See that on the bottom right of this pic???
That's me! that's me! i can't believe it...that i m FAMOUS! woo-hoo!
Surprisingly i was being auto-tagged in Simon Seow's facebook...but how did it generate tis out?
Huh, I appeared 'Famous' in a Famous blogger's facebook!!! me getting abit thick skin now...wuakakaka!

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