Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Jojo Panmee & Mixue @ Sri Petaling

Jojo panmee was previously located at the busy main road in the neighbourhood. Few years back, it has moved over to a less busier spot around the vicinity and the shop is much quieter with lesser people now. I went there a few times lately and each time, it was only 2-3 tables occupied.
I tried their chili panmee, which is not their specialty, but heck cares, i just want a quick chili panmee fix😀
I also ordered a bowl of pork dumplings (sui gao) which came in 3 pieces for a small bowl/portion.
The sui gao tastes ordinary but better than Super Kitchen which has weird rancid taste.
However i prefer the soup in Super Kitchen as this one has heavy msg and too much fried shallots. The soup in Super Kitchen is manicai soup 马尼菜.
As for the panmee, the noodles here are firmer, hence i gotta bite and chew slowly. They put a small scoop of chili flakes onto the noodles, however if you opt for more, there's a jar on each table for you to top-up. Well, this is not their specialty, hence Super Kitchen scores 1 over Jojo when it comes to chili panmee.
Price wise, the price for chili panmee is slightly higher here at RM12.80++ but Super Kitchen is only RM12.50nett
Total bill came to RM23.65 after a 6% SST.
Just slightly pricier but the ambience is quieter and cleaner.
This 'Mixue' milk tea shop has been quite popular lately with the youngsters. There were queues outside the shop, usually during the late evening (after dinner). They sell soft-serve ice-cream too at affordable price.
I went to try their milk tea with grass jelly. The price is much cheaper than Tealive.
Tastewise, very much like Tealive but on the sweeter side, perhaps next time can request for them to put less sugar and customise it (as per 'Tealive practice' which allows customisation).
But for now, no more bubble tea & Mixue for me after this super sweet milk tea😖

Friday, January 26, 2024

WangDeFull Mini Bowl @ Sri Petaling

A new mini bowl outlet has opened on end of last year. It has a similar concept as Bai Wei but with lesser dish choices.
Situated along the busiest street in the neighborhood commercial area, this shop has to be competitive with the other F&Bs along that stretch of road.
In the first few weeks of operation, people were hardly seen in this shop and there was no promotional campaign going on to promote this eatery.
Only recently i noticed the staffs actively distributing flyers and this one caught my attention.
So I went in to try. I had their boiled fish with cabbage and braised pork with preserved veggie.
The meal came with rice, soup and free flow Chinese tea. All for RM11nett.
The dishes are covered with plastic wrap and the rice has a steel lid. The soup is well covered with lid too. Good practice of covering the food from being exposed to flies, insects and surroundings (although i don't quite fancy with plastic wrap, but well, food hygiene has to be taken care of).
Spacious & clean dining area.
This was taken on a weekday around 7pm plus. The place was quite empty.
Here's the receipt. Payment to be made at counter after taken the dishes.
Closer shot of the boiled fish. The soup is flavorful and pleasant taste.
My favorite pork with fatty layers.
Despite much promotional campaign going on in this shop, there still isn't many customers yet, unlike Bai Wei. Probably Bai Wei is opened longer hours hence more popular for late owl diners like me😀

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Sunway University & Sunway Lagoon

Throwback on Sunday, 19th November 2023 - Sunway University was having a family day.
I just tagged along and visited the campus. Kepochi me😁
The campus is huge, and there are plenty of space/seats for students to do their work during the lecture's interval. How i wish i could be a student again and join these youngster.
From one block to another...
The study deck is bright and airy.
From the campus, there is an overhead bridge that connects the campus to Sunway Pyramid mall and it passes by the Sunway Lagoon. At one point you can see white tigers lazing at below the bridge. Yes real tigers which is part of the Sunway Lagoon wildlife park.
Now, back to the family day. It was held at Sunway Lagoon. I couldn't count how many times i have been here already. I've been visiting this park since the 90s. It was a popular spot for company's family day back then (and still is). The rides no longer excites me. Not interested & too old for these😂
And the weekend crowd puts me off...
So, what am i here for?
Just to look see and claim the free meals and door gift....that's all!
The wrist band to enter the 'lagoon'
The last time i went here was before the lockdown. It rained heavily. This time it was cloudy too.
After taken the free meals and door gifts, we quickly exit the crowded place and went to somewhere with aircond - the Sunway Pyramid mall!
Jaya Grocer has took over the space of the previous AEON. Their bakery, the 'Baker's Son' is available too.
[Below] Family dinner at Mun Kee, Happy Garden on 18th November.
Ordered 5 dishes for 5 pax. This time we had:
Stir fry potato leaves, fuyong omelette, marmite chicken
Assorted veggie with tofu
and of course - a must have: steamed fish head with black bean and soy sauce.
The price is quite reasonable, somewhere RM126nett.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Claypot Chicken Rice, Restoran Ahmad Muzakin @ Sri Petaling

This claypot chicken rice stall has been around in the neighbourhood for 2 decades. It was run as a stall in the corner shop lot kopitiam where the current 'Wang Yi Wang' kopitiam occupies.
Sometime last year, it has moved to a much hidden premise but occupies the entire shop with a much comfy dining space (compared to the stuffy coffeeshop at the corner shop lot).
Business has been flourishing for this shop and they now have a handful of staffs servicing the customers promptly. At one point, the business got viral thru the social media as it unusual for a Malay man/couple to sell claypot chicken rice in a neighborhood with mostly Chinese population. After all, this is a pork-free version and many would prefer to have lap cheong in their claypot rice.
I have been eating this for many years when food choices weren't that many in the neighborhood back then. With or without lap cheong doesn't matter to me.
The shop is now at a much less busy street nearby the Sunny Food Republic foodcourt.
The man in blue/red shirt is the boss. He is a Malay man who can speak Cantonese (and perhaps some other dialects too). Some of his staffs can speak Canto too.
At some point last year, this shop has been in controversy due to some social media user filmed him using rice wine in the claypot rice, which is prohibited by Muslim. I believed this ingredient has been removed after then. Nevertheless it still tastes as good with well marinated chicken and salted fish on top of the rice.
chopped onions & cili padi in soy sauce provided to give extra ummphhh. A single portion claypot chicken rice costs RM9 nett. They also have other simple dishes in the menu such as steamed fish (RM40), soups, blanched veggies, tofu, etc.
Perhaps one day i gonna try their soups.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, Panama

Tocumen International Airport is the primary international airport serving Panama City. The airport serves as the homebase for Copa Airlines and is a regional hub to and from the Caribbean, South, North and Central America.
I reached the airport 3 hours before the departure. It was actually quite nearby my apartment with only 15-20 minutes drive away.
I thought i was the earliest only to realise there were a group (or a few groups) of Chinese mainlanders who were much earlier than me...So, the 'kiasu' early birds in the front queue & behind me were all Chinese who speaks with heavy accent. They were on the same flight as me but connecting to Shanghai upon reaching Schiphol. As i looked 'Chinese', i blended into the group and people would have thought i m part of them😆
They don't look like tourist but more like being posted here for business/work. Well, there are lotsa giant Chinese firms in Panama such as Bank of China and Huawei operating in the city center.
[Below] Cloudy skies. Copa Airline planes are common in this airport.
Moment after the flight took off, i was served with dinner....can't really remember what these are, but overall they tastes alrite. I finished everything on the tray.
Moment before landed at Schiphol (Amsterdam), breakfast was served - Fritata, fruits and yogurt.
Food is OK-la, KLM airline food isn't that bad after all.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

[Throwback] Schiphol airport is the main international airport of the Netherlands and is also the hub for KLM airline.
There are quite a number of Chinese passengers/travelers transiting thru Schiphol that some airlines (I believe is China Airlines, stationed some their Chinese staffs on the ground to help out with the communication). These staffs diligently walk-around the airport waiting area/boarding area to 'personally' approach and remind the Chinese travelers on the on-boarding time. Such a great service. One of the staffs even approached me and asking (in Mandarin) if i'm taking flight to 'so-and-so Chinese city' via 'so-and-so airline' coz the boarding gate is about to close soon😂
Anyway, good job to these Chinese staffs!
Meanwhile, i was taking a connecting flight back to KL via KLM. So, i only lingered around the transit area (without having to check-out). The transit area is a busy hall for stranded transiting passengers and there is no door to exit. I can only see the outside from the glass panel.
There are restaurants, cafes, Heineken bar, gifts & bookshop, perfumes & cosmetics shops, candies & chocolates shop and liquor shops in this huge hall. But what caught my attention is this shop that sells plant seeds. There are a variety of plant seeds sold, veggies, decorative plants, melons, pumpkins...
[Below] The packaging shows an introduction of the plant and the best method to keep it alive (in various languages).
5 Euro each. I wonder who would buy these in the airport. Some countries forbid traveler from carrying seeds into the country and impose heavy penalty/tax/summon. Unless you are certain that the next disembarkation country does not impose such penalty then feel free to buy and carry along. I don't think it is even allowed on plane without proper documentation in place.
Anyway, this shop also sells fresh and fake tulips.
The transit area is huge and there are plenty of seats to rest your feet and quietly do your work. Most tables/benches have charging plugs. And one can choose to do their work in the airport library apart from those long benches in the boarding area.
a grand piano for those who want to flex out their musical talent.
You can also sit here to admire the porcelains....
nice eh?
After 7 hours in the transiting area, it's time to board the next flight back to KL.
I was served with chicken ham roll, fruits and yogurt as breakfast a few hours before landing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Two Pesos - to claim my free membership gift

[Throwback in October] This outlet is really smart in doing business. Initially i became member with just the thought of collecting points, but mana tau, the following week, they sent me a 'free gift' -  a meat platter for my next visit.
So, being 'kiasu' i made my way to this place again for my solo steamboat and ordered the cheapest steamboat from the menu....
It came with a small tray of assorted veggie, tofu, beancurd skin, some meatball, crabstick, mushrooms, pumpkin etc.
For the meat, i choose fish.
Then, there is the 'free gift', which is either fish, pork or beef. I had pork.
For carbs, you can choose the following: rice/noodles/yeemee.....there are a few types of noodles, which is quite standard in any steamboat restaurant.
There goes my extravagant meal!
The sauces counter are available free-flow, so you can choose to mix & match the sauces as you wish!
All these for only RM16++ (coz i dined-in on a weekday). Price would be different if it is Fri-Sun.

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...